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  1. The only reason her Russian stance had any influence on the election is that it is in part why Russia interfered with the election.
  2. I think that Biden is only going to pick someone seen as having the qualifications to be President. That has generally meant being a senator or governor.
  3. For the same reason, it is unlikely Biden picks her. I can't imagine he wants her to be the 2024 nominee. Ideology is part of that. It also just needs to be someone under 60.
  4. I am so tired of hearing about bad apples. The number of cops who standby and allow things like this is way more than a few.
  5. Yes, but to the context of this discussion, it means the true IFR is higher than it appears.
  6. If this was Law and Order, Jack McCoy would convict on depraved indifference to human life.
  7. I think it more likely that young people are being disproportionately exposed than the other way around. Most older people I know are being much more strict about staying at home.
  8. Even if I am not worried about COVID, I am not sure I want to go to Vegas with 3 max at table games and 4 max at Poker tables.
  9. It is still shocking to me that his supporters allow him to get away with the constant lying. His tweets about Lamb this weekend are not as horrible as the Scarborough ones, but they are really easy to prove are lies. I just can't imagine how someone can swallow this stuff.
  10. A radiologist has no expertise that makes this opinion of any value.
  11. The real number of deaths in NYC is likely 5k higher. Meaning everyone would have had it.
  12. I am pretty sure you are using the average tax increase and applying it to the lowest income in the bracket. The 300k increase would be for someone making millions per year. The reality of our current system is that the very wealthy pay a lower total tax rate than the upper middle class and that is ridiculous.
  13. Warren as VP gives the GOP a Senate seat. No chance she is picked.