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  1. I like Andrews and drafted him last year but I am not optimistic about this year. He has a young, unproven QB, an offense that favors the run, and his status is unclear due to competition at the position.
  2. I really like Robby but I expect him to be a WR2-WR3; being a WR1 would really be surprising mostly because WR1s tend to be on offenses that throw a lot and/or have a top 10 QB. While I like Darnold's prospects to improve I do not expect him to be a top `10 QB this year.
  3. We all evaluate in our own way. I wouldn't trade Henry for a random first--it would have to be at least a 1.04 or higher. Most RBs who are first round picks in rookie drafts do not amount to anything whereas Henry has proven he can play at a very high level and is still pretty young.
  4. Douglas called out in particular how well Anderson played vs Denver last year so I went to look at highlights. I am impressed by his route running, his ability to beat a fast corner and get open deep, and how he fights for the ball when the coverage is tight.
  5. With Baldwin retiring Lockett is going to get more than a 100 targets. He is in position to improve on his 2018 numbers.
  6. Despite a breakout year, I'm not seeing him get a lot of love in pre-season rankings. Seems to be ranked like a low end WR3 (WR 34-36) instead of a Wr2. Does that seem accurate?
  7. I traded 1.06 and Equananimous St. Brown for O.J. Howard in 1 pt PPR SuperFlex, Dynasty
  8. If Darnold takes a step forward, Robby is in for a big year. The coaching staff must believe in him because they didn't go hard after WRs in the draft and they used a second round tender to keep him. I think he is in for a lot of targets this year so we will know how good he can be.
  9. I'll take the three seconds but only this year because it is such a crap shoot. Rather have three lottery picks instead of one.
  10. The Giants have definitely improved the OL; how much is yet to be determined. Nate Solder is solid at LT. Hernandez has a year of experience now at LG and played better as his rookie year advanced. Right Guard is improved with addition of Zeitler. And if Remmers is healthy enough to play, he is an improvement playing at RT. Center is still below average, but overall, this unit should be much better and that should help the whole offense.
  11. In college he doesn't show his speed on the field, but he does have good hands, and that can't be taught, and he does high point the ball and fight for contested throws. His leaping ability is evident on tape. He looks to me like a future possession and goal line receiver; a potential WR2. In a low volume passing offense like BA has right now, he doesn't have much value. But if the offense changes, he could have value in the future. One positive to the landing spot is that there is almost no competition and he has a good chance to be starting by week 1. We will know pretty quickly whether he is worth keeping.
  12. Darnold showed potential last year but he certainly has not produced enough to be considered a top 10 QB. I would put him somewhere between QB 12 and QB16. For comp value I would put him in the range of Tyler Boyd or Kenyan Drake.
  13. I traded for him last fall: offered Mark Andrews, Curtis Samuel and this year 2nd rounder for Lockett. I'm very high on him.
  14. One trait I value highly in WRs is catching. I've learned over the years that guys who enter the NFL with suspect hands NEVER seem to get better and this eventually is a deal breaker for them on most teams unless they have truly exceptional after the catch skills. After that I really value guys who will fight and compete for balls--aggressive rather than passive in tracking and going up after the ball.
  15. Yes. I really like him in 2019 as he is likely to be their #1 target.