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  1. Same, own him in every dynasty league and not feeling a bit bad about it.
  2. Well, he was free in dynasty and served me well Didn't loose a buck for him and used him during bye weeks and injuries.... not going to miss him
  3. All you need is one stupid call and that's enough for me. Some fans will win, some won't and the integrity of the game is the real loser.
  4. Carson looked solid. Running hard between the tackles and making yards after contact. Don't care how this ends, but as a Seahawks fan I have to say that we have been missing a back like that!
  5. Happy to own him in several leagues- still a believer!
  6. Robby Anderson - 16th best wr last year, now getting better role and QB. Chris Carson - It's the seahawks and rookie is always a rookie and with Pete you never know, cheap/late guy to have. Trey Burton - #2 wr as TE, playing the Kelce role with the same coordinator. Got paid well and has been good on the field every time. Will Fuller - another guy who is extremely cheap/late and played excellent with Watson. Love him. Calvin Cook - I think he's right behind the best (Bell/Gurley/D.JohnsonEzekiel) and you can get him easily. I also think he will have better points than some of those who was mentioned here.
  7. Well they should make stipulations. It should be about the numbers and the game. Yeah, I get it, you want your kids to have good role models, but fu## me if my kids turn out to be a-holes because of some NFL dude is selfloving idiot. No one asks musicians who get honored about being a good role model. There's a president at the moment who don't get along with media and yes, he was voted to be a president. So again, it's not a character competition. Another thing is, T.O. played the game for several years in several teams. 49ers had him long. The guy couldn't keep his mouth shut and said stupid things and it led to fights, but a lot of time he was just a GOOD TEAM-MATE! But like anything, stupid actions lead to people to think that Terrell is stupid all the time, if he would be, he wouldn't have played the game as long as he had. Locker room cancer wouldn't have the numbers he has, he wouldn't have been on any team, no matter how good he would have been.
  8. Well, to be honest... it is just about the numbers, isn't that the reason you play fantasy football? Or do you draft your guys based on the character of a player? No Ezekiel or Beckham for me, they are just too....
  9. Really don't know if this is good news or bad news... are they planning to use him more when he's not catching short pass or are they going to take him out of his comfort level and ask him to do stuff he's no master at? I hope it's the first one. Don't want to read the news after this season, that Todd Haley admits the mistake and tries to use Landry more on what he's good at during 2019.
  11. Loved T.O. as a player. Might be the only one, but I never cared about his self-loving antics. I mean, I just don't care. He might have been all me, but he was really entertaining on and off the field. And I also think he made every QB better he player with. I never understood how people who watch the sport for the love of it, make silly assumptions and seem to know more about the person behind the player, than just enjoy what he brings to the game. By no means, I'm not a fan of Beckham Jr. as a "person", but do I enjoy when he's playing- I SURE DO. For me it's the game and Terrell Owens can do what ever he wants with hall of fame ceremony, the respect as a player has been earned and if he does not crusify dogs or something like that, I could not care less.
  12. Let's say pick between 10-20 and pick between 15-20, both first rounders in a big league. And I don't think it's that much, but I like Carson as I have stated before, I'd rather buy players that don't have competition at all.
  13. Bought him. Paid too much. Happy to see him in Seahawks.
  14. Heard from a Browns fan that Landry has been getting tons of looks from Taylor. So, now will see if Taylor and Landry can both succeed in different teams, will be fun- at least I hope so.