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  1. My bet is at the moment for Keenan Reynolds. He might be a guy who can step up and do some damage, but most likely this will be a situation where no particular receiver jumps out and Pete will use all of them in different situations.
  2. As seahawks fan, does not sound promising for Seahawks either... Jaron Brown sucks.
  3. Just bought him! Paid ton, but wanted to have him. He's looking really good, I'm thinking a future Bears kind of good.
  4. Yes, got a piece of him in dynasty, but never expected anything... expectations a little bit higher now
  5. The chargers game drop hurt him and basically he didn't do any miracle catches. He had few chances and didn't do well enough with them, so the team decided to find better places to go and Loccett was on fire. I think he has decent chance this year to do better and earn the Baldwin role.
  6. What a shame, he could have been good, but too many injuries...
  7. True that, I like Kirk, but I was just thinking he was not special in a way that there's no room for some other guy. He's still far from being a #1 wr for a team and there's a chance for anyone in this offense to get targets.
  8. The truth is, you have a point. But I only have one guy from Cardinals, and I'm not a big fan of Kirk. So if there's a new qb and he trusts a new guy from the draft, there's always a good chance you might have something. At least it's worth a shot if you're not paying too much... and I'm talking dynasty!
  9. Now have him in 2 leagues. I'm kind of hoping Adam Thielen kind of production in the long run. Might get nothing, but worth a shot. Good hands, with excellent route running can get you far and I heard something about 95 catches of 100 balls during collage... not bad at all.
  10. Lamar seems to get better... ...go figure, a rookie QB would actually get better. Just putting it here to pump Hollywood's value
  11. I think everyone is laughing now, but my point of getting Marquis is that he's a playmaker. People are thinking way too much about who his QB is at the moment. Lamar was rookie last year so it won't get any worse. And if it won't get better, it won't be long enough until Lamar is out of the league and if Marquis is good, it won't matter who is throwing after that. Let's just see one year and talk after that...
  12. Been looking forward of this guy to explode to a real deal and this is it. If he blows, I won't blame myself, but he's now in a perfect place to do some damage and play top-20 season. That's what I'm waiting for, nothing less, nothing more
  13. ...and the only way every NFL-team should operate. It's stupid that players get another chance with some other team, they should be even more committed to a team they were at when something like this happens.