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  1. Set up disconnect yesterday for 9/16. They only offered $5 off for 12 months and free Sunday Ticket and the rep didn't seem to care much that I was cancelling the service. Got a call this morning from 410-919-2969 and the rep started her offer mentioning the $200 gift card, free Sunday Ticket etc but stopped mid sentence and said "Oh your account is still active?... I can't offer these promotions until your service is officially disconnected" She said she would call me back the day after the disconnect on 9/17. We'll see I guess. It may explain why some people here aren't getting much of an offer if calling in before the service is disconnected. I miss the old days when this was an easy call to the 800 number.
  2. I quit D2 around Curse of Osiris and picked it back up with the Forsaken release. It is very much improved. The new raid is fun and there is a TON to do.
  3. Gotcha, thanks. Unfortunately I have Godwin from Tampa and not Goodwin from SF.
  4. Goodwin isn't part of the deal. Also, you think going from Howard to Zeke is a downgrade?
  5. 12 team ppr redraft - start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex Was offered Zeke, Jordan Reed, and Allen Robinson for Beckham, Jordan Howard, and Greg Olsen (hurt) Current Team - QB - Stafford, Mahomes RB - Fournette, Howard, Ingram, White, Chubb, Yeldon WR - Beckham, Marvin Jones, Crabtree, Cobb, Godwin TE - Olsen, Seals-Jones Thoughts? Leaves me with a bunch of WR2 guys but stud RB's and fills the TE slot with Olsen hurt (although I'm sure Reed won't be far behind
  6. Heading to Dreams Park in 2 weeks with my kid - anyone have any good links for tips, advice, packing lists, etc? One thing I read some conflicting info on was check in - Our team had planned to get to Cooperstown right at 6pm on Friday to check in but I've heard the process on Friday night takes forever and it might be better waiting until Saturday morning to check in?
  7. Any cheaper singlets/tanks you guys like running in? Seems most stuff is $30+ online.
  8. Tour clubs (the most difficult) has a driver carry distance of around 280 if I remember correctly. In certain conditions you can definitely still hit 300+ yard drives but you won't be bombing it 350+ regularly or anything. Also to note - The next installment of The Golf Club releases this coming fall.
  9. Which clubs are you using? I've dabbled with the tour clubs a bit but am way more comfortable with the player set.
  10. The Golf Club 2 won't win any awards for graphics or presentation but it plays a much better game of golf than Rory, imo. It is challenging to start but with some practice you can still shoot some pretty low scores. Check out for a pretty cool free online career/season mode option. Basically you sign up, complete a Q-school and from there you are placed on a "tour". They have weekly tournaments, score tracking, etc.
  11. I've always had good luck basing my plans off of this site - As an aside I usually skip parks with EMH as it tends to draw bigger crowds to that park,
  12. Don't worry about missing things. The game is huge and you can always go back and play any mission, investigation or optional quest. Also you can hoard all you want, especially early on. You won't be short on zenny (the game currency) so don't worry about selling anything you gather. Enjoy!
  13. It is a great game that you can sink a ridiculous amount of hours in to. The cut scenes etc are almost comical but they don't bother me. On the item management you'll want to get your quick radial menu set up. It took me a bit to get used to it. I'd recommend watching a youtube tutorial on your chosen weapon type. There are many moves and combos that the game won't expressly teach you. Also try out a bunch of different weapon types. Most are pretty fun to use.
  14. Big fan of this game the further I get in to it. Everything feels very organic. I've hunted a few of the large monsters several times and they felt different each time. In my last quest a giant dragon looking thing swooped in and absolutely wrecked the monster I was hunting. It was pretty cool. On the weapons I'd recommend watching a tutorial/guide video on youtube if you can find one for your preferred weapon. I've been using the charge blade and after watching a video on it I realized I wasn't aware of half of the available moves and combos. The game doesn't do a great job on it's own of explaining it. I'm still a little overwhelmed by all there is to do in the game but I'm having fun figuring things out.