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  1. fwiw Sold AR15 + late 4th round (14 team) for Aaron Jones and and Hogan pushing for this year and was my 2nd rb was embarrassing, just gotta hope Jones keeps the job.
  2. In case anyone wanted to know. Under a Mike Shula offense Dunn and Alsott combined targets/rec 1996- 81 target 65 rec. (Just Alstott) 1997- 89 target 62 rec 1998- 87 target 66 rec 1999 115 target 91 rec Cant tell you that means anything, except that given different personal Shula's offense has in the past featured the RB in the passing game.
  3. If you ignore his time as OC with the Bucs....Both Dunn and Alstott were heavily used. Granted that was a long time ago....but he was the OC. But i agree, Cam has not used the RB a whole that system, Cam, OC, or personal?
  4. Could be personal......for the past 4 years since Shula has been OC the RB with with most total targets is Mike Tolbert. I dont watch a lot of Car but im pretty sure Tolbert and McCaffery have different skill sets. Im assuming he will adjust the offense up some, could be wrong though.
  5. too early imo Fournette has talent and Davis in a great FF spot imo. Could get even more cloudy if Cook or Mixon goes to nice spots......GB maybe?
  6. I see what your saying but, last year in my PPR league Stewart had 145 points, Yeldon had 136. Are you staying away from Fournettte because of Yeldon? Yeldon isnt vanishing off the planet and will vulture passing downs (are Jags normally down or up?) and possibly 2 min drills. Personally Id like to get Fournette. For next year Stewart will lessen the amount of points CMac will be able to get, however for dynasty purposes it shouldnt change your opinion. If McCaffery ends up being worth the 8th pick, Stewart wont be there for 2 years....IMO. Stewart can be dropped after this year and save 3.750 mil with 1.5 dead money
  7. Also Stewart is coming off a 3.8yd per rush year, hasnt had a 1k rush year in 8 years, and I think is pretty cheap to cut after this year ( correct me if im wrong on that though)
  8. Hi. YOU'RE SIX YEARS LATE TO THE PARTY, PAL!! Typical guppy. Waaah, waaah, you cry, this game is too hard! Sorry son, but I don't have to dumb down The Sport just so noobs like you have a chance at keeping up. I play in a $4,000 entry, Super-WCOFF, triple-reverse, double down, mirror league with a modified PPFDR base 8 scoring system, and we just held our draft in July. For the 2013 season. You think Matt Barkley getting the start in USC is news? I drafted him after studying up on him, after he signed his letter of intent, last year. You think that maybe going with a WR in the first two rounds instead of back-to-back RBs is somehow new thinking in fantasy? Well, do you have the balls to do what I did this year when I didn't take my first RB until the fourth round (Roderick Smith, Harding High School of Indiana)? You've probably never even heard of Martavis Bryant, Kyle Prater, or Darius White, yet not only did I draft them this year to form my future WR core, I've also started referring to them by fantasy board nicknames (Super Mart, KPrater, & DoubleDarius). Hell, guys like you are going to be the poor schmucks who are searching this board five years from now for info on some great RB you just heard of out of the middle of nowhere in Alaska, and the FBG search result box is going to come up with this very post, where I brag about nabbing Isaiah Weeks of the Monroe Catholic Rams at the 25.32/26.01 turn a full two months before he lit up Delta Junction for 193 yards/2 TDs or Ketchikan for 183 rushing yards, 55 rec yards, & 2 TDs. You'll be wondering about his durability and I'll remember a phone call I made back when you were just hearing the name "Knowshon Moreno" for the first time to the kid's doctor in Fairbanks about the sprain he suffered in his left ankle in 2008. Let me give you a tip, IT = INFO, and there's no "expires by" date on it. PHILO One of us locked up Martavis Bryant and Rod Smith in 2009. Wonder how this Philo guy is doing with Barkley as his QB and Prater and White as his WR?