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  1. David de Gea - GK - United Btw, i don’t know how to tag the next person up
  2. Just so we’re clear, if we draft a player now that’s in “WW” status on Fantrax we aren’t actually using our waiver order correct? I assume Sinn Fein will have to put him on our team as we won’t be able to do it ourselves. Assuming that’s correct we take; Vincente Guaita - GK - Palace
  3. Jeffrey Schlupp - Def (playing Mid) - Palace Victor Lindelöf - Def - United
  4. He was a one of the better defenders left and the fact that he disrespected both Liverpool and Klopp’s rules to the point it eventually led to his sale is actually a selling point in my book. But yeah, there is an alarming number of LFC/LFC linked players currently on our roster, might look into some trading options.
  5. 11.14 Mamadou Sakho - Def - Palce 12.01 Christian Pulisic - Mid - USA USA USA
  6. Just so we’re all on the same page if nothing happens today then tommyGunz goes on the clock at 8am tomorrow and if no picks are made then Moe can continue the draft at 10am?