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  1. Trump Buffett will be the new sizzler in rural America. They already got the well-done steaks and ketchup mastered!
  2. I wonder if it has anything to do with the sitting President saying the election will be rigged and he may not accept the results.
  3. I mean I think it's crazy people would cheer that on as well, but cheering on violence against the press sounds like they're happily cheering on a dictator.
  4. I dunno, I heard a lot of cheering when Donny was talking about how wonderful it was to see a journalist get roughed up.
  5. My guess is that he unveils TrumpTV during the concession speech. OANN gets new branding.
  6. Yeah, those liberals are always denying science while cheering on racism and eugenics. Trump might as well be a Democrat! Nailed it.
  7. Cause and effect. If the GOP followed their own playbook from 2016, there would be no need to pack the courts. Republicans in Congress have been playing hardball for decades now. It's about time for the Dems to step to the plate, IMO.
  8. Fournette by a long shot
  9. ECR still has Dobbins ranked ahead of him....meanwhile Kelley got 25 touches last week, Dobbins got 3. Sure, makes sense.
  10. I like Joe Rogan and listen to him often, but challenging his guests is not his strong suit. He's much more into letting people say their peace than challenging them, in my experience. I've found myself yelling at him a few times to not just let someone off the hook after saying something incredibly stupid.
  11. So you can't call the President stupid, but you can call Nancy a piece of human garbage? Ok, sure. Makes sense.
  12. As long as Ekeler is healthy his upside will be capped, but he seems to be playing the Melvin Gordon role at least as far as running between the tackles. And generally mobile QBs like Tyrod can create nice rushing lanes for their RBs. I already have him in one league, I figure he might be a nice flex/bye week guy as the season goes on. Should be added in every league IMO.
  13. Well he's so low-owned because everyone assumed the rookie would take over sooner rather than later. He still might, but Brown played well and looks to be the leader of the rotation for now.
  14. I have 1st waiver priority in a standard league and this is where I'm leaning. Maybe Hines will be solid even in standard, but Snell could be a home run. Also I have Bell, so bigger priority for me is the next few weeks.
  15. Maybe I missed the part about the white supremacist hunting down the young black child? I didn't see anything like that in there.