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  1. I am not trying to be argumentative but does this cover fraud? Also, this is a third party that is assuming risk while taking a fee for aforementioned risk. Don't they then assume the liability as well? I would think the OP has a very good case to dispute the charge back due to the check casher not verifying funds and validity of the negotiable instrument. I may be way off here but common sense tells me that Walmart is taking the risk by cashing the check therefore they also take the risk that the funds are not good.
  2. Text is down, your audience is on pins and needles.
  3. Lower level 15 rows up...Really good but definitely not courtside. No drinks or food included either.
  4. 40 year old here - honestly once i cut the cable I have watched less and less sports. Being a fan of a small market team (sun's) it has been very hard to keep up with the team. Honestly, I have very little interest in basketball or sports almost in general. Baseball games take too long, football is hit or miss depending on what I have going on any given weekend and basketball is just an after thought. Growing up sucks. Eta:. I went to an game last week - tickets for a sub par team were 235 per man. This is the phx suns we are talking about here. I bought rams tickets earlier in the year 250 per ticket. Honestly, I don't see myself going to many live sport games anytime soon.
  5. Los Angeles - of course we watch the weather.
  6. I think you are proving my point .....
  7. We can agree to disagree. Why wouldn't the press eat up a large group of kids acting responsibly while protesting something that meant something to them? I will tell you why, no one is going to get up at 5:00 am to organize and even fewer would attend. Another poster put it perfectly, most are just along for the ride which makes this "protest" meaningless.
  8. I guess you are assuming that act of missing class is the protest. How about before class? If they are trying to bring awareness doesn't this show the same thing?
  9. Nothing when you are protesting something with meaning. Walking out of class, as a kid, is an excuse to skip school. I will bet you dinner they won't be organizing this same protest on saturday when they won't get something out of it. I will double that bet that the number of kids that would show up Saturday is also staggeringly lower.
  10. Completely worthless and the kids should be punished as if they had missed a class. Now if they were protesting a controversial firing of a teacher or some local wrongdoing fine. The just screams I want to be "cool" and skip class.
  11. I am dating a gal in the same situation. She has been here for 20 ish years. Interested to see how this changes her travel plans.
  12. My last two flights (13 hours to Vietnam and 5 hours from DC to LAX) have featured puking kids. Yet another reason why I hate kids.
  13. Something is not adding up here....How did they load a plane and shut the door in 12-13 minutes? What kind of jag off front desk person does not let a checked in passenger on plane 32 minutes before scheduled departure. I am guessing your time frame is a bit off.