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  1. `He does remind me of Darren McFadden too. In PPR, in the right situation, he can have fantasy value.
  2. Seems fair. You get a couple of guys with opportunity this year who used to be up-and-comers but the shine has worn off. You give up one up and comer whose shine hasn't worn off.
  3. He turned a loser play into a big play with a broken tackle, a stiff arm, and a juke at the end.
  4. Look at his speed and running agility here. This guy is going to get some RAC.
  5. I don't think it is true that he didn't do much in college. But he played in a small Division II school, Western Oregon. He was first team all conference player three years. So that tells me he was a pretty successful player at his level. Sometimes those small school players get overlooked and that is why they go undrafted and sometimes they can take a bit longer to adjust to NFL. Sounds like his last year in college, in 10 games he had 56 receptions for 950 yards, which is almost 17 ypc, and 8 TDs.
  6. Is Tyrell Williams more than just a guy or can he be a decent replacement for Keenan Allen?
  7. Me too. Williams won't be as good, but I think he has great potential.
  8. Tyrell has good size and speed. He has performed well in preseasons. I think he may be a better play than Benjamin.
  9. I am submitting Robby Anderson of the Jets. 1. He had an outstanding pre-season (13 receptions/264 yards/20 ypc/3 TDs. 2. He is now third on depth chart but he gives them something the starters don't--speed and deep threat. Plus, I love Marshall but he is getting to that age when injuries can slow a vet down. So I think Anderson gets on field in any case but there is a chance he eventually gets to start due to injury on a team that is often behind and throws a lot. 3. Speed and size: he ran a 4.34 combine 40 and he is 6'3'' 4. He has good break off line and gets separation. 5. He has good hands. Showing speed and separation here:"search-video-Robby+Anderson"
  10. Ooof! I like Bradford as a fill-in but this is a horrible trade. Does anyone believe Bradford will lead this team to a Superbowl? I don't. So then why would you give up a future first round pick? He is a guy who can maybe help you go 10-6 and maybe win a wildcard game or first round game. Guy has never thrown 30 TD or 4,000 yards.
  11. As much as I like Henry, I don't think I would take him in the 7th in a redraft. You are basically drafting him as your RB3 there. I do think he could be a RB1 by mid-season or end of the year depending on what happens to Murray. But I would be more comfortable with him as a RB4 in redraft.
  12. He is a very good runner but he hasn't used it much. There was a great run of his in the pre-season.
  13. So, do the people who boo him think that African Americans are being treated equally under the law? Do they think that white kids are just as likely to end up brutalized or killed by a police officer without cause? I wonder how many officers who have killed a black, unarmed civilian have gone to jail? If you have not been stopped for driving while black, and it does happen, you may want to listen to the full interview Kaepernick gave explaining his reasons. It has nothing to do with dishonoring the military. Personally, I am sick and tired of the arm chair patriotism that we see in this country because it allows injustice to continue. If you love your country and your country is wrong, the patriotic thing to do is to let your criticism be known.
  14. Fair enough. I was wrong. But I meant that both of them are mobile and athletic. I actually like Kaep more because I think we need someone to get the ball downfield and open up the running game more at the same time by doing so.