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  1. Crowder is becoming a reliable WR3. In my 1 pt ppr league he has scored double digits 6 our of 7 weeks and this week with 17 points is his best. While he isn't blowing the lid off, that kind of consistency can be useful.
  2. 11th in mine--but we have 1 pt ppr so maybe that makes a difference.
  3. Yes. In my league Indy pass D is ranked 28th. This is a good matchup. I probably won't play because I have better options like Tyrell Williams and Hurns who both have good matchups too. I would like to see a bit more consistency this year from Wright but this is a good week to start him if your other options are weak.
  4. He has had three strong weeks out of six--scoring 18, 12, and 15 in my PPR league. Now with Allen out, he should snag more targets and I think he is easily a top 10 TE. Luck likes to throw to the TE.
  5. Plus, with Big Ben out, how much value does he have even if he comes back and plays?
  6. The fact that they won a big inter-divisional game doesn't hurt.
  7. He looks good as a receiver moving around in various positions--not so good as a running back. That GL carry was tough but a bigger, stronger, more experienced back would have scored I think.
  8. Can you explain? Game hasn't start yet. Did announcers say something? Appreciate it.
  9. I just pulled him from my lineup. Jackson is on depth chart as next RB up. I also saw this story that was posted just a few hours at Packers official team site and it concerns me:
  10. It looks like a good matchup for the passing game and should be a lot of scoring. I am starting him with confidence.
  11. West seems to be playing well this year as starter. Is he just a JAG or will he stick as a starter? Would appreciate comments from homers who have watched him a lot this year.
  12. He has a tough matchup today so I don't expect much, but good that he is back.
  13. Both Jalen and DeAndre have looked good. I think DeAndre is the better back overall and will get more of the carries, but it could be the hot hand. I like DeAndre better in PPR in any case. He passed the eye test in pre-season and has gotten more touches each week in regular season.
  14. I want Kaepernick. He is clearly the best QB on the roster.
  15. I just swapped him out for Duke, but feel unsure about it. I would stick with Crowder as he has been consistent.and has a decent matchup.