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  1. The horrible things he said then were about minorities then.
  2. I am pretty happy to see him stay where he is now. Monster game for him today.
  3. The LB's being healthy has made a huge difference to the D.
  4. Here is a site I look for looking at charities They report 88%
  5. The evil comes from the people who are misleading this woman.
  6. Posting for 13 years. Lurking since the beginning.
  7. According to Trump, because SNL is mean to him.
  8. I really respected all of my representatives from my time in Minnesota: Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar, and Tim Waltz. We need more people like Tim to go into politics. I had a great state rep as well: Tina Liebling. Pretty much no respect for anybody who currently represents me in NC.
  9. Except that he didn't stick to it.
  10. If I were running for congress in this election, my number 1 priority would be to get my candidate to take a solid position on Trump. I think it doesn't matter which position they take you will get a huge swing in your favor. Coming out anti-Trump will hurt you with his base, coming out pro-Trump will hurt you with women. If my opponent came out in the middle I would attack them as being indecisive.
  11. I was thinking about the same thing today. I have been really concerned about this election and it has really hit my productivity.
  12. Jessica Jones was great. Watch it.
  13. Really good so far. In episode 3.
  14. Another reason to get a tankless.