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  1. Despite Howard having a great game and getting the most touches, I am impressed that Cohen found a way to deliver. He gave me another 14 point game in PPR and had that TD not been called back it would have been over 20 points. You watch how he moves and it is clear this kid is special. He isn't Barry Sanders ((no one is) but he could well be the next Warrick Dunn.
  2. Plenty of points to go around for both Howard and Cohen. Too bad that run was called back though. Congrats to Howard owners and Bears fans.
  3. This is why people shouldn't give up on Robby Anderson who is just as second year player:|contentId%3A0ap3000000850122&tab=analyze&pbp=gc-pbp-cd
  4. I'm not that worried. Again, had that TD not been overruled on challenge, we would be talking about a second great week. 50% + usage is still pretty good in this NFL and that is the floor.
  5. Based on the eye test. Lewis is electric, as others have said.
  6. I am still holding Lewis in dynasty because we know his talent is such that if he gets a chance in NE or if they trade him and he gets a chance to start, he can instantly become a RB1. Not too many backups offer that upside. Obviously there is the risk that he doesn't get that chance this year but I am confident that if not now then next year he will.
  7. Me too. Darkwa looks somewhat talented but no one has any value in that offense until Manning and the offensive coordinator figure it out.
  8. I don't think it is him, I think it is Manning and the offensive scheme. That being said, he is not likely to produce this year. Manning almost never looks at him.
  9. Brutal drop late in the game.
  10. I am seeing Murray listed as questionable but can't see any mention of Henry having an injury.
  11. He was looking really good. Sad to see him hurt.
  12. Once Trubisky get the helm, the whole offense will improve, and that will only benfit Cohen too.
  13. So is Henry a starting back when TN plays a team that they are likely to blow out? He seems to be the closer back, right?
  14. Very pleased. He delivered me 14 points in PPR; Howard didn't even get 1 pt.