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  1. The Ravens haven't really played a competitive game yet. I am waiting for a more normal game script before I give up.
  2. FBG's are really low on him. Given how bad the WR situation is, I think he could make an impact
  3. What is his upside going forward? I like him, but it is hard for a rookie to be a top 25 WR.
  4. If he can't handle questions from Wallace, what is it going to look like in the next 2?
  5. The Titans play the Bears week 8. What do the Steelers do week 8?
  6. This is why financial information about presidential candidates needs to be released to the public though.
  7. I agree. He was dealing with an injury to start the season, had no preseason to get to know his new system and QB, and had a killer early schedule. He should improve as the season goes on.
  8. I don't disagree. I think it just makes sense to distinguish between deep and shallow leagues. It is not just about who is available, but how aggressive to bid on them. If Higgins or Jefferson were available in one of my leagues, I would consider breaking the bank for them.
  9. I you are benching better players to make sure you lose, you should be kicked out of your league. I would suggest thinking about trading anyone who has limited future value. If you have someone who is older or has increased usage because of an injury to a teammate, trade them. Put it out they are on the block and take the best offer you can get, even if below market.
  10. I went and checked 2 leagues. 12 teams 20 roster spots. I was surprised; Ward was available in both. No others were. There were 76 RB's 79 Wr's and 34 TE's drafted in one of these. Young guys with upside are pretty much all rostered early in the season.