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  1. Well finally had time to draft a team. Hated the spot i drafted from but oh well. Wilson, J Allen ingram, cohen, hyde, barber, burkhead, r anderson, d martin hopkins, green, godwin, fuller, tate, d hamilton ertz, njoku, doyle minn,
  2. Couple bad coaching mistakes are costing me.. Ughh and Allen going down with a zero hurt my ME team.. Sitting 15th in FBGs and 8th in ME.. Hoping for a gigantic week 16.. Going to be fun no matter what.. Good Luck Leftcoast
  3. What's your team name man, have a team in top 100 but made a horrible coaching decision and cost me 17 points!!! Would of been top 30. sitting in 4th for the Main Event though and have a real shot at taking that down!!!
  4. Well #### did you start them all??? What place you sitting in?
  5. I'm not sure why you say that???? After 3 weeks Ekeler is RB 14 and Allen is RB 11 and thats with back up duties for both... What is not to like about that from guys you got in round 12 or later and round 16.. Those guys win you weeks starting this week with byes.... David Johnson is RB 20 for what its worth... Now if either Gordon or Collins goes down not only are they league winners but possibly event winners mixed in with your stud players..
  6. Oh I also have Edelman on 13 teams so I cannot wait for him to play as well..
  7. Love this team bro...... Njoku about to get better too with Mayfield starting now.... Not sure about mine I have a couple Kamara/McCaffrey teams that I am in love with but I have about 20 teams that are doing really really well right now... Hopefully it continues.. My late round picks are smashing for me as I have Ekeler and Allen on most teams and Mahomes on alot.. Zero teams with Ridley though and he looks the part.. Have one Kamara/Thomas team that is solid too.
  8. This one took a hit this week, ugh I hate injuries..... Was you able to pull of a win??
  9. If DJ outscores Kamara even one week this year it will be pure luck.... Silly statement
  10. I think my opinion was SPOT ON and your projections SUCK as always... As much as you are on here and see teams posted you should take some notes.....
  11. I barely lost a few and it was because of zero's by baldwin and Goodwin.. taking a zero hurts... Hopefully they both get back soon. Olsen and Walker hurt as well but such is life.. Still probably averaged 160 or more over my 27 teams.. Also I have Ekeler on 16 teams and didn't start him on one.. Ughhh
  12. I have the number 2 team overall and its one of my least favorite... Weird how it goes like that sometimes... It will fade quickly though I think.. If it wasn't for TEs getting hurt I would be super happy with week one..
  13. Defense was top scorer, without defense maybe scores 60... lol Championship
  14. I absolutely was but he went 5.4, WOW....