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  1. At least, I have plenty of Mahomes and Hill so I might manage to break even for the week
  2. That was rough. Carr wrecked my lineups; Cook burned me. Projected 41 points only got 9.5. Otherwise, my choices were good. SMH
  3. Dalvin Cook down in a lot of pain.
  4. FWIW, the difference between Cook (RB1) and Kamara (RB2) is 5.2 projected fantasy points (22.2 to 17) per Numberfire. The difference between Henry (RB5) and Ekeler (RB8) is 1.8 points. On the other end of the spectrum, the difference between Mahomes (QB3) and Carr (QB4) is 3.7 points. In addition, the best value plays at RB are Hill and Robinson. Conclusion: It is better to go for a high end QB. It is OK to go lower at running back. However, Cook is so much better than the field this week he is almost a must-start. The challenge lies in making that work.
  5. I agree about Hill on several fronts. He likely will have high ownership with his low cost. Plus, he may not produce. Last year he came in and did not do well as a featured back. I too love Agholor. He is Carr"s primary deep and red zone target. I am a little concerned about Jacobs, but ATL is such a pass-funnelled defense that I am willing to fade Jacobs. Renfrow and Edwards could be nice pivots, but like I said, Agholor is my choice.
  6. Listened to a podcast that addressed that very topic this AM. They said White would likely cover Allen on the outside, but would not move inside to the slot where, according to them, Allen spends about half his time. link
  7. Researching this week, I was surprised to find out how good a play Jones is. Compares favorably to Carr in many metrics this week. He is an interesting choice and a great pivot. Looking at your lineup. Engram may be worth considering at TE. That way you could pay up to KAllen to create a secondary stack You would have to come down some at D as well though
  8. I'm a little late to the party this week, but FWIW here are my thoughts on week 12. Overall, it may be a bit tough to put together a killer lineup with the prices so high. Winning will likely depend on finding great value guys to make room for the studs. At QB we have the usual suspects: Mahomes, Murray, Allen, and Herbert. All are pricey and stacking them will be a challenge. I, personally am not as high on Mahomes as most, but he does have the highest projected FPs per Numberfire of the week. I just wonder if Tampa will slow him down (I know he can not be stopped). The O/U looks good for Murray, but how much will his shoulder injury affect him? Will Belicheck come up with a way to slow him down? Allen and Herbert are in a great matchup as well with a lot of potential. A lot of points and great for stacking, just be ready to pay to play this matchup; although I do like Beasley at $5400 if John Brown doesn't play. But the highest O/U is LVR-ATL. This is my choice to stack. I usually don't like to go big at QB, so Derek Carr and Matt Ryan are my choices. Plus, stacking these are made a lot easier using either Henry Ruggs ($5500) or Nelson Agholar ($5200). Running Back has a few options as well. Do you pay up for Cook or go mid-range? Also, Henry and Chubb are expected to do well, but can you fit them in if you go big at QB? Personally, I am all in on Cook. Doing that forces me to pay down at the other RB slot. Thus, I am looking at Ballage (assuming Eckler doesn't play) at $5500 and Chase Edmonds ($5800). Also, Samaje Perrine ($4800) is a potential wildcard if Bernard doesn't play. As for Henry and Chubb neither have great matchups, but I feel they have shown potential to do well despite the matchups. FWIW, I LOVE Kareem Hunt this week. I know Chubb will have his solid game, but Hunt's potential and price ($6600) makes him an attractive option for me. I am not going to talk too much at receiver. These slots will depend largely on who you choose at QB. I would like to mention a few stand alone choices for the flex position. First is Justin Jefferson. If Theilen can not go against CAR, he becomes Cousins main threat at WR and he as already shown big game potential. Another option is Michael Pittman. TEN-IND should be a high scoring game (the challenge is figuring out who gets the TDs). Pittman has been coming along over the last few weeks and at $5700, he could provide some salary relief. One I like is Curtis Samuel ($5900). He is a bit of a boom or bust play, but he is getting more involved in the red zone. Finally, there is Jerry Jeudy. While he hasn't had the big games you would like to see, he does provide a decent floor at a reasonable price ($5700). Tight end for me will come down to whether or not I go big (Mahomes/Kelce) or not (Carr/Waller) so I will likely be going with the high end TEs. Lower priced options I like this week are Engram ($5600) and Hooper ($5100). Another good choice - if you are willing to gamble - would be either Jack Doyle ($5100) or Trey Burton ($5400); I am fairly confident one will score a TD this week, I just don't know which. Similarly, either Irv Smith ($5200) or Kyle Rudolph ($4600) may be worth a dart throw. Last on the list is defense. There are a few good matchups I like this week ( MIA, NO, CLE), but I will likely be looking to save at this position. My first choice would be the NYG. A decent defense going against a backup QB, I am in. But if I can not quite fit the Giants in, I usually end up with JAX. JAX defense is not horrible and I don't think CLE passing game is that great so I am taking a chance on them. After all that, he is how my lineup currently looks: Carr / Cook / Hunt / Julio / Beasley / Agholar / Waller / Ballage / JAX
  9. Interesting early slate. Lot of low scoring games, including a shutout by my Panthers. Taysom broke the TE position. Ben was Ben. DeShaun went off against NE (How no one started him in the league surprises me). Going into the late games, I'm down but in striking distance. Need a big game from Cook and hope that my 2d dart throw does better than my first
  10. I am also considering stacking Ryan/Julio with Tayson/Thomas as a good way to get a large number of points from the ALT-NO game. My only concern is that Thomas has disappointed this season (mostly due to injury). Still, I'm not sure I trust Thomas (especially at his price). I think Kamara would be a safer choice to stack. Hill will need his security blanket. I have to think further on this one. FWIW, I do see New Orleans taking some deep shots down the field. Trouble is, I am not sure who it favors. Thomas? TreQuan? Dionte Harris? Definitely NOT E Sanders.
  11. I realize Peterson will get the bulk of the carries. I see his role mostly between the 20s. I think Johnson will be used in Red Zone and the passing game, he still may be a good value. Going with my gut on this one. Besides, nothing is set in stone until kickoff.
  12. FWIW, Anyone NOT playing THill at TE this week will be at a disadvantage. I expect everyone will start him. His potential combined with the low salary makes him a no brainier. Im using him and combining him with K Johnson ($4800) gives me a lot of flexibility. Current league lineup: Big Ben / Dalvin / Hines / Julio / JuJu / Jakobi / Taysom / K Johnson / ATL