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  1. He is a future stud and has proven it. What have any of the rookies proven? He will be the guy in 2018 and would it surprise anyone if he has a chance in 2017?
  2. This is a current and future time-share. West is the first and second down back and Dixon is the third down back. Usage will vary by opponent and game-situation. People underestimated West and overestimated Dixon. Both are useful in their own way and neither is dominant.
  3. I noticed him in preseason and targeted him then as a dynasty hold. His speed is top end and he showed good hands and ability to get separation off line of scrimmage. With Marshall aging he is in position to be leading receiver for Jets next year.
  4. What is going on with Brees and NO offense?
  5. What about the Wes Welker role in NE?
  6. How do people feel about Wright in Dynasty? He is only getting 56 percent of snaps and seems to be an after thought in this Tenn offense, but in the past he has been a great PPR receiver. His contract expires at the end of this season. How confident are people that he will land somewhere else and become a featured part of an offense as a possession WR?
  7. Tyrell is on pace to have a better year than Allen has ever had, DESPITE not running routes well. What happens if he learns to become a good route runner? He has the ability to get separation off the line and has good size, speed and hands. Those things cannot be taught as easily as route running.
  8. Frank Gore near the bottom with a 6 and Chris Johnson with a 10. IDK, but I doubt there is much correlation with wonderlic and RB performance. The position is instinctual and physical and doesn't take a lot of intelligence.
  9. How many people feel comfortable starting Lewis this coming week and whom are you starting him over. I am going with him at the moment (might change my mind depending on news as game approaches) over T. West because PPR and because I need the higher ceiling Lewis offers. It seems like he still has "it" based on the first week back.
  10. I need RB help for playoff run and have the following assets: Brees Cobb Crowder Hurns Marshall Kevin White Tyrell Williams This guy is out of playoff hunt and it is Dynasty so a 28 year old RB is not as valuable to him as to someone like me. Cobb is 26 and while not having a great year, has been a top 10 to top 20 WR since rookie year. I offered Cobb. Is that fair deal for both in Dynasty? He gets probably 4 to 6 years of a WR2 or WR3 and I get 2 to 3 years for a RB1. Marshall is too old to be of interest to a guy rebuilding. Same for Brees. Personally I would think Crowder or Tyrell would be good options but they don't have same name recognition or proven consistent production over time as Cobb. Kevin White was just starting to show what he could do when he got hurt again. He is young and talented though on a team without a QB. If I were other guy i would probably pull trigger on White but then I like White in first place and think he will become a dominant WR1.
  11. So much for him being "done" and "no one will sign this guy"...
  12. I could understand if they were playing well with him not getting touches, but they aren't. It seems obvious that the offense played best when he was featured.
  13. I am going with Christine Michael over Lewis because it is hard to believe until we see, but pleased to hear this from Blount.
  14. He has a great move off the line to create separation and has a good top gear. I think he is the WR1 going forward even when Allen comes back as he likely continues to get better with experience.
  15. If Dion is fully recovered, he will surpass White. He was special last year. White is very good, but not in the same class. That being said, we don't know if Dion will be the same.