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  1. Ceh wasnt mine. My bad . I sigged my team with my picks so far. 1.6 original owner needed an rb and moved up from 1.6 adding his 2021 second to grab dobbins. Then I knew the new 1.6 would grab lamb or jeudy. But figured akers and one of those two along with my 1.8 of jefferson was better than risking getting all three wrs and no akers
  2. Update here for whoever cares:. Again it's a 12 team ppr 1 qb dynasty league. Through pick 10 now 1) edwards hellaire 2) Taylor 3) Swift 4) the guy that was behind me at 1.6 in need of rb help traded up from 1.6 for Dobbins 5) I took Akers since I had 1.7 and 1.8 and had no preference between Jeudy and Lamb 6) Lamb 7) Jeudy 8) Jefferson 9) Reagor 10) Vaughn I'm up at 2.8 next 12 team dynasty ppr (qb rb wr wr te fx fx df) ...... 26 man rosters Qb Rodgers, Baker, Foles, Rosen Rb - zeke, mccaffrey, Fournette, Guice, Akers Wr - obj, m thomas, evans, juju, C davis, metcalf, deebo, campbell, hollywood brown, Jeudy, Jefferson Te - henry, Engram, Gronk, Fant, Njoku D - seattle
  3. True....tough to screw up. But would have been cool on the 10 percent chance Vaughn was 1.6 keeping the rb string continued
  4. The guy traded from 1.6 to 1.4 and got Dobbins. I went akers anyway. Here in our 12 team 1.0ppr dynasty 1qb draft at the moment in progress. Went Akers at 1.5 knowing id get Jeudy or Lamb anyway and am not smart enough to strongly prefer one vs the other. Haha 1. CEH 2) Taylor 3) Swift 4) Dobbins 5) AKERS 6) Lamb 7) JEUDY 8) JEFFERSON (my picks in caps and next pick at 2.8)
  5. 12 team ppr dynasty in my league. Draft starts this morning. 1.1 for Jacobs/Parker
  6. Akers Lamb Jeudy.....who has the most value this time next year??
  7. That's be cool....but I don't think too many are going Vaughn at 1.6 instead of Jeudy/Lamb.
  8. In the 12 team ppr for team in sig. Pretend none see the lineup this year...who should I pick? I guess my question is more which player will have the highest dynasty ranking in like a year? That is the player I would like to pick at 1.5. For some more context, 1.6 is more RB needy and I do own 1.7 and 1.8 as well if that factors in for you at all. I truly do appreciate your help fellas.
  9. 12 team ppr dynasty. 26 man rosters Traded Hakeem Butler and 5.8 for David Njoku
  10. 12 team dynasty ppr. 1 qb Traded: Aaron Jones, Eric Ebron, Jimmy Graham Received: Deebo Samuel, Evan Engram, 2021 second Thoughts? Too low on selling Jones or fair/good value? Thanks for any feedback!
  11. Figures this could spark opinions. I have hunter henry starting at te so made sense to me to go with davis in dynasty at wr in a straight up deal. Thoughts? 12 team ppr My mike williams (again I start hunter henry weekly if that matters) for his corey Davis straight up
  12. 12 team ppr start ony one qb dynasty. I have good qb depth but so like hoarding qbs in case some get injued in season. Anyway.....which of these do you like (and let me know if both or neither or just one look good). Carr, 2020 3rd and 2021 3rd for 2020 2nd and 2021 2nd Or Carr and 2020 3rd for curtis samuel and 2020 2nd. Qb points are heavier in this oeague too btw, but I have luck baker jameis and rosen too (but again ill happily keep carr too). Thanks!