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  1. Intentionally cruel is probably not correct, but it is more than buffoon. This is exactly how he feels. He doesn't care about the dead soldier or his grieving widow. He is only calling so he can continue to brag about being "the best" at calling grieving families.
  2. Ashville metro population is nearly 500k and is a big tourist destination. It is not a small town.
  3. It's not.
  4. I donated
  5. The Hobie Mirage Drive is a huge plus for fishing. You won't get a Hobie in that range. I don't have a ton of brand recommendations for you, but I would prioritize stability.
  6. budget?
  7. It is absolutely sexist and I don't care very much because he is just some idiot who plays football.
  8. Any updates on Julio?
  9. It is a bad angle with the knee not visible when the foot comes down. However, not much is going on there. ACL seems most likely.
  10. What are you talking about? That extra $8 a week will change my life. Certainly worth ballooning our deficit for.
  11. The problem is the President of The Unites States can't get on board with more needs to be done and therefore it isn't happening. This isn't a potshot. He has the power to increase of relief efforts and is choosing not to. Intense public shaming is the only thing that might compel him to act.
  12. The wage growth pattern is varying a lot by industry. https://www.glassdoor.com/research/local-pay-reports-august-2017/
  13. I pretty much agree with everything Ron Sanson says. I am not sure this is the real Ron Swanson, but I like the statement enough to believe it might be.
  14. Not hooked so far. As a prequel, I am not sure the storyline of a big impending war works. That that much to develop characters. Why do we have a new look for Klingons again?
  15. Anybody else go to Bourbon and Beyond?