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  1. I used to sleep on planes all the time, but now not so much. I recently had the revelation that I used to be drunk on pretty much every flight.
  2. Worth it.
  3. I like isidewith and when you look at Gary Johnson there are a lot of things we agree on, but the problem is there are a lot of things that I completely disagree on with him. Candidates you side with... 88% Jill Stein Green on foreign policy, healthcare, education, domestic policy, immigration, social, environmental, economic, and electoral issues. 86% Hillary Clinton Democratic on foreign policy, domestic policy, science, social, environmental, immigration, economic, healthcare, and electoral issues. 64% Gary Johnson Libertarian on healthcare, social, and electoral issues. 13% Darrell Castle Constitution on social issues. 11% Donald Trump Republican no major issues.
  4. Brown won against Martha Coakley and got crushed by Warren.
  5. How dare they care about tax cheats?
  6. I find it impossible to believe there wasn't.
  7. Taillon is for real. He was great tonight. He was crazy efficient and when contact was made it was weak.
  8. I have to say this was the worst episode of the entire series. I think they are missing Martin's involvement in the TV show.
  9. Given Peter's age, 40 is a realistic age for an aunt. I am fine with Aunt May not being cast as an old woman.
  10. We he splits with Bran, Bran tells him to head to the Umbers. He has been there the whole time.
  11. I had tickets and this was my first chance to see them in years, so crushed, but this is about how I feel as well.
  12. Glad getting drinks worked out. It was fun. I was going to ask, but forgot: I found a watch on the street the other day. Do you know of anything local that people might post lost and found on?
  13. At the bar by the entrance
  14. Bub's sounds good. I should be there when you get there. I should be pretty easy to find. I am 6'1'', dark hair and a beard and am wearing a purple shirt.
  15. The Polanco extension is huge news. Surprised there isn't more talk about it. He looks like he is going to be star this year. That contract is a huge bargain. It was great to get it done before the year.