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  1. How could ratings of anyone involved in this be going up? President Trump has really put a crimp in the dignity of the presidency. The Democrats in the House tried to stuff through permanent FMLA ####, if Biden was speaking correctly, into a stimulus package aimed at getting us through these crazy months. Everything is politics, no crisis is going to waste. President Trump is talking now about the what we'll do -- that we'll take a course that may not be safe for people, presumably at the cross and sword of the economy. This is ####e.
  2. I just read your link. Thanks. Sounds like a state regulatory agency had a communications problem with the Governor. Sounds like a lot of agencies are having problems with that Governor.
  3. Would-be cures that don't follow the timeline of scientific inquiry becoming political footballs is sad, but not surprising, in this day and age. This is truly disgusting, as it's anti-science and a race to snake oil, so it seems.
  4. Josh Gad? Isn't he Olaf? When will it get warm in Frozen land? Anna? Elsa? Help's summer.
  5. I know. 2005 was a weighted lottery, right? That's the best I can ascertain. Johnny U asked the question in the SP about Boone22's observation that the college season might be cancelled but the professional one not. What to do with guys who would declare for the supplemental draft in dynasty leagues?
  6. They're not mutually exclusive but they're terrible optics unless there are extenuating circumstances or there's a reasonable explanation. Administrative action could be a reaction to those doctors not following procedures in place that are designed to protect patients from tomfoolery and quackery. Yet, she still might think there's a mitigating factor that drug might play in either lessening the extent of damage caused to the patient or pain caused to the patient. That, however, might not make it a cure in her eyes. There's a nuance to be had there. There's a reasonable explanation but it looks bad on a message board.
  7. I fully understand your desire to see one. That was published in late March for April, and appears to have some predictions that are off w/in the article, so it's a grain of salt thing. I personally believe this is very serious and that the evidence is overwhelmingly convincing. I'm not sure what the wait is or was.
  8. That really is the "crude" rate, as people will tell you. This is not to deny the seriousness of COVID-19, but I'd be highly surprised and am skeptical of a 3.4% mortality rate as the "real" rate. I found this article interesting. From the New Criterion, a person who has made his living studying epidemiological studies finds this. Money quote, summarization of his opinion: Importantly, Farr’s Law has precious little to do with human interventions such as “social distancing” to “flatten the curve.” It occurs because communicable diseases nab the “low-hanging fruit” first (in this case the elderly with comorbid conditions) but then find subsequent victims harder and harder to reach. Until now, more or less, COVID-19 has been finding that low-hanging fruit in new countries, but the supply is close to running out. While many people assume that the draconian regulations implemented in China are what brought the virus under control, Farr’s Law offers a different explanation. Even The New York Times admitted that South Korea recovered far more quickly with regulatory measures nowhere near the scale of China’s—although the Times still attributes that entirely to human intervention, of course, assigning no role to Mother Nature.
  9. I think, in fairness to tim and credit where credit is due, he knew how much better she'd be. And there were clues. His refusal to endorse NATO at all costs was my big hang up and why, if I wasn't in a deep blue state, I would have gone out and voted for Hillary, too. And I loathe Hillary. With a passion.
  10. Phoenix - 1901 Could be the best French band to sing in English in rock and roll ever. Daft Punk - Crescendolls Is there a need to introduce such greatness? Justice - D.A.N.C.E. In the footsteps of the daft No French language here.
  11. Probably because timschochet was the most vocal in his Hillary support. He almost cackled with delight when she did something right. He was quite the shrill for her.
  12. Mahomes will no longer run as much as he did his first year. Not even close to Jackson, and Murray didn't run a whole lot last year, either. Further, after his kneecap, I can't remember Mahomes's usage as anything but a pocket passer unless it was totally urgent. Even when it was urgent, he didn't even look that great during that supposedly great run against the Titans in the AFC Championship. That was obscenely poor tackling. Now, can he move around in the pocket? Sure. Mahomes, an MVP, has pocket presence way beyond his years. I'd bet he slides around in it more now than runs out of it. And you can hang your hat on very few designed runs for him. He's too valuable with his arm.