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  1. I came to post the same thing!!!!!
  2. What are off hours?
  3. I lose with the second highest score last week, then have as many points on my bench as I did starting. I love this game.
  4. Ya probably too early in the year ...on a brighter note, I feel better about my team after looking through your lineup!
  5. Here we go....when do all the bad trades start to happen?
  6. That was pure awesome!!!!!
  7. I think it goes to show that they are still people too regardless of how powerful of a position they are in.
  8. Ya, thinning the herd...
  9. @(HULK) or anyone that knows, Will this phone work on project Fi? My only complaint with this plan/service is how crappy the Nexus phones are.
  10. Crazy thing is he is much faster than the other kids at his size....they need to move him up divisions so he doesn't kill some of those little kids.
  11. Sounds like a great opportunity - congrats
  12. Hey look at me, I am tied for first...might be the last time this year but, I will take it!