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  1. That's usually what I tell the judge when I'm in court. "Yeah, I did it. Get over it."
  2. "But but but we're really concerned with corruption and it's not right that people in government and their kids are making all sorts of money off of their positions!" Add another one to the articles of impeachment. Doesn't get any clearer than this.
  3. So after all that....he just went ahead and admitted it, huh. I'm sure there's all kinds of concrete evidence to support it so they figured might as well get ahead of it now. These guys are so bad at being crooks.
  4. lol this is the exact comparison I went with last night. He's just completely void of creativity. I had a meltdown? YOU had a meltdown! So THERE!
  5. Well, I was promised Idiocracy. But to read his 4th grade ramblings on that White House letterhead...honestly it's just sad that we somehow got to this point.
  6. Yet again, the only defense left for Trump boils down to: EVERYONE ON EARTH IS LYING BESIDES DONALD TRUMP. EVERYONE.
  7. What would be the point of this Jerry Springer moment for Trump be anyway? Guess who's behind Door #1......the lady who killed your son! Like, I just can't even imagine what he was hoping for with this one. I know he's desperate for any kind of distraction right now but this is pretty crazy even in Trump terms.
  8. So you agree climate change is a huge issue we need to address? Good! We're making progress it seems.
  9. 10 Team Standard w/6 pt Passing TDs Give up: Aaron Jones Receive: Russel Wilson Current starting roster: QB: Winston/Josh Allen RB: Fournette, Chris Carson, WR: Tyreek Hill, Michael Thomas, Cooper Kupp (flex) TE: Waller/Hunter Henry Bench: Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams, Tevin Coleman, Miles Sanders, Gore Trying to decide if it's worth it to give up depth to secure a top QB. Aaron Jones is on the bench right now. We start 2RB 2WR 1 Flex so at the moment I have to sit one of my top 3 RBs or one of my top 3 WRs. Hate to give up the depth but my starting roster would be pretty set. I know Allen and Winston will be ok at QB, but this is a 10-team keeper so with draft pick trading you generally need to be really stacked by the end of the season. Happy to help in return! Thanks!
  10. It's a good question, and I guess it's good that none of us have gone through a Constitutional crisis yet. But here we are. And the way the Trump admin is handling things, I think we may have to find out.
  11. In what way is Guiliani a "Trump official"? As far as I know, he has no position in any part of our government. He's a private citizen and can and should be arrested just like you or I would be.
  12. Forgive my ignorance, but which part of the IC or DOJ does Giuliani work for again? Isn't the fact that Giuliani was doing this "investigation" prove it was purely political?
  13. Really was pretty clever of those democrats to get Trump to repeatedly break the law - on national television no less!
  14. Considering starting him over OJ Howard, may drop Howard for Vance and choose between him and Henry later. Waller is my starter so I’m only worried about this week. At this point, I figure a limited Henry still might get more targets than OJ.
  15. Weird things happen in London games. OJ Howard running free for a 65-yard TD, that would be pretty weird, wouldn't it? I really don't have much of a choice. Waller on bye and Herndon was fools gold. I'm strarting him. Pray for me.
  16. Might wanna dial it back a bit, an important part of the shtick is making people think you actually believe what you're saying.
  17. Go ahead and keep ignoring the fact that he wasn't spied on, the deflection attempts are hilarious at this point! Seriously, keep 'em coming. Friday afternoons are pretty slow here.
  18. That's not what happened though. Remember, Trump was all in a tizzy because it "wasn't first-hand information"? Swing and a miss.
  19. I love how every pro-Trump argument eventually boils down to: EVERYONE ON EARTH BESIDES DONALD TRUMP IS LYING!
  20. 51% of people in a Fox News poll want the President impeached and removed from office. Feels like we're finally starting to reach critical mass. And the hits just keep coming!
  21. Sometimes you just gotta do something simply because it's the right thing to do. Well that, and it's your sworn duty. Pence would get destroyed in a general election so I doubt the Dems are worried about that in the slightest.
  22. I mean it certainly helped going to the Rams and McVay, but that dude is a good WR. He just had no one to get the ball to him in Buffalo.
  23. Robert Woods Sammy Watkins (well, he did have 3 TDs week 1)