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  1. That's dumb and I wish that phrase would be banned here as it is obviously posted to get a reaction, living as we are under the "new rules". And iIt's already not that. Even if the Republicans sit on their hands, it's crystal clear that our president is supremely dishonest and did something that at any other time in our history would have seen him be sent packing. That the Democrats are the ones making a mistake here is one take, I guess. You say they are all dishonest so it doesn't matter. I think a third grader can make distinctions in the matter of degrees. I agree that you are a cynic. You might well be a nihilist. I believe that doing nothing while a president sees himself as above the law and acts on it is far, far worse than trying to do something about it but failing. And that's even if Trump wins the next election because if we ultimately decide that it's ok for a president to do what this one is doing, the next election doesn't matter.
  2. A simple, traditional plan to win the next election. Use his insecurity against him. Note all the things he really hasn't been able to do. Really anything other than cheering on politicians calling other politicians corrupt. They got played. I've heard this argument and it has me shaking my head. Let the next election decide it... an election where Trump has been caught trying under the table to get a foreign country to do something that he thinks will increase his chances of winning. That makes zero sense. We'll campaign on the issues while he uses his office to kneecap us. And this is just what we know about. No thanks.
  3. Thus my repeated lamenting of the left wasting their chances. Picked two fights they weren't going to win. Which fights should they have picked, in your opinion?
  4. Those two brave Democrats are heroes for putting country over party. I think it's far more likely that they voted "no" knowing that they are are in districts that voted for Trump and that the measure was going to pass with their votes or without. I don't think bravery had anything to do with it.
  5. more and more news is not coming out negatively. You are focusing on the anti-Trump media. So, uhhh... you think this is all there is?
  6. Correct about acting on his own whims, completely unfettered even more than now, for the next 4 years if he gets reelected. BTW, the 2 distinguished Republican Senators from Florida, Rubio and Scott, both thought it was a great idea to bring the G7-G8 to Trump Doral because it would be good business for Miami and Florida. Men of principles. Suggested slogan for their next campaigns: "It's not corruption if it benefits us!"
  7. Only insofar as to who gets my bike. 😉
  8. Yeah, absolutely. If you ride a bike aggressively or in areas with a lot of traffic, you should wear a helmet. I guess I was just kinda pushing back on the "if you don't wear a helmet, you're taking your life in your own hands" talk.
  9. And if I rode around like a bat out of hell, I'd agree with you. I don't, so I don't.