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  1. Yes - typically after the plane is checked in full. Also, if price miss the flight they may not use you anyway.
  2. WTF, traveling used to be cool, now it is just a nightmare. Did you have to pay anything?
  3. I think I have my own team....we'll see how it shakes out.
  4. Nobody can be this naive right? Not so much, If the flight is overbooked it is because the know xx number of people won't take the flight.
  5. Oh what the hell...I should have a slow day tomorrow
  6. You don't even know what banking is....sigh....Set your sights a bit higher than a lead teller or CSR.
  7. What job do you want to do with an economics degree? You can sell insurance, get into an entry level position at a bank or maybe sales somewhere? You can get those jobs with administration or marketing degree as well. Spend the time and give yourself a marketable skill where you will be able to build a great resume with a skill set that opens many other doors. What do I know, I was only making 150K when I was your age.
  8. what the heck are you thinking????? there is no easy way to do this. You go to college to learn the basics for what will turn into a career later in life. You want to take a short cut on your foundation? Nobody can be this stupid right? Economics is a terrible choice for you. Given your track record I would put the handicap on you finishing the first degree at 10:1 and a masters at 100:1. You like betting right? I think you get the point. Take the time now and get either a Finance or Accounting degree. Actually before you sign up for anything figure out what you want to do in life for a career. Why would you get an Econ degree if you don't know what you want to do with it. At some point you have to grow up and act like an adult if you want to be compensated and treated like one.
  9. I will play if you need another....I have not been relevant in these things for years so I am just giving my money away.
  10. Great to see exceptional customer service still exists
  11. I am very curious about this....what could be so bad in here childhood, not involving adults, that would change here into a psychotic mess later in life. Does she take any medication for being bi-polar or for depression? Something tells me we are not getting the whole story here. My intuition is telling me this chick was probably batchit crazy when you met her. For future relationships, you sleep with the crazy one's you don't marry them though.
  12. I am adopted. I can tell you that I would rather my father be happy than be concerned with a promise that he made to my adopted mother. Your kids will be fine. You need to get out of this relationship for the kids. If you are miserable you are not doing them any favors.
  13. Maybe that is a good ultimatum. If you want to go through with this we are completely splitting finances. From now on you will have your own checking account and I will have mine. We will split all bills. Any joint cards will be destroyed and you will be responsible for your own as will I. Oh, and I also need for you to sign this post nup which splits assets as of today, then you will have my blessing to do whatever the f-you want. I don't think that is an unreasonable request.
  14. Two possible answers 1). Buy a truck and park it in front of his house. 2). Have you wife park in front of his house. Maybe get the hint when your wife returns. Eta: sleep with his wife