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  1. Oh, I see, you've been in hiding for a while so you're still a little confused. Russia helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election. Fact.
  2. What Barr has done is a big deal. No one has read the report, but now it's "public knowledge" that Trump is innocent. No, that's not what the report states, but that doesn't matter now. From here on out, anything that comes out of the report will be met with "give us a break, are we supposed to believe ANOTHER hoax investigation now?" From something I read last night: "After two years of investigation, Mueller could not conclude one way or the other about obstruction of justice. Yet Barr decided there was none after less than 48 hours."
  3. As long as President* Trump gets one too for getting help from Russia, we good fam.
  4. Not surprising they'd all magically show up out of thin air to gloat. "HA! TOLD YOU! THE PRESIDENT ISN'T IN JAIL, JUST HALF OF HIS STAFF!!" #winning
  5. You know there's been convictions stemming from this investigation already, yes? Trump's campaign manager is going to be in jail for quite some time.
  6. Ahhh, nothing like taking a victory lap in the 3rd quarter. What could go wrong?
  7. My point is simply that this "a progressive candidate can't win" idea is complete and utter BS created by Conservatives.
  8. And yet every poll had Bernie beating Trump by more than Hillary. You can keep repeating your opinion over and over, but that's all it is. An opinion backed up by nothing.
  9. Yeah, I guess I didn't appreciate you responding to me with "talks in stupid voice.." Gotta give respect if you want to receive it.
  10. Ding Ding Ding There's a reason AOC is the new liberal boogeyman. And that's because people actually support progressive policies. And that's dangerous to the status quo.
  11. I agree that Hillary was damaged goods from the start, but let me ask you something: What was Hillary's issue in 2016? What was she running on? The reason I ask is because I have no idea. She didn't get anyone excited to go out and vote. She was the responsible choice, that's it.
  12. We put up a centrist last time and lost, so your solution to winning is putting up another centrist. Genius.