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  1. 6 minutes ago, jvdesigns2002 said:

    My fantasy league just voted to add one additional bench spot due to the postponment and it ended at 10 out of 12 ownerss voting yes. Being that we require unanimous--it didn't pass. We only have 4 bench spots and I think it was the wrong thing to do to not add the spot.   The NFL and fantasy community got very lucky that the vikings/texans did not get postponed as well.   Imagine if you have a team with positive tests on a week where there are already 4 teams with bye weeks.  Its very possible to have weeks where 25% of the NFL teams could be not playing.  The competitive balance of a lot of leagues will be effected by owners that will have to drop good players just to fill starting lineups.  I really wish our league would have had better foresight and had 7 or 8 bench spots. 

    Yeesh, I don't know how you deal with only 4 bench spots in a normal season.

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  2. 15 minutes ago, squistion said:

    Ann Coulter @AnnCoulter 12h

    I don't think the conservative take on @realDonaldTrump

    paying no taxes should be: BECAUSE HE'S SMART!

    I've paid nearly 50% of my income in taxes, year after year, and any system that allows billionaires to pay ZERO is unspeakable corrupt. 

    How about changing it, Democrats?



    Wow, didn't expect that from Ann Coulter.


    Well except for the part about calling on Democrats to change longstanding GOP policy while the GOP is in charge...

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  3. 14 minutes ago, tonydead said:

    A different republican likely looses to Hillary and thus the source of angst.   I chose the SCOTUS appointments in that post because they are the most obvious to illustrate my point, not because they are the only thing that matters.

    So his biggest accomplishment in his first 4 years is beating Hillary in 2016?

  4. Just now, Chaz McNulty said:

    I have never understood this.  Would a different Republican leader have had less appointments?  Are we giving Trump credit for good timing with justices that retired and died on his watch?  It baffles me that what some consider his biggest accomplishment comes with no effort or leadership on his part.  Just dumb luck.

    To be fair, while what you said is true, it still might be his biggest accomplishment.

    What else has he actually accomplished? Tax cuts for the rich? Another one any Republican President would have done.

  5. 57 minutes ago, dawgtrails said:

    He also has completely killed any hope of his brand making a comeback. Nobody is going to want to slap "Trump" on anything these days. Actually, maybe some fraudulent news org, but can't imagine any developer/casino/golf/etc wanting to be associated with this fraudster

    Trump Buffett will be the new sizzler in rural America.

    They already got the well-done steaks and ketchup mastered!

  6. 38 minutes ago, Stealthycat said:

    Hilary and Biden and the DNC side saying they're assembling a massive legal team that will no concede the election and will fight hard until they find enough votes to win this election - maybe weeks, maybe months, who knows but the votes WILL materialize

    amazing isn't it ?

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the sitting President saying the election will be rigged and he may not accept the results.

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  7. 19 minutes ago, Ramblin Wreck said:

    This is dangerous but the libs threatening to pack the Supreme Court if they take charge is totally normal business.

    Cause and effect. If the GOP followed their own playbook from 2016, there would be no need to pack the courts.

    Republicans in Congress have been playing hardball for decades now. It's about time for the Dems to step to the plate, IMO.

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  8. I like Joe Rogan and listen to him often, but challenging his guests is not his strong suit.

    He's much more into letting people say their peace than challenging them, in my experience. I've found myself yelling at him a few times to not just let someone off the hook after saying something incredibly stupid.

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  9. 1 minute ago, Ministry of Pain said:

    Josh Kelley, how far or how high is the ceiling for this guy? Not much passing that will keep teams honest, eventually he is running into stacked boxes like Ekeler next to him. 

    As long as Ekeler is healthy his upside will be capped, but he seems to be playing the Melvin Gordon role at least as far as running between the tackles. And generally mobile QBs like Tyrod can create nice rushing lanes for their RBs.

    I already have him in one league, I figure he might be a nice flex/bye week guy as the season goes on.

    Should be added in every league IMO.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Ministry of Pain said:

    Malcolm Brown only owned by 18% in most leagues? I'm sure many of you gasp or some fo you chuckle who tucked him away very late just in case. 

    Does he really have the starting spot nailed down or will he be sharing more time with the Rookie as the season progresses? He seems ready for red zone looks and touches. 

    Well he's so low-owned because everyone assumed the rookie would take over sooner rather than later. He still might, but Brown played well and looks to be the leader of the rotation for now.

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  11. 2 hours ago, wickster33 said:

    On the Hines vs Snell question, it depends what you’re looking for.  At best, Hines can be James White or Tarik Cohen.  At worst, he is Gio Bernard.  That makes him a low end rb2 with a terrible floor in games with a bad game script.  He has value as a bye week replacement if you don’t have better options, but it’s likely that he’ll be on your bench when he goes off for a couple of TDS in a 20 point outburst.  Snell has less value now, but in the likely event that Conners continues to have injury issues, he will be a 3 down back and a likely RB2.  You won’t have to guess about when to start him and he won’t likely have big outbursts while on your bench.  Another advantage of Snell is that he will likely have some trade value to a very nervous Conners owner.


    if you need bye week protection, grab Hines.  If your swinging for the fences, put the claim in for Snell

    I have 1st waiver priority in a standard league and this is where I'm leaning. Maybe Hines will be solid even in standard, but Snell could be a home run.

    Also I have Bell, so bigger priority for me is the next few weeks.