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  1. Please unpack this one a bit for us. What changed under Obama?
  2. And these ones are about someone getting murdered by a cop in plain sight. Neither calls for storming the capital with guns.
  3. Now THAT is funny. Like in what universe.....ah nevermind.
  4. Thing is, when Obama was President, we had a leader who could actually try to calm things down and unite people. This President seems to want to start a war with his own citizens. That's what I'm talking about. Can we stand another 4 years with a President who seeks to divide us instead of uniting us? A President who pours gasoline on every fire? Scary to think about.
  5. Two wrongs make a right in your world? Violence and looting is wrong. Storming the capital building armed with guns is also wrong. Is that really so complicated?
  6. Well, when you think you're fighting a war, you need an enemy. And your enemy can't just be a bunch of poor and frustrated people. That makes you look bad. But if the enemy is a "terrorist organization"? Then we can beat the hell out of 'em!
  7. Honestly, can we as a nation really endure 4 more years of this? I'm not sure what would be left.
  8. You mean the guys who stormed the capital building with guns? Those are the peaceful protestors you're putting up as an example?
  9. Completely disagree with the bolded. When you claim all the unrest has been caused by an organized "terrorist" organization, you are dismissing the legitimate reasons people have to be angry. So instead of adressing the issue that millions in this country are desperate for a change in how the police interact with our people, you get to blame it all on a scary evil liberal organization that just wants to burn the world down and make everyone else look bad. "See, it's not that cops have been treating black people unfairly, it's these Antifa thugs that just wanna start trouble!"
  10. Way more than I would have imagined. It’s really sad.
  11. Someone sounds embarrassed for defending Nazi terminology.
  12. Like I said, if you wanna use the same term the Nazis creates to describe the Jews, that’s up to you. Just don’t go around complaining you get called a racist when you do, lol.
  13. I’m not defending them. At all. What I’m doing is coming out against using historically racist terms to describe these people. And, as I just stated, those particular terms hit home for me personally because of my background.