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  1. Rawls has had many years of top ten production? Truth is that he is a guy who has never even had a thousand yard season once. So, to pretend that he is somehow the undisputed stud is really uncritical. In the NFL, it is what have you done for me lately? And he has done nothing. Michael has done a good deal all summer and preseason.
  2. Curious if other Dynasty owners will cut him or hang on? Debating this myself.
  3. Yeah, maybe that wasn't the right way to describe it. What I am impressed by is how he aggressively cuts and moves around his blockers, and then accelerates through a seam or hole, breaking arms tackles and such.
  4. After two preseason games I don't want to overreact, but when you consider what he did in college, his measurables and how he has done so far in NFL, I am very, very optimistic. He doesn't go down at first contact and also falls forward for a few extra yards. He picks his holes with good vision and shows good burst. His combination of power, speed and agility are impressive. He has "it" based on what I have seen. I wouldn't trade him for anyone in his rookie class at this point in dynasty. Elliott is in a better situation but I am not at all convinced he is a better player.
  5. Lifetime Vikings fan and I want to believe in Teddy, but your observations on his mechanics are spot on. Now, there are some QBs with unorthodox motions who have had success: Philip Rivers comes to mind. Good thing is we should know one way or another this year if he is a franchise QB or not.
  6. I am a Duke owner and to be honest, I feel the same as you. The guy made a mistake and he apologized. He didn't break a law. Let it go.
  7. ha! I know he has not been successful in NFL but he is typically a productive fantasy QB--at least 8-12. So I like White's situation with a productive fantasy QB and a team with only 1 other receiver who is clearly going to get a ton of looks. He should be the clear #2 in terms of targets.
  8. I expect 65/900/7. Could be more. I like his situation: 1) QB who likes to sling the ball. White reminds me of Marshall in many ways and Cutler and Marshall had a good connection. If Cutler throws 25 TDs and 3600 yards, even if Alshon get 1200 and 10 TDs, there are still 15 TDs and 2400 yards to distribute. The Bears do not have a TE or a RB who will demand a ton of targets or TDs. None of the other WRs are impressive. I see him as a rock solid WR2 with a QB who likes to throw a lot and has been successful. 2. He gets separation off the line of scrimmage and runs good routes. 3. He can high point the ball and competes for the ball. While he needs to improve his catching, he has the ability to do so. 4. He is great after the catch. 5. He shows ability to go up and get the ball in the EZ. 6. He is a big target.
  9. Sounds like Henry is showing well at running routes and catching and could figure into passing game this season despite not being used that way in college. This is good news in PPR for Henry.
  10. I agree. And Hurns for 1.10 and 1.11 makes little sense since you are HOPING one of those two picks performs as well as Hurns does and the odds are that they won't. I guess if you have an old team that can't compete and Hurns is one of your few younger pieces, maybe that deal makes sense to try and gamble and get more young talent. The trade for Marshall puzzles me too because I own both and I would not be surprised if Hurns outperforms Marshall this year. I love Marshall, but the guy is getting old and has crap for QB, so...would it surprise anyone if he fell off the roof this year? These trades confirm that people just don't have a good sense of the real value Hurns offers.
  11. Comps are always imperfect, but I would compare Drake to a poor man's Chris Johnson. I actually passed on Johnson partly because I saw him as more of a speedster who couldn't run between tackles in NFL. Turned out I was wrong. But, that being said, Johnson is faster (4.24 combine 40 vs. 4.45; their vertical leap and broad jump are almost identical) and he had was a much more productive college player, amassing 6,000 all purpose yards. Now, at the time I worried that he did it in Conference USA and not the Big10 or SEC or comparable top league. Johnson also runs sort of upright and does rely on his speed. At 5'1'' he is a bit shorter but their body mass is similar. I would say that Johnson is the ceiling and I don't expect Drake to come close to that ceiling but it is possible.
  12. Drake could have value in PPR as a complementary back, but I don't really like him long term because of his running style. He runs upright and he runs East West too much for my liking. I think you can get away with that in college if you are really fast but it doesn't translate well to the NFL.
  13. I offered Cobb and the 1.05, which turned out to be Derrick Henry. Was told 1.01 was not for sale or else I was thinking about offering a counter of Kevin White and 1.05. I do believe those offers are in the range of what Elliot's real as opposed to market value is, but of course, only time will tell. As for when to buy a player like Elliot, your argument is reasonable--wait and more than likely his value will fall because it is so incredibly high now in 95% of the cases a rookie will fail to live up to them. But in this case I have a feeling his performance won't disappoint too much because he walks into a situation where he will be given the rock and where he will be in a good offense with an above average OL. Short of injury, I don't think he fails like Trent Richardson, who went to a sad sack team. In comparing him to other top rookie RBs, his draft pedigree and college performance outshine the outright flops you mention: (i.e. Donald Brown, Beanie Wells, Laurence Maroney, Felix Jones). None of those guys came into the League with the same expectations or accomplishments. He aligns more with this group: Thomas Jones, Cedric Benson, Marshawn Lynch, Knowshon Moreno, Reggie Bush, Jonathan Stewart, Doug Martin, Ricky Williams, Mark Ingram, and Darren McFadden. If you look at that group, the ones who got hurt or went to bad teams with bad OLs struggled a good deal. So, unless Elliot gets hurt, something that is unpredictable unless the player is a known injury hazard, I don't expect his market value will fall that much this year.
  14. Hurns has been a TD machine both years. While TDs are in fact highly variable, some players have a better knack for finding endzone or finding opening in EZ than others, and Hurns definitely has that skill. He also has great hands. Because he was an undrafted FA it has taken fantasy players a while to look at him without bias.
  15. Surprised there has been no talk about his injury status until now. I would worry about a guy who just got a screw put in his foot.