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  1. Drunken Cowboy

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Coaching at the college level to me is mostly teaching skills and development of players.
  2. Pretty impossible to travel overseas for much under 5k. 2k for flights is probably low. 200 per night for a room. You could go lower, but that is not the wow expensive level. Eating and drinking for 2 is going to be at least 200 per day. That is nearly 5k and you haven't paid to do anything. I am not going to pay 5k for a vacation and skimp on excursions and entertainment.
  3. Drunken Cowboy

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Penn State has had some great recruits in the past as well.
  4. I lean towards he doesn't come back at all, but if he does the Steelers have already told him they will roster exempt him for 2 weeks. If he works hard in practice he will get back on the field, but given they will be in the thick of a playoff race and how well Conner is playing, I can't see them throwing him in for many carries right away. I would guess at least 2 weeks of very limited play.
  5. Drunken Cowboy

    Final 2018 Election Predictions

    I am more confident in MO than NV
  6. Drunken Cowboy

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    This year's freshman are the first top 10 class. Barkley was one of the best players in Penn State history.
  7. Drunken Cowboy

    Final 2018 Election Predictions

    50/50 in the Senate. This will put a ton of pressure on the GOP to keep everyone voting in a block. Romney as a new wild card as well.
  8. Drunken Cowboy

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    A lot of overreacting going on. There have been a few bad decisions, but mostly this is just a less talented team after losing some great players to the NFL.
  9. Drunken Cowboy

    Footballguys powers needed

  10. Drunken Cowboy

    Week 9 Questions For Bloom

    Gronk currently in at flex. Lots of byes no late pick-ups. Roll with him or desperation start for Malcolm Brown?
  11. picked Rico Gathers up as insurance in one of my Gronk leagues. The other is FFPC, so I can't make a late pickup. I have a bunch of byes. I think I have to just roll with him. Ouch.
  12. Drunken Cowboy

    USA Shootings

    You can also count up the number of people dead because AR15s are legal. I am a gun owner. I understand that most people are responsible with their weapons, but there is no good reason people need to own these. How many people need to die for people to get this?
  13. Drunken Cowboy

    Dr. Who (new series)

    I think Capaldi was really up and down. I didn't like him at all in the beginning, but the Ashildr arc in season 9 is great. He has some good moments in season 10. I think he was great in his last Christmas special.
  14. Drunken Cowboy

    🏛️ Official Supreme Court nomination thread

    Impeached, maybe, but removed none. GOP won't do the right thing when they get to nominate his replacement. I am sure they wouldn't when they wouldn't be able to.
  15. Drunken Cowboy

    Niners @ Chargers

    What happened to Breida?