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  1. I think the general idea is acknowledging that it will cost a lot, so wanting to show short term benefits. It isn't that well conceived from a political standpoint though. The best arguments would be targeted at moderates and intellectual conservatives.
  2. Ok, combining the last few posts gives a pretty good framework to address global warming from a centrist standpoint. I think nearly all from the left would be on board. This shouldn't be offensive to actual conservatives. Why us thus not happening now?
  3. There is also a role in infrastructure needed. The big obvious thing is grid modernization.
  4. The government doesn't have to be in charge. That is why I am suggesting giving money to the NSF. Scientists and engineers around the country will be coming up with ideas and doing the work.
  5. To me what leading on global warming looks like is developing the technologies that will make it easier for allies and enemies to follow. Improving alternative energy has to be a huge part of the answer. Triple the nsf budget and we will get there.
  6. I disagreed with him on 90% of his policies, but an easy yes. I think he is a good man and would probably be fun to have dinner with. I would try to convince him to change policy ideas in a few places.
  7. This is a ridiculously slanted piece. I am really disappointed in the Atlantic. Her cruelty was astonishing, really? Throwing a binder is astonishing cruelty?
  8. And be civil, no way. To tell him to his face what I think of him, yes.
  9. This was exactly my reaction. I viewed the comments from Rep Omar as anti lobbying not anti-Semitic, but this is pretty clear.
  10. There has to be at least a 75% chance these were done by Trump himself right? I mean this is pretty much is MO.