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  1. I am still on board, but that was a pretty weak episode. They couldn't pick the tone for it. It was a super dark episode, but they were trying for humor through a lot of it. The characters are not developed enough for the storyline. The hunting exborg for parts idea doesn't really make a lot of sense.
  2. An election corrupted by foreign influence doesn't provide that check. It isn't that the Senate failed to remove. It is they failed to remove him for refusing to comply with Congressional oversight. A major check on the executive is Senate confirmation of cabinet members. Even with a GOP controlled Senate, they are refusing to go through the confirmation process.
  3. If you think about what protects a democracy from falling into a dictatorship, it is a system of checks and balances from Congress and fair elections. Checks and balances are pretty much gone. There will be foreign influences on the election and there is clearly an effort by the GOP to enable it.
  4. What is the current percentage of Trump's cabinet has been confirmed by the Senate?
  5. I don't buy all of those, but the key is the order people drop out and how their supporters realign after they do. I think Warren is the first out. I think she endorses Klobuchar. Edit to add unless she is out as well.
  6. She is very intelligent and well educated. I think this was just a brain fart. That being said I couldn't name a president of Mexico since Fox when this happened.
  7. Try to get over on a work day and test your commute.
  8. Yeah, she would be a great addition. I hope she is around long enough to learn about what she has been doing.
  9. I like it. I think the backstory they are setting up has lots of potential.
  10. Missed this. Bhavana is awesome. I am an Inner Circle member.
  11. Yeah, I think you should set it as % of current. I would say about 3% better.