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  1. Once again we are on the same page with this. If I had to put percentages on it, I think it is 60-70% likely he is guilty. That is nowhere near the reasonable doubt threshold, but I do not want somebody on the SC I think is likely rapey.
  2. Good man. Lumberton and New Bern are two areas I know also need assistance.
  3. Where are you headed? Still can't get into a lot of areas.
  4. I have weirdly never done this before. Is there an amount bet that can reserve a table?
  5. Saw it last weekend. It was awesome. Funny. The acrobatics were nuts.
  6. Candidates like Lewis are going to need to turn out the Trump base to win. They are in a no win situation.
  7. Yes, this was pretty much exactly my thoughts.
  8. It might force Trump to nominate someone more moderate, but I don't think Democrats in the Senate would be able to hold all members to a no vote on all nominations. I also don't think they would refuse to consider candidates.
  9. I think that would be a bad strategy.
  10. I can see the situation where Bell is benched once he reports.
  11. We aren't talking about a criminal trial. The level of evidence isn't beyond a reasonable doubt. If the allegation is credible, I can't see how you can confirm him. We don't want a Supreme Court Justice who the best we can say is I don't think he is a rapist. It is not like the nomination passes to the Democrats if he is not confirmed.
  12. In our current politics, one side is based on facts and one side lies. For the side based on facts it would take new factual information for people to change their minds.
  13. I am. I was really worried a few days ago the Tar could flood worse than during Floyd. At one point we were expecting 10ft+ storm surge. The storm moving just a bit to the south has made a huge difference here. The worst rain is south and most of the water comes into the Tar from the north.
  14. The flooding from this is going to be terrible. I am about 100 miles north of landfall and we are already getting some flooding here with about 48 hours more rain coming.
  15. I make several, but go to is based on butter, texas pete, honey barbecue, blended chipotle papers