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  1. Bump Will add that there are other quality players that will be available for trade, at reasonable or discounted prices, since we can't keep more than 2 vets at any given position. It is easy to rebuild very fast in this format.
  2. Our keeper league needs 2 replacement owners. We keep 7 total players, with 5 of them vets and 2 rookies from last year. You can keep no more than 2 at any position among the 5 vets. Rookie keepers are exempt from that positional limit. Our league is PPR and superflex. We start 12 total players, including mandatory 2 TEs. Roster size is 22 players, with a 3 man taxi squad for true rookies only and a 3 man IR for players on an NFL IR list. We have a 2 round rookie draft, followed by a 15 round vet (open) draft. Rookie draft order is set by previous year's finish, with a lottery playoff for the top pick only. Vet round order is set by the total salaries of your keepers, which are set directly from their stats. Draft order stays same in each round in each part of the draft (rookie rounds same except for the lottery winner, vet round order same each round). One other component of the keeper setup is you will yield 2 vet round draft picks for 2 of your 5 vet keepers. Generated salaries for your vet keepers set which rounds you yield picks from. Usually this will be your 2 lowest salaried keepers among your 5 vets, but you also have to have the pick in the designated round to give up. It results in you having 13 picks in the 15 vet rounds, along wth your 2 rookie picks, for a total of 15 draft picks per team (unbalanced trades can alter the exact numbers). When we have more than one vacancy, we usually do a dispersal draft among the players on the vacant teams. The new owners inherit the draft picks of the team they end up with, with the team picking first in the dispersal draft getting the team with the lower rookie pick. The vacant teams pick 4th and 6th in our rookie draft this year. Dispersal draft will be simple snake. If both owners agree, they can also just inherit the teams as is if they'd prefer. Among the players available on the vacant teams are Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield, Kirk Cousins, Kerryon Johnson, Chris Carson, David Montgomery, Leonard Fournette, Julio Jones, Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, Deebo Samuel, Diontae Johnson, Travis Kelce, and Hunter Henry. League site is here . Cost for the league is $80, though new owners will get a $20 discount. If interested, drop me an email at
  3. I really think the Titans should win outright but also can’t help to think it could also be a sucker bet. And we know there’s always the chance of referee shenanigans when it comes to the Pats. But Brady is no longer the face of the NFL, Lamar is, so maybe the Pats really are done.
  4. Running my annual postseason league. 18 teams, on MFL, simply add your players through waivers and then submit a 9 man lineup each week. Scoring is full PPR and all TDs are 6 points. Total points league with prizes for top 2-3 spots (depending how many participants I get) and a small payout for high score each week. Shooting for 30 teams, I usually get 25-35 participants. if interested email me at and if you want in, I’ll send you an invite.
  5. Yes, but much smaller of course. My $1200 payday will drop to about $900. Same guy I lost to with Jones once beat me overcoming an 80+ point lead with 2 players on a Monday's night, Bears no less. Matt Forte and Josh McCown that night he had 5 TDs. I've lost worse than this tonight, but it still stings.
  6. Ugh, forget it with Boone. Now I'm probably going to lose the standard scoring one if Adams doesn't get 2 more yards receiving, because Jones got that TD and he's close to 100 yards himself. And if Williams is out the rest of the way it's a cinch he gets there.
  7. Up just over 3 in the one I needed 2.3 to win, and he's done, so I'm calling that won. The one I was down 13 I've cut to 7.9. Thielen being shut out helps, but we'll see if that holds. Need a Boone TD for a real shot. Standard scoring league Adams has outscored Jones by 4, so my lead up to 18 at halftime. Except for the last drive, seems like Jones and Adams trading point for point, and each lost a fumble. Still could go either way, but Adams is close to gaining a 5 point bonus (at 100 yards), which would probably put it away for me.
  8. In 3 championship games; probably will win 2 of them, but alive in all 3. First one is PPR, down 2.27 points. My opponent is done, I have Mike Boone going. Second I’m up 14, have Davonte Adams going. My opponent has Aaron Jones. Standard scoring in this one. Last is the one I expect to lose. PPR, down 13, and my opponent has Adam Thielen left, I have Mike Boone. All three I had Derrick Henry and two of them Josh Jacobs, so I was left scrambling for RB help. Two of them I had Drake. I also faced the McCaffrey owner in 2 of them. All but the standard league are keeper leagues, so the waiver wire was barren, but I did have a decent amount of depth.
  9. I need 2.3 points out of him to win my championship game. Picked him up and started him when I lost Henry. I wouldn't have planned my championship run any differently.
  10. Made 3 championship games largely riding Henry in all 3. Two of those I also have Jacobs. Fortunately I still have a lot of depth and options, but losing Henry is a big blow. Now relying on options like Mike Boone, Kenyan Drake, Kenny Golliday, Dion Lewis. Drake single handedly won two semifinals for me last week, maybe someone like that can bail me out this week.