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  1. If push comes to shove, I will take a different kicker. don't want him to get hosed.
  2. Sorry about that guys, I had to work this weekend and had an early flight this AM so I didn't want this to be held up because of me. Looks like it has been sorted out. thanks.
  3. McManus - K - I gave him two players for each pick sorry for the confusion.
  4. Stupid question and probably asked an answerer somewhere but, what site hosts the league?
  5. Sorry to hear this...your car or the suv? You need to parlay this into "therapeutic" massages for life. Oh and make sure the repair place gets everything aligned correctly. this happened to me a few years back and they were never able to get the back door to latch properly. I should have made them start over in hind sight.
  6. @[icon] and @johnnycakes share this unique quality. I did have his flock of Asians tell me I was there favorite Californian! Ya, I have that one going for me.....
  7. Ya, I guess I grew up working on my own cars because I was broke. I get the convenience factory the OP is talking about as well. Anymore I refuse to work on my own cars. I help other people out all day just not my own.
  8. Can that thing even be worth 2k? I take it you are not very mechanically inclined? Starter is not that hard of a project if you have a basic tool set. At what point do you cash in your chips and get something newer? I know you think the dealer is the way to go but you could probably cut that cost in 1/2 by going to a good mechanic.
  9. I can tell you who are going to be the bottom dwellers this year @dschuler and @sbonomo - Neither of us can even find someone to pick
  10. Sorry guys : Ronnie Hillman RB and If Tyler Locket is still around if not Michael Thomas (if not Robert woods he can't have been picked)
  11. Getting in a plane....will try to pick, assuming I come up, when I land. I can't believe I missed out on the az card def - just got four tix for them vs los Angeles on new year's day .....we may have to trade....
  12. I feel like I am completely lost here. First of all i suck at ff so my cheatsheet is about useless at this point. Second it sucks not being able to post real time. I guess There is always tomorrow.