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  1. So many questions here for such a terribly presented question. If it is someone that runs a stop sign every single morning why don't you call the police and ask to have an officer put in a position to see them speed through the stop sign? Then if it continues, rinse and repeat. Something is telling me that the OP is vastly exaggerating the frequency and severity of the what is actually happening. I could be wrong.
  2. 41 - project fi -40 ish, internet - 50, net flix 10, amazon prime 100 per year. Not bad I guess.
  3. I guess all "stars" are airbrushed and photo shopped these days but these are a much better than the originals posted. Tells me this chick is a huge disappointment when met irl (comparatively of course). Meh
  4. I love your posts but you are way off here.
  5. I hear they make good butter around there somewhere.
  6. That's the one. It was nice to have the area in the back for team memebers
  7. Two years ago at the peak of Friday night, the bar was swaying back and forth a good five - six feet. I started to get nervous when our scaffolding guy (team member) said we need to reduce the number of people on top. It held and that was an epic night!
  8. Of course it will rain when we are doing ancillary dishes.
  9. I am surprised that anyone would touch the financing with a family member...this just keeps getting better and better
  10. You really have it out for banks don't you???? Did you lose something in the meltdown?
  11. I guess i misinterpreted what you said. You are right, banks do not lend on a "bank prepared appraisal".
  12. Why in the world shouldn't banks get an appraisal? They are lending against the collateral right?
  13. Please pm shuke, he will know what to do!
  14. How did this go over with the parents? Kid? I am sure you have had some nightmare stories.
  15. if i did my math right, that is 199 MPH.....I jumped out of a plane at 13800 feet with roughly a 1:30 minutes of free fall (not sure if i achieved these speeds or not) This was back in the day where the guys were not attached to you (they did come grab you in the air to walk you through the drills we had learned on the ground). I will second most of the posters, this was a great experience and she will have fun. Pull the tampon out and go with her.