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  1. I hope none of those things are addressed, because if they are addressed by this government it will be to make them worse.
  2. What is the reason Ghostrider allowed Phil's plan?
  3. I can't believe that I am the only vote for death by natural causes. It seems a very likely outcome. He is an obese man in his 70's under intense stress.
  4. Also he likely had to be ordered into his position
  5. I think the bigger problem is that he somehow believes this is remotely possible. Anybody who is not delusional and has a basic understanding of the constitution (like high school civics level) should know this is impossible to pass.
  6. I will say I do not think there are many available roster spots on the team. If they draft somebody else they likely get cut. He should make the team. Warren has been around forever. Will be strange to have somebody else snapping.
  7. Does anybody ever draft a long snapper?
  8. He was clearly not well coached in college.
  9. Accuracy can be coached. Has the physical tools to be a good starter. I think he is at least a good backup, which would still make him a good pick at the end of the 4th round.
  10. I think the real question is the economic growth that would happen as large as what would happen if instead you did infrastructure spending or middle class tax cuts. The answer is no.
  11. The problem is what he means by that is not what a normal sane person means. As usual, there are no details. The only proposal I have heard is to raise the minimum salary required to something ridiculously high that would totally kill the program.
  12. The bats will warm up.
  13. Coming back to win the game would help Glasnow's psyche.
  14. Well I guess not. Not even sure he gets another start before being sent down. That was terrible.
  15. Slow to post about the buccos this year. I am excited for today's game though. Glasnow is a key to the season if he can throw the ball over the plate, the Pirates should have a string starting rotation and I think win 90. Big if though.