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  1. I wouldn't trade him for less than a mid-first. Hard to say not knowing much about next year's draft class. Given his youth, I probably would prefer him over a mid-first.
  2. Right. I saw him getting open. He just wasn't getting the ball. And he has always been a great after the catch guy.
  3. Agree with Barkley being the top back and amazing he is doing so much with so little help. As for NYG, they should make OL top priority. Give Barkley an OL and give Manning more time and this offense can be very good.
  4. Another great game for Cooper with Cowboys: 10 for 217 and 3 TDS. No doubt now that the trade turned things around for him and was in fact a great trade for Dallas who at 8-5 are in playoff hunt.
  5. What consistent success has Vrabel had as a coach? By his own standard, he should be fired. My guess is it won't be until after next year and then Vrabel will get his just return.
  6. Lewis is a good back in small doses; Henry is a great back in large doses. Henry may have five carries for 0 yards and then bust a 50 yarder. You have to keep feeding him. The Titans should fire someone--either the OC or the HC or both--for ignoring the talent they had. This is the full highlights of all his runs in the game: Anyone who has watched Henry run is not really surprised to see he could do this because he has done it since his rookie year. He has the best stiff arm of any back I can recall. And he has great speed for a guy so big. He also has great lateral quickness for such a big guy, which you see on the run where he starts up the middle and then moves to the right to get around the corner and none of the defenders can move quickly enough to close it down. This guy is a special combination of size and speed and he should get the ball 15-25 times per game.
  7. I held him all year and I DO believe in his ability and never lost that faith. But I did lost faith in the coaching staff to use him properly.
  8. I have owned this guy in dynasty since his rookie year. Was excited about this season's opportunity. After first week he has pretty much sat on my bench as i patiently waited. Now I am out of playoffs and he goes off like this. Oh well, there is always next season Charlie Brown.
  9. az_prof

    *** Minnesota Vikings: #2018

    As Vikings fans, we are used to having our hopes raised only to see them dashed. This season is no different. Still, I really thought the additions we made this year would make us a conference champion at least. So it goes, my Dad says.... He has lived through more Vikings seasons than me and watched the Lakers go to LA.
  10. az_prof

    Bears vs Giants - Week 13

    How serious did it look?
  11. az_prof

    SNF Game Packers vs. Vikings

    Skol! Can't believe the Bears are in division lead. Onward Vikings.
  12. az_prof

    SNF Game Packers vs. Vikings

    Wait! Why wouldn't you kick the FG!? Take a 13 point lead with four and half to go pretty much seals a victory. Now the door is left open if the Pack score fast and get the ball, all they need is a FB to tie. Bad coaching move.
  13. Really? I'll take 33 fantasy points myself and keep him healthy.
  14. I turned down many solid trade offers this summer and I couldn't be happier that I rejected all of them. This guy is carrying my team and is so much fun to watch.
  15. I think he is likely a WR2 in fantasy but as you say if the Cowboys upgrade at QB then he could vault to a WR1. The thing is that the team is designed as Ezekiel's team first and a passing team second so that creates a cap.