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  1. A few years ago this would've sounded insane, today not so much. Some of you may have seen Bill Maher's closing remarks on Friday, they were chilling to say the least. Basically what he said is that when you switch over to a dictatorship, it still has the appearance of a democracy. Showed pictures of Russia and North Korea, how they still technically had a "parliament" but obviously they're just for show. I realize some people here indeed still think this is a crazy thought. But how far have we already gone? The checks and balances of our 3 branches no longer exist. The President is impeached and witnesses aren't even allowed at the "trial". The President is instructing the DOJ to do his bidding, whether it's sending Guiliani to dig up dirt on Biden or trying to lessen Roger Stone's sentence. Say Trump loses the election but refuses to leave office, siting voting "irregularities". What happens next? What do we have in place to stop him?
  2. Skoo

    Hey, quick question about your pool - you said you had your paypal account frozen for running a pool a few years ago. I had the same thing happen to me 4 or 5 years ago for running a super bowl block pool. I haven't checked in a while, but I could never figure out how to get the account unfrozen. How did you get your account back?

    Thanks, can't wait for the pool!

    1. T J

      T J

      I had to fall on my sword, say I'm sorry and they unfroze me. So I use a separate account now and didn't have any problems last year. It's when people put in the messages that it's for a pool I think is what did it. That or the fact I got a hundred or so PayPal payments right around tournament time for $5-10 or so dollars each. Not sure which but I just cross my fingers.

  3. For whatever reason I just started going on a documentary binge. I used to find them boring, but now I realize that I really enjoy them, as long as it's a subject I have interest in. This week I've watched the Bobby Fischer HBO Doc, Daft Punk Unchained, and the National Lampoons one. Also got about halfway through Tabloid last night which is pretty funny. It's about a tabloid story from the 70s when this girl kidnapped a Mormon guy she was in love with and proceeded to forcefully have sex with him over and over until he was "free from his Mormon brainwashing". The woman from the story is interviewed throughout most of it, it's pretty wild to hear the truth and then how she spun it all in her head. There's obviously a ton of great docs out there, so I wanted to get some recommendations. If you can include a very brief synopsis that would be much appreciated as well. Thanks!