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  1. Your wife is correct, and she was expressing a subtle dig at your manhood.
  2. Funny that you mention the Ninj Warrior style obstacle course. I sent the mom of the injured kid a “Get Well” message today, and I shared the article we’re discussing here. During our back and forth she noted her son broke both arms in a fall in the Ninja Warrior style obstacle course this trampoline park had, not on the trampolines themselves.
  3. Yeah, the “death park” label definitely smacks at a bit of fear mongering.
  4. It’s going to be difficult for members of Congress to vote against that Act when their “no” vote could be spun as them supposedly not caring about children getting injured.
  5. Actually, yes. It was recently proposed in Congress (which I also knew about before yesterday’s party, but didn’t give much consideration.) Dem senator calls for increased scrutiny of 'trampoline parks' (April 9, 2019) Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) wants to crack down on so-called trampoline parks, warning such amusement parks are seeking to "avoid justice." Six deaths have occurred at the parks since 2012 as well as a number of severe injuries, according to CBS News. Visitors to the parks are often asked to waive their right to sue by signing forced arbitration clauses. "I was horrified, as a parent, not to mention a public official," Blumenthal told CBS News. "Trampoline parks want to avoid justice. They want to rig the system against anyone who is injured who may assert claims against them." The number of trampoline parks has increased from 40 in 2011 to more than 800 today, according to the news outlet, and they are governed by voluntary safety standards rather than any federal oversight. The parks, Blumenthal told CBS, are "trying to hide individual deaths, the total number. Everything about these injuries that may cast them in a bad light." The Fair Act, which Blumenthal sponsored in February, would eliminate forced arbitration clauses in consumer cases. "One of the fundamental principles of our American democracy is that everyone gets their day in court," he said in a statement. "Forced arbitration deprives Americans of that basic right. This kind of injustice has to end." "Congress should have a role here ... but the biggest deterrent to death and injury at these parks will be the park owners being hauled into court, held responsible, deemed culpable, having to pay," he told CBS.
  6. Ouch! Sorry to hear that. I hope everything healed up for her well. Do you know if the break was a result of the “double bounce” dynamic referenced in the OP article?
  7. I had long known about reports like the one below that highlighted the injuries occurring at trampoline parks across America... Trampoline parks exploding in popularity, but expert warns of "catastrophic injuries" CBS News, March 29, 2019 On most weekends, trampoline parks are at capacity with hundreds of kids bouncing, jumping into pits, and playing tag. The popular theme parks have exploded into a billion-dollar industry. But in the last seven years, CBS News has confirmed at least six people have died from injuries at trampoline parks. That number could be even higher because many of those injured are often forced into arbitration and sign confidentiality agreements that stop them from speaking out, reports CBS News' Meg Oliver. The parks' popularity is leading to new cases for attorneys like David Chazen, who represents more than a dozen people injured at trampoline parks in New Jersey. In one video of a trampoline park that he showed us, you could see a father unknowingly causes what's known as a "double bounce." His 4-year-old son falls to the mat. "The force of the trampoline coming back up after the father's hop across broke the 4-year-old's femur," Chazen said. It took almost a full minute before anyone, including the guard on duty, realized the child was squirming in pain.State lawmakers in Utah recently passed a new law to try to make trampoline parks safer. Utah joins at least seven other states requiring more oversight from insurance companies and annual inspections. In the U.S., all of them operate without any federal oversight. Don McPherson has coached gymnastics for more than 40 years. Since 2011 he's been an expert witness in more than 200 plaintiff cases against trampoline parks. He said the injuries they can cause are life-altering. "Broken necks, broken backs, dislocated and open-fractured elbows, shoulders," McPherson said. "They're all catastrophic injuries." McPherson said the danger lies in the design. Several trampolines are connected with steel cables or chain links under thin padding. As people jump, waves of energy are generated in all directions, which can cause those "double bounces" that can end in high-impact collisions. "They're moving at speeds and with energy that when they hit or get hit by somebody else that's twice their weight, they end up with crush injuries," McPherson said. I was never overly-concerned about reports like the one above, though, as I shepherded my daughter on the trampoline park birthday circuit. That changed during the trampoline park party I attended yesterday, however. One of the boys at the party, a seven year old, came scurrying back to the parents with tears running down his cheeks. I didn’t think much of it. As parents of young kids know, bumps and bruises happen and kids often wildly overreact. The kid was saying his wrists hurt. Both wrists. They didn’t look bad, but just to be safe the parents took him to the hospital or clinic. My wife later checked in with the mother to see if everything turned out OK. But everything didn’t turn out OK. Quite the opposite. The boy broke both lower arm bones —on both arms. Ouch! What a horrible way for a little man to spend his Summer with both arms in casts. Parents, have you witnessed any injuries on the trampoline park party circuit? Do these parties concern you or is it just part of growing up and their are hidden dangers in loads of kids activities?
  8. Reading fiction. I have absolutely no interest. I’m 100% non-fiction.
  9. Seems like a good place to share one of my favorite cover songs on YouTube... Black Sabbath’s “Changes”, by Charles Bradley ... shows that other musicians who weren’t previously familiar with Black Sabbath appreciate their song writing and composition.
  10. Yeah, man, it’s sad, but true. My wife, under no circumstances, will allow a sleepover. It’ll never happen. Ever. I’ve been beaten into accepting that reality. Hell, my wife won’t even allow my daughter to go into other people’s houses for a short stint during the daytime without our parental supervision. One time I let our six year old daughter go into her best friend’s house next door. (My wife and I are friends with the other girl’s parents.) When I came back in our house without our daughter my wife was bewildered. She demanded to know where our daughter is. When I explained she was next door with our neighbors my wife went apesh## on me about how I could do something so irresponsible. She then immediately scrambled next door to make sure that our daughter wasn’t being raped by the father who also has a six year old daughter. Welcome to my life.