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  1. Seems crazy to me that he and Tyrell Williams are worth 12M+. Wouldn't have a fifty fifty chance of getting the same production from a third round to fifth round pick? 60 catches for 700 yards and 5 TDs...
  2. I've never felt the need because I am sort of always monitoring the age and talent of my team. That isn't to say that I haven't had some bad years but just doing the normal drafting process I've been able to be a strong team in two years without "blowing it up." If I took over a team that was pretty much devoid of talent except one or two good veterans I would probably try to trade those guys for as many picks as I could but in general if you have to turn over 50% or more of your roster then you are doing something wrong.
  3. I hope the Vikings draft a new QB and then monitor Cousins' peformance in 2020. If he performs, they can give him an extension and trade their young QB. If he doesn't, as I expect, they let him learn for a year and then start in 2021.
  4. He just didn't get the volume he needed. It isn't like he ran for 3.4 yard per carry and sucked. When he got the chance he looked good and there are plenty of highlights runs from his first couple years.
  5. Interesting thoughts. But I don't think there are many Derrick Henry's. He is truly exceptional. So I am not sure going with big LBs or drafting big RBs is going to yield good results. Those Big LBs will get beat by quicker slot receivers and TEs in the passing game and there just aren't any backs as big as Henry who are fast as he is. And his stiff arm is exceptional.
  6. He didn't throw for volume but those two TD passes were outstanding and his running ability is a bonus.
  7. He is a unique talent and is in the perfect system finally. I am proud that I believed in him from the beginning and now we are seeing what he can do. I still find it funny how even until a week or two ago there were still doubters.
  8. JuJu lost his starting QB for the year. You have to factor that into his down year. But you also have to factor that into his long term dynasty value because generally WR1 type WRs can still perform even with poor QBs, but good but not great WRs tend to be QB and system dependent.
  9. Non-ppr, Henry has to be top 10, maybe top 6.
  10. I'm just gonna say--Bridgewater is not that good. He is a JAG. I know people liked his five starts but I saw him much longer in MN and then that injury was devastating. I have no faith in him longterm as a high end NFL starter.
  11. I wouldn't invest too heavily in this notion.
  12. Regarding Taysom HIll, it is one thing to play a few plays scripted for you and playing an entire game and season where teams start to scheme for your schtick. I don't think he is that kind of every game, every down QB and I certainly wouldn't want to take a risk on whether he is or isn't if I think my team is capable of winning a Super Bowl. Rebuilding? Maybe you take that chance. Brady definitely is not the same HOF QB he has been but you have to consider that he had almost no true weapons this year. No TE. And other than Edelman is ok but he will turn 34 in May and the rest of the receivers are a bunch of JAGs. Brees had a great season and is still capable of playing at a high level. The game is ultimately a numbers game and whether it makes sense to keep Brady or Brees at whatever price they demand will be the question. My guess is both guys are playing for another SB and for career passing records and will play somewhere next year. My guess is both guys would prefer to stay where they are and will offer reasonable terms.
  13. I owned both Everett and Higbee most of the year and it seemed like Higbee was the guy until he got hurt; then Everett stepped up until he got hurt. But production wise, Higbee seemed better and the team seemed to favor him when both were healthy.
  14. It was a great win and Vikes definitely deserved it. Trying to decide if we have a chance vs 49ers and therefore whether I should try to go to the game. It would suck to pay a lot to be a fan in a rival stadium and get an ### whipping.
  15. The King dismantled the Dynasty: Every run by Henry in this video from victory over NE in playoffs.