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  1. WE DEMAND PUBLIC HEARINGS AND TRANSPARENCY! Ummm...we were just kidding. Closed-door will be fine from here on out.
  2. Oh absolutely. But the fact that this was part of their closing defense for the President of the United States being impeached is incredibly desperate. "If people aren't watching on TV, the President must be innocent!" Cracks me up.
  3. OMG did he really just bring up TV ratings? Now that's what I call desperation.
  4. Taylor and Kent were most definitely holding back laughter at a few points on Wednesday.
  5. What does this have to do with anything? No one is denying that Presidents hire and fire their ambassadors.
  6. Swalwell is good, can definitely see him going for another run at the WH in 4 years. Glad someone plainly pointed out that Trump only released the aid after the whistleblower became public knowledge.
  7. Definitely looks like he's struggling to come up with questions.
  8. I can't believe the GOP rolled this lawyer out there again. He looks like he'd rather be anywhere else on earth right now.
  9. I didn't ask what "salt of the earth folks" care about. I asked whether you thought that the witnesses are lying, or that withholding aid until a foreign country agreed to investigate a political rival isn't worthy of impeachment. Thoughts?
  10. So is your take that all these witnesses are lying, or that you don't consider Trump's abuse of power as impeachable?
  11. So how many people in Trump's orbit have been convicted of crimes since he's been in office? I've lost count. I do remember Obama's number, because it's easy to remember: ZERO
  12. Donald J. Trump We have vacancies in various departments because we do not want or need as many people as past administrations (and save great cost), and also, the Democrats delay the approval process to levels unprecedented in the history of our Country!
  13. It's wild to imagine just how different this Presidency would be if Twitter didn't exist. There'd be like 85% less scandals.
  14. I'd bet that the President, who definitely isn't watching today, won't be able to stop himself for tweeting about Schiff reading his tweet in the hearing today.
  15. Just another piece of the puzzle proving his gross abuse of power. There are many more people scheduled to testify next week. Each will help fill in another piece of the puzzle.
  16. Didn't you hear? Cheating on your wife is totally cool with the GOP now. Family values? Never heard of 'em.
  17. The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president. - Mitch McConnell
  18. you think all of the people coming out about the quid pro quo are lying?
  19. So do you think all of these people coming out and confirming the quid pro quo are lying? Or is this just pointing out that maybe all of this was done without Trump's knowledge?
  20. I think he would get absolutely roasted for that - not allowing people to work and be paid so that he can get out of impeachment. Now, maybe he tries to do it as a distraction/delay tactic, but I don't think he'd openly offer the quid pro quo. All that said, it's Trump. So who knows.
  21. "Maybe if I just copy and paste a big list of random stuff it won't seem like Trump has failed to pass anything of substance"