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  1. “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell” ― Carl Sandburg
  2. What I meant is that it's crazy to me that they couldn't find a better lawyer to represent them. At least (most) of the Congressman have an excuse, they're not lawyers.
  3. So is it your position that all of these witnesses are lying?
  4. Seems like these guys should be asking questions instead of going on rants for Trump to put on his Twitter feed.
  5. 70% of Americans say Trump’s actions tied to Ukraine were wrong: POLL
  6. Still trying to figure this out: Do Trump supporters think that all of these people are lying? Anyone?
  7. Is it true that Obama once wore a tan suit? As an American, how did that make you feel?
  8. This lawyer.....all the millions of people who vote GOP and this is the guy the trot out there?
  9. It's just a coincidence that out of 350 million people they happened to zero in on the Democratic frontrunner for 2020.
  10. Absolutely true statement. If that was the reason we were going in from the get-go, they wouldn't have had to make up stuff about yellow-cake uranium, WMDs, and the supposed link to 9/11 to get Congress to go for it. They lied to get us into that war.
  11. It's boring, nobody cares, TV ratings must be bad. The talking points have been given!
  12. Poll: Majority of Americans are closely following impeachment hearings and say Trump's actions were wrong RIP the idea that people don't care about all of this.
  13. Pretty sure that it was, but if you can point me to a link where the GWB administration was pushing this angle before the invasion, I'll certainly check it out.