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  1. Los Angeles - of course we watch the weather.
  2. I think you are proving my point .....
  3. We can agree to disagree. Why wouldn't the press eat up a large group of kids acting responsibly while protesting something that meant something to them? I will tell you why, no one is going to get up at 5:00 am to organize and even fewer would attend. Another poster put it perfectly, most are just along for the ride which makes this "protest" meaningless.
  4. I guess you are assuming that act of missing class is the protest. How about before class? If they are trying to bring awareness doesn't this show the same thing?
  5. Nothing when you are protesting something with meaning. Walking out of class, as a kid, is an excuse to skip school. I will bet you dinner they won't be organizing this same protest on saturday when they won't get something out of it. I will double that bet that the number of kids that would show up Saturday is also staggeringly lower.
  6. Completely worthless and the kids should be punished as if they had missed a class. Now if they were protesting a controversial firing of a teacher or some local wrongdoing fine. The just screams I want to be "cool" and skip class.
  7. I am dating a gal in the same situation. She has been here for 20 ish years. Interested to see how this changes her travel plans.
  8. My last two flights (13 hours to Vietnam and 5 hours from DC to LAX) have featured puking kids. Yet another reason why I hate kids.
  9. Something is not adding up here....How did they load a plane and shut the door in 12-13 minutes? What kind of jag off front desk person does not let a checked in passenger on plane 32 minutes before scheduled departure. I am guessing your time frame is a bit off.
  10. Lol
  11. wow wish there were more pictures of their respective assets.
  12. I attened an interesting talk about Bitcoin last night. I was actually more interested in the blockchain technology though. Any of you know companies that are leading in the research/application of this technology?