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  1. I agree with most of what Gally said. I would also say if this is a 10 or 12 team league then see if you can get Jay for rodgers without trading Gordon. I'd rather take those two at their prices then any combination of RB with a QB above.
  2. West was always at the bottom of this for me but I figured since he was going to be the lead for the year some people might believe in him.
  3. Correct. Thanks everyone for your replies. I was definitely leaning towards Robinson but I've just been worried about Bortles barely throwing this year with a running game now.
  4. I would go with Crabtree IF your league tends to follow traditional rankings and don't go QB early. I'm in a similar league who does tend to draft QBs quickly which if that was the case I'd go ahead and take Winston and be able to snipe value in the middle of the draft while they're on their QB run. See my link below for a similar league and help provide some feedback?
  5. As the title states this is for a 14 team and 0.5 point per reception league. Keepers are kept in the round drafted (or last round if a pickup) We have a roster a QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, Flex, D/ST and K with 8 bench slots. We keep a total of 4 players and I'm already locked in on keeping Jordy Nelson (7th) and Melvin Gordon (3rd). Additional notes is that the league tends to draft QBs and RBs fast and early. Fournette, K. Allen and Lynch are all going to be around the best available at my 1st pick. Leave a link behind and I'll provide my opinion for your question as well.
  6. Latavius Murray $10 Amari Cooper $9 3.00 Andre Holmes $2 Alfred Blue $4 Ryan Griffin $3 Kenyan Drake $2 Kenny Stills $7 Ben Roethlisberger $36 LeVeon Bell $40 Andre Roberts $2 Tanner McEvoy $3 Luke Willson $4 Paul Perkins $9 Roger Lewis $2 Jerell Adams $2 0.00 Aaron Rodgers $33 Aaron Ripkowski $5 8.20 Jordy Nelson $25 2.30 Ty Montgomery $18 9.80 Randall Cobb $5 Geronimo Allison $4 1.80 Albert Wilson $2 Justin Hardy $3 Levine Toilolo $2 Terrance Williams $7 Jason Witten $11 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL 184.65 CUTOFF 91.90 "Top 100" the first week for that unless trophy award. My strategy was to basically take 2 players from each team who were pretty cheap and could score random TD's that the stud's wouldn't get. Betting on Oakland to win week one might hurt me not to mention it appears I missed taking any pats...(whoops). Oh well, I'm counting heavily on the Packers and Steelers (stars) so you can guess my SB. Pretty sure I lose this week though.
  7. 10 days off would be a great time to move Hillman officially into the starting lineup. Should be an interesting week. You're trolling at this point now about Hillman. You've stated your opinion; please stop posting ignorant comments. If they were going to officially move Hillman into the starting lineup they wouldn't announce it to delay teams from adjusting.
  8. The line stinks and KC is tough. Just almost random when either of them have a hole. Looks like the 3 of us are all on the same page.
  9. I'm not saying Anderson looks better than Hillman tonight but does anyone else feel like Hillman's runs are getting blocks and Anderson is getting hit as he receives the ball...?
  10. I'm seeing so much love for Gronk and if he stays healthy all year I could easily see him return the value of the $33 but does no one worry about injury? He rarely stays on the field and could doom a lot of these teams with another big injury.
  11. Jameis Winston $10 0.00 bye Tyrod Taylor $5 0.00 bye Ryan Fitzpatrick $3 0.00 bye Kirk Cousins $3 0.00 bye I think Tyrod ends up being a huge value but these QBs also all play off each others schedules quite well. I was tempted to go Brady but saving some money and going for the quantity over quality won out for me. LeVeon Bell $32 0.00 bye C.J. Anderson $27 0.00 bye Chris Ivory $15 0.00 bye Doug Martin $12 0.00 bye Cameron Artis-Payne $4 0.00 bye I wanted the Broncos RB and since I couldn't take Hillman I settled for Anderson. I'm surprised how much I've seen him on rosters so far because I believe he might lose the job this year. I'm also surprised how many people don't have Le'Veon Bell. I get the suspension and week 11 bye but he was dominate last year and there is no reason to think that will change. Ivory and Martin are value picks with Payne as the lotto ticket who has a great playoff schedule. Julio Jones $26 0.00 bye Brandin Cooks $21 0.00 bye Allen Robinson $17 0.00 bye Davante Adams $9 0.00 bye Dorial Green-Beckham $7 0.00 bye Corey Brown $2 0.00 bye Looks like everyone has Julio so no reason to explain. I'm a saints fan and believe Cooks goes bonkers this year and is a value at $21 (week 11 with Bell will be scary IF I can make it). Robinson and Adams are value picks; Adams in his expanded role and Robinson getting fed constantly. Beckham and Brown are both lotto picks. I believe Beckham has the chance to be Odell "like" and there isn't much competition. Martellus Bennett $18 0.00 bye Kyle Rudolph $11 0.00 bye Richard Rodgers $5 0.00 bye Jay Cutler loves some Bennett and he lost Marshall, maybe Alshon is slowed and their star in white is hurt. Ball has to go somewhere and I think it goes to Bennett A LOT. Rudolph is a big risk/big reward player with a great playoff schedule and Rodgers has Rodgers throwing to him with a few targets available after Nelson departed with an ACL. Sebastian Janikowski $2 0.00 bye Kai Forbath $2 0.00 bye Josh Scobee $2 0.00 bye Ryan Succop $2 0.00 bye Indianapolis Colts $5 0.00 bye Jacksonville Jaguars $4 0.00 bye New Orleans Saints $3 0.00 bye Tennessee Titans $3 0.00 bye I might be drunk but after I read the perfect FPPC article I felt the couple extra dollars ($5) was worth the 2 additional shots at a high week. I would have probably been around Eddie Royal if I didn't do this but my thought is I get 1 more shot a week to hit it with a strong kicker and/or defense which might be the extra few points I need to move on.