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  1. Right. And there is room to grow there because he has been effective as a receiver when they do use him in that role. He has caught 76.5% of targets for career, which is about average for a RB. But he produces when he catches with an above average yards per catch of 10.4 This season he is still not being used a lot in passing game but he already has as many targets (18) as he had in 16 games last year. It would be nice to see him catch 30 receptions and with his superior running that would help cushion his fantasy floor. The last two games his targets are up to 3 and 2 instead of 1 for most of the other games this season with Mariotta at QB. Maybe Tannehill is more inclined to dump off to Henry? Catching one extra pass/game would really help.
  2. A few years ago that would make sense but right now he is being used as a true RB1 and the OL is built for running. To me the Titans right now are a very good fit. Yes, it would be nice if he were thrown to a bit more but the volume of carries he gets consistently and GL opportunities is very good.
  4. 11 for 147 and 1 TD vs Vikings. On the year he only has 1 dud game. People who said he wasn't a true WR1 or lacked consistency were wrong. This guy is a gamer and played hurt today and still came up big.
  5. I drafted this guy as a rookie and then gave up on him when it looked like Jones was the better back. Looks like I made a mistake. He isn't great but he is a consistent performer.
  6. Solid win for the Vikings against dreaded Cowboys on the road. Dalvin Cook is a stud.
  7. And with exception of one game he is consistently being targeted Week 4= 8 Week 5= 11 Week 6= 5 Week 7= 10 Week 8= 3 Week 9 BYE Week 10= 12
  8. Dare I say that Everett has finally put it together and become a reliable low end TE1?
  9. Henry is truly special. You just don't see a guy that big, with that kind of cutting and change of direction ability, with that kind of speed. Watch him on the video at this link on his 63 yard run today where he pulls away from the DBs.
  10. Couldn't start him; of course he scores. Hopefully this means he is finally going to be involved more going forward.
  11. Is Robby Anderson ok? Can't see game but saw online he was hurt.
  12. It is not great news and frankly I thought he looked hesitant and less explosive last Monday after he sort of tripped and came up gimpy. Still, will monitor this and if he starts you have to start him in fantasy too. Hopefully it is just a knee sprain.
  13. Thanks. I am hopeful although still not completely sold. Would like to see Gesicki get a TD and have another double digit fantasy game. But for people like me who is scrambling (OJ Howard owner and then Dissly owner) because of injuries or players who are under performing, he does offer some upward potential for second half.
  14. This is accurate. Dak also missed Cooper on a couple deep balls. The game plan was run heavy so that meant not a lot of targets and then the passing focus was the short to middle field, favoring Cobb and Witten. It seemed like they were playing a very ball control, risk average game plan.