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  1. oh i agree and i have the same problems. then all you do is kick yourself all damn day... i would think about sitting mixon maybe, i couldn't see sitting higbee in the primetime matchup against that defense against tes.
  2. here is another allen, rivers chubb, jones, henry, eckler, j williams hopkins, boyd, fitzgerald, ross, hurns, aj brown waller, griffin badgley, faribairn chargers, bears
  3. this is probable my favorite team on paper but have many that are very strong. need production from tight end rodgers, tannehill zeke, cook, jones, henry, mostert, scarborough kupp, ridley, deebo, a miller, lazard goedert, jonnu, walker, dwelley z, maher sf
  4. Good Luck everyone starting tonight!!!!! I was able to get 10 out of 21 into the big dance. Now need one of them to hit..
  5. last draft of the year. main event, took guys i wanted early and pieced everything else together. mahomes chubb, fournette, henry, sanders, d. thompson, ty johnson ty hilton, r. anderson, valdez scantling, d jackson, goodwin, stills, aj brown, r higgins njoku, t burton, eifert chicago, m bryant good luck everyone may sunday be awesome
  6. Here are a few for you to look at. Team 1 k. cousins, t brady D. Freeman, M. Sanders, L. Murray, D. Thompson, D. Harris, A. Mattison D. Hopkins, M. Thomas, J. Edelman, M. Williams, S. Watkins, K. Coutee, AJ Brown D. Walker, T. Eifert, J. Whitten (the old man crew) Rams, Prater Team 2 K. Murray, K. Cousins A. Jones, A. Ekeler, K. Drake, D. Guice, R. Jones, Q Ollison D. Adams, M. Thomas, C. Godwin, TY Hilton, Z. Jones, M. Goodwin, AJ Brown Goedert, Eifert, Herndon Bears, Fairbairn
  7. Did my first Main Event last night. It was a lot different obviously. Happy with my team but waited on both QB and TE. I will have zero problems with starting a flex all year though. lol
  8. Little weak if Zeke isn't in the fold. I think Melvin is dead weight, it will be too late for most teams that have him if he even does come back at week 9 and then still has a bye week. If Zeke is there then its a balanced team outside of TE. Good Luck What round did you draft Thompson in?
  9. I hear ya... I always say the same thing and hardly ever does it happen though. I think almost every year its a late drafted team that wins for one reason. A lot of the new players draft just before the season kicks off and you can get insane teams. I mean I had guys drafting drew brees number 1 overall. My problem is I cannot wait that long to draft and spend all my money before then.
  10. First - You need to leave that politic crap out of here, this is about football only. Keep your opinions to yourself or post in correct forumn.... Second- I understand what you are saying about hill but you never know until the games are played. What happens if he tears an ACL in the first game. Then there is zero advantage. I was in a few of those early drafts and there is a lot of value to be had. Unfortunately I didn't get Hill on any of them because I was sure he was missing time and I thought ALOT of time actually. I have looked back though and some of the teams that have him are just horrible with getting him in the 7th/8th. You never know. Plus say he does turn in first round value and kills it this year. First round of playoffs he puts up 1.8 points, those teams are all done for the money most likely unless everyone else went off. You never know who the hot guy at the end of season will be.
  11. here is another i just did from the middle and liked this one. the other one will probably do better because i like this one more. rodgers, tribusky elliot, cook, a jones, d henry, d. foreman, q ollison kupp, ridley, r anderson, s shepard, a miller, k. johnson, aj brown walker, goedert, eifert chicago, z
  12. I am just the opposite. I have 19 teams and only have 4 top 4 picks. I have tried as many different combos as I could just to give myself some variance. Drafted from back end again last night and didn't like it much. Found myself reaching for upside too much I think. Boom or Bust I guess. Luck, Brees Williams, Sanders, Henderson, Mattison, Barber, D. Hilliard, Ollison Julio, JuJu, Godwin, Pettis, AJ Brown, D. Amendola, K Johnson Henry, D. Walker Clev, Butker
  13. this is why you're teams always suck and we say pay attention. wish you could be in all my leagues.....