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  1. yikes...hang in there, it will come.
  2. Those things are fast. Fun looking car!
  3. I took one of these out on the track (love rental car track days). By the third run the tranny was done (completely overheated). I personally would not like to own one of these but i use my cars to the maximum they will perform. For comparison i have taken multiple mustangs (5.0 and GT's), the Caddy CTS V and various other platforms that never had a problem. Not sure how long you plan on keeping it but i would be worried about longevity.
  4. You still holding tvix?
  5. She is worse when she gets drunk!
  6. hahaha - this is exactly what i came to post. A friend of mine had a party similar to the OP. They decided to hire a gal i know to "help" with everything. His wife ended up micro managing her to the point that she left halfway through the party (i don't blame her). Given that it is all friends i would not want to hire help. Just my $.02
  7. I really think we should unpack the underlying problem with the parents here.
  8. Hahahaha - Actually just a random picture found on the internet for me.
  9. Maybe i read this wrong but it sounds like she has a hard time making a decision. Also, with her personality type that sounds miserable.
  10. This is scary. Why in the world would she serve? Sounds like a disaster for that district.
  11. I wish i would have gotten this before close, still sold the open for a nice $250 gain. Thx gb
  12. You mean like $200K or $300K?
  13. This is very sad. I hope the wind stays down the next few days so that the fire crews have time to get control of this thing. My father (recently retired) ran the national hotshot team's for years. He told me this thing is not looking good. All of you up there get out of the way. Objects can be replaced, you cannot . I know it is not close but, I have extra rooms in LA if anyone is displaced and needs to get away.
  14. The Lakers don't own their own stadium either. They seem to do fine regardless of the attendance. There is a huge difference in what a large market team is worth vs a small market. Heck, the lowly clippers sold for 2.0Bn, the Clippers. Believe me the charges and the Rams are much more valuable in LA than their respective markets.