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  1. Yes - what do I win?
  2. Getting in a plane....will try to pick, assuming I come up, when I land. I can't believe I missed out on the az card def - just got four tix for them vs los Angeles on new year's day .....we may have to trade....
  3. I feel like I am completely lost here. First of all i suck at ff so my cheatsheet is about useless at this point. Second it sucks not being able to post real time. I guess There is always tomorrow.
  4. Well I got my arch rival football teams def....I really hat Seattle. Back off line for another four or five hours. Sleep is overrated right?
  5. Well, I am glad I didn't miss much.
  6. Just landed I will be on line in an hour or so...
  7. :popcorn:. On a plane...will be back online in a few hours if I come up...
  8. One of these day we need to grab a beer or rum punch apparently!
  9. @bananafish - I am sorry in advance. If you are ever in sf or los Angeles I will buy the beer....on the brighter side you will know exactly how my draft is going to go before you make your picks.
  10. So is this more or less of a cluster $uck than years past? Not judging, because if I win it is complete luck anyhow. Eta: now I see why some of you all have co-managers. Having not read the rules prior sending money may prove a bit foolish on my part
  11. I am in big trouble here....I have not looked at anything ff. Can I just waive the white flag now?