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  1. Figures this could spark opinions. I have hunter henry starting at te so made sense to me to go with davis in dynasty at wr in a straight up deal. Thoughts? 12 team ppr My mike williams (again I start hunter henry weekly if that matters) for his corey Davis straight up
  2. 12 team ppr start ony one qb dynasty. I have good qb depth but so like hoarding qbs in case some get injued in season. Anyway.....which of these do you like (and let me know if both or neither or just one look good). Carr, 2020 3rd and 2021 3rd for 2020 2nd and 2021 2nd Or Carr and 2020 3rd for curtis samuel and 2020 2nd. Qb points are heavier in this oeague too btw, but I have luck baker jameis and rosen too (but again ill happily keep carr too). Thanks!
  3. Ive done four trades this offseason. 12 team ppr dynasty. One qb. Traded: Julio/Ryan/2.4/2.7/3.3 for Luck/Sutton/Winston/1.6 Context - I picked Fant at 1.6 after Hockenson went the pick before. For those not liking that "reach", I got Metcalf then at 1.8. If you look at my top four wrs on my team below, it made sense to me to do a julio/luck centered deal. Traded: Doctson for 2.6 (got hakeem butler) Traded: Watkins for 1.8 and 2021 second Context: trade was done prior to tyreek incident news. Got DK Metxalf with the first. Traded: 1.4 and 2.10 for 2.1 and 2020 first Context: Team i traded with finished last this past year and picked jacobs at 1.1 and wanted to really fortify the rb position. When Harry went third in our rookie draft, this deal was able to be completed so he could get miles sanders. Not a brutal team though but definitely a middling team at best. I picked Marquise Brown at 2.1. My team is updated post trades and post rookie draft is directly below. 12 team dynasty ppr (qb rb wr wr te fx d k) ...... 26 man rosters Qb -luck, mayfield, winston, carr, rosen, Rb - zeke, mccaffrey, cook, fournette, guice Wr - obj, m thomas, evans, juju, m Williams, sutton, metcalf, campbell, hollywood, h butler Te - henry, ebron, fant D - Broncos, Redskins K - vinateri
  4. 12 team ppr dyeasty Traded Sammy Watkins for 1.8 and 2021 second. The guy wouldnt trade 2020 picks. Sammy was behind at least Julio, Odell, Evans, Thomas, and Juju for me at wr so I figured this might be my last odf season to get this type of value for him (I'm still a Sammy truther to an extent though).
  5. Doesn’t know the difference between shark pool and Assistant Coach forum 

  6. He rejected and thought it was a raping apparently. Offered me a counter of my obj Zeke Fournette for golladay Chris thompson and the jags. What do you do to be polite but not silent?
  7. It just got rejected anyway. Thanks for the help though guys. I know not to add to it and will just walk.
  8. 12 team ppr 1 qb...would you do my 1.3 meredith and ap for watson jagsd and 1.12? Up to me..
  9. Which side would you prefer in a 12 team ppr 1qb league? Thanks!
  10. Depends if Eifert walks just a little. I can seek Kroft being a low end te1 and he is young. If eifert walks I take dt side if he stays I take dez side. Dez and dt value close enough where kroft would sway it just a little for me.
  11. The gentlemen chiming in above seemed to disagree with that thought process, to my surprise. Dfl board in unison liked the move for me. Again, to each their own.
  12. Quite a bit actually. Live in madiaon wi so huge badger fan. And nothing against this years crop of rbs. There are some solid ones that will go to quality situations. I happen to feel last years rb class was just superior to this years by a large margin, save barkley. And not impressed a whole lot at wr. If I can bail on any non 1.1 pick for an elite wr1 or rb1, im doing it this year. To each their own though. Many ways to skin a cat.
  13. We will see. I have zeke, fournette, cook, mccaffrey all with whom id prefer to everyone but barkley. Draft fever heating up!