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  1. I have in dynasty so won't drop because he has proven he can play. But for redraft his value is zero. My hope is that they sign Fitz or they trade him. More and more I realize that fantasy is more about situation and less about talent. The exceptional super stars have both, but average players in great situations can be very good fantasy assets and great players in bad situations can be good. But a good but not great player like Gallup in a bad situation is just not going to do much. Look at how Robby Anderson is totally different now that he is in Carolina compared to Jets.
  2. Again, like what I see and he is still not maximizing what he can do. Next year I think we will see a big leap.
  3. This week the following teams have a different RB starting from the one we thought would start when drafting prior to start of Week 1. This is either due to injuries, trades or surprising cuts and FA signings. CIN CLE IND Jacksonville Finns NE NYJ LAC CAR PHI SF DET GB NYG WA 15 teams. Almost half. I can't ever remember this much volatility and instability.
  4. I'm starting him this week. He has demonstrated enough consistency that I think he is reliable start now as WR3.
  5. Yes, but Dalton hurt too. Gallup was open a couple of times deep and Dalton either didn't see him or overthrew him.
  6. Why do you say the "game was in hand"? It was literally within one score of being tied.
  7. I have a feeling Gallman is going to take over and be a decent flex RB the rest of the season. He missed a blitz pickup but managed to make something out of nothing on the dump off pass. He ran with energy and burst.
  8. I am not planning to start him this week unless we hear before the game that he is starting for the 49ers. That being said, If he is the primary running back and McKinnon the primary receiving back, this could be a good game script week for him as I think 49ers could get ahead and run a lot this week. But the uncertainty of the time share makes it hard to trust him unless you really have no choice. Long term dynasty owners may be interested in knowing that McKinnon's contract ends this year so if Hasty shows well he could at minimum assume that pass catching role next year. Mostert's contract ends after 2021. Point being that this backfield is not locked down into the future. Hasty himself is playing on a one year contract so if he shows really well he could be an interesting NFL free agent. The downside of leaving SF is that they have good experience using backs and you never know where he may end up.
  9. I spent 34% on Hasty and got him. My feeling is that the injury to Mostert is going to keep him out for at least three and possibly four games. McKinnon to me has always been an underperformer. The fact that the team leaned on Hasty in the fourth quarter of a close game tells me they feel comfortable with him. And they didn't even throw to him that much although that is a strength. I looked at his Baylor tape and I am impressed by the following: a. He has good vision and seems to pick the hole quickly and well. When there is nothing there he picks that up and sometimes shifts right or left to find a crease and get something. Vision is one of the most under rated RB skills and from what I saw he has it. b. Quickness. He hits a hole hard and fast and bursts through the first line of defenders. c. Balance. He isn't the best at this but for a small back he is above average and doesn't go down with arm tackles. d. Shiftiness. He can change direction quickly and elude tacklers in the second level. e. Soft hands catching.
  10. It appears he is going to be inconsistent this year again. I am still hoping that when Tua eventually takes over that Gesicki will become a safety blanket for him.
  11. I tried for Mahomes with his owner who is a bottom dweller but didn't get any interest.
  12. Cook would have stayed in more on third down and caught more passes as a result. The problem isn't that Mattison didn't run a ton; the problem is that after the team fell behind and gave up on the run they substituted him for Abdullah and Boone. It was the lost receptions that hurt the most and Cook would have had all of them.
  13. Four years later and I stand by this comparison. And through their first four plus seasons Henry is outperforming Ricky Williams during his first years. The lateral movement is really evident today as Henry can make subtle shifts in direction and body angle and then explode. If he stays healthy, he has a chance to be one of the best big backs in NFL history.
  14. Week 6 highlights: