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  1. Couldn’t have said it better. Droppable in all leagues.
  2. Ahh, so Hue has reviewed the tape... Welcome to the party Hue, you were 3 weeks late to the Mayfield party too.
  3. When the other guy is better it is. 2 carries?
  4. Does the phrase ”assumption of rational coaching” have any meaning in your life?
  5. Won't be any bids in any of my 3 leagues. I drafted Chubb in all 3 and waiting for Haley to Wake the ~F~ up.
  6. Cook pushed off on both huge game changing catches, no call of course.
  7. Dorsey should be on the phone with San Fran, TT to Frisco.
  8. Not buying The Haley sabotage theory But Taylor being traded? That’s a Dorsey thing that would not surprise me. Completely clear the deck for Mayfield, Stanton is a competent 2. Get a draft pick and move on.
  9. I’m not hyping anything. I picked up Callaway in all 3 of my FFPC leagues for several reasons. I sat him in all 3 this week because TT was still starting. ive got 4 really good WRs in all 3 leagues ahead of Callaway but when you get a chance to get in on these situations, you pad your roster. heres why 1. Gordon’s exit. Callaway is now in line for double digit targets every week, mark it down. 2. The only other guy getting more is maybe Landry. Landry will draw the #1 CB every week giving Callaway the better matchup and also likely getting more red zone looks. 3. Njoku can’t catch. Mayfield is smart, this isn’t lost on him. Baker will only target Njoku when he can throw him wide the F open. And just often enough to keep the safety honest. 4. Callaway is the HR hitter in this passing offense and Mr Mayfield likes to hit HRs. Check his targets at OU.
  10. Picked him up in 2/3 leagues (the winning bidder in the 3rd was $200 FFPC). Starting Fitz over Rivers and Cousins this week, Choo Choo....
  11. Not exactly. He used the wrong words, look, nobody needs to look at those laser beam dimes again to know who your QB is. What he should have said was, 'we will discuss the QB situation later in the week, next question'.
  12. It’s not the 4-20 I’m happy about. It’s the 10 targets. With Mayfield now at the helm, the quality of those targets just improved exponentially.
  13. Was succesful at adding Callaway back to all my leagues this week, cost me some coin, but with The Baker making the cake now, I expect a pay off in weeks to come.
  14. Mission accomplished, along with Callaway and Browns Defense #winning