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  1. We're one owner away from beginning the start up auction draft for a new Star Wars themed dynasty league! By-Laws and League Site below. Please DM me or leave your email address if interested. Auction will begin shortly after new owner is accepted and league fees are paid (all 13 owners are currently paid)! Please read by laws and let me know if you have any questions! By Laws: League Site:
  2. Props to you for finding enough people to allow you to play for free. That commish plays but doesn’t pay wrinkle is amazing. I’m in 10 leagues and I think most people I play with would find that to be ridiculous. We must not be “most people.” Congrats and good luck.
  3. I messaged you with my email address a few days ago, I take it you've filled the league? If so, good luck with your league, if not, feel free to reach out!
  4. I joined a league through this message board three years ago and that one is still going strong. I started a second league last year with some local buddies and filled the last few spots through here as well. We have all players returning in that second league for year two except one (who paid half of this years entry fee at startup). I really enjoy the format. Its worth the $10 site fee for sure, and site support are very responsive, usually within minutes. We had a person buy in but had a conflict before the auction last year, they were very quick to refund his money. In my opinion, the RSO format is more involved than a keeper league but not as permanent as a dynasty league. It's definitely worth trying out if you're into the idea of cap management or like the idea of playing GM.
  5. I'm in three RSO leagues. I think its a great set up. The rookie draft issue above is easy to correct, we let the system autodraft the rookies then I just removed the players from the rosters before the auction. I didn't find the live scoring to be all that bad last year, maybe a few minutes of lag time at its worst, but seemed pretty close to real-time last year. Couple of knocks: I feel like your leaguemates really need to be able to conceptualize the contract value and the player, or trading can be kinda difficult. For example, in one of my leagues, our bottom team has no cap room this year and 2 really bloated contracts. He can't seem to get past the concept that David Johnson at 2 years, $25mm for Michael Thomas for 3 years, $3.5mm is a somewhat even trade (he only has $2.5mm of cap space left and no WR1s on his roster). The site also doesn't allow you to pass on rookie contracts, so sometimes you're stuck with your third round rookies on 4 year contracts because you were forced to pick someone (we're working around that in my other league by allowing managers renounce the pick and take someone that wouldn't be drafted). You can strike big (Dak last year on a 4 year contract worth $850k/year), but you can also wind up with Dri Archer and if you want to cut him in year 1, it's a $2mm cap hit. They could better advertise the waiver players, if someone gets cut, you get a chance to pick up their contract before they hit free agency, and its hard to navigate to that location. Other than that, I've been in RSO leagues for three years now and it's a great format if you're looking for a different kind of challenge in your fantasy leagues.
  6. boujey

    Looking for another dynasty league

    We have one starting up tonight, $50 this year, $25 next if you are interested!
  7. We have one open roster spot left in our RSO dynasty start up league. Auction draft is tonight at 8 pm EST! League fee is a total of $75 ($50 for this year, $25 towards next year's league fee). Please check out the league rules and apply via the below link. Thanks!
  8. We have one open roster spot left in our RSO dynasty start up league. Auction draft is tomorrow at 8 pm! League fee is a total of $85 ($50 for this year, $25 towards next year's league fee and $10 site fee). Please check out the league rules and apply via the below link. Thanks!
  9. Decided to start up a new league using the best format out there on the interwebs. This is a RealitySportsOnline dynasty league and I'm looking for serious players wanting to make a long-term commitment to the league. RSO is based on the real NFL salary cap and the league details are as follows: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 DEF, 3 RB/WR/TE & 1 OPEN FLEX Full PPR, 6 pt QB TDs, otherwise fairly standard scoring. 30 open roster spots, rookie deals are 4 years long, each team additionally has three 4-year, five 3-year and five 2-year contracts to use at the auction (unlimited 1 year). 3 Round rookie draft followed by auction based on current NFL salary cap of $155.2million. Buy in is $75 ($50 towards this year and $25 towards 2017) plus $9.99 site fee. Payout will be $350 for first place in playoffs, $100 for second place in playoffs and $50 for regular season first place. Reply here with an email address or sign up to the "Exotic Smashmouth" league here on the RSO website:' Thanks! Dan