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  1. PPR Regardless of team need or any other considerations- what draft pick would it take to give up !andry for?
  2. Jarvis Landry - what draft pick in this years draft would you trade him for?
  3. Cousins or Goff - which one to start for week 14?
  4. If you only have roster space to keep one, who is the better TE hold, Eifert or Ebron? Between Eifert and all his injuries and still waiting for Ebron to break out, which player has more long term value?
  5. I am looking for which player has more long term value. Between Eifert and his injuries and still waiting for Ebron to break out, which is the better hold if you only have roster space to keep one?
  6. Who is the better Dynasty hold, Eifert or Ebron?
  7. Agree completely - take McCaffrey
  8. 12 team PPR Team A gives: Keenan Allen, 1.09, 2.01 and 2018 3rd Team B gives: Donte Moncrief and 1.03
  9. In your scenario Beckham or Evans, personally I'd take Beckham #1 so he would be my choice.
  10. 12 team PPR Team A gives up QB Rodgers and WR Hurns Team B gives up WR K. Benjamin and a 2018 1st (should be early - somewhere in the top 6)
  11. aaj1997


    Randall Cobb - what is his Dynasty PPR trade value in terms of draft picks or which RB would be a comparable value?
  12. That is a valid point. I personally use more often in the off-season (for Dynasty) so I was not thinking about in season.
  13. One advantage of the Assistant Coach forum is that topics stay there for a while. Topics here can easily be overlooked and pushed back to where they are not seen and commented on. If you just had one Dynasty and Redraft thread here, then it could end up like the Dynasty trade thread where topics just get piled on top of each other and the people asking their questions may not get the answers they are looking for, or any advice at all. As someone who uses and likes the Assistant Coach forum, I am not sure eliminating it as a standalone forum is the best idea. But if there is a way to draw more people to that forum it would certainly be a positive.