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  1. I think he probably means for his fantasy team. I know what he means, if I'm a Shady owner I'd much rather they keep him out until he's 100% instead of risking re-injury and/or poor play because of the hammy.
  2. The woman definitely used the magic words to put Dolores to sleep on top of Teddy after the milk shootout.
  3. I think they cut off his head because that's where the CPU is, which is the only part they need. And it's a lot easier to carry a 10 pound head back to base than a 200 pound body.
  4. Trying to figure this out as we speak. The other two WRs I start are ARob and Landry, which makes it very difficult. Both are far better talents than Meredith and the #1 on their team. And they have a track record. But, neither have been impressive this year. Sitting Alshon for Meredith, while being the right move the last two weeks, feels like one of those things I would never get over after Alshon puts up 35 points on my bench.
  5. Eh, i dunno. Yeah, the ending of Lost stunk. But years later, I just remember how awesome it was trying to figure out all the mysteries along the way. This show seems to be similar in that way, which is probably the biggest reason I was hooked from the start.
  6. This show has amazing re-watch value so far, especially once you read threads like this here or especially on reddit. Makes a lot more sense watching once you know a little more of the backstory, timelines, and all that. Definitely helped my wife as well as she hasn't been reading all these fan theories/analysis. Just about watched all three episodes twice now, highly recommend it if you have the time.
  7. Ahh I had read something about the different W signs on Reddit, man I'm gonna have to watch all these episodes multiple times!
  8. I'm not sure what you mean. You mean when he and his buddy got to Westworld and he tried on the clothes and all that? Why would that have to be a flashback?
  9. Obviously a possibility but I'm not seeing any evidence of multiple timelines at this point. It gets confusing because Dolores and the other hosts are starting to remember past loops, like when she remembers the guy shooting her but runs away instead. We've seen flashbacks by the hosts and the humans, but that's it IMO.
  10. Prime difference being you can easily grab a startable QB any week off of waivers in most leagues.
  11. Summer tour stunk but I'm optimistic that with the fall tour they could be slaying it by the time they get to Vegas, and hopefully that continues through NYE. When they don't do a fall tour and then hit MSG for NYE, they always seem to come out flat because they haven't played a show in months. These days the band needs to be playing together frequently or they lose the mojo IMO.
  12. Well done! Was just trying for NYE since the wife has never been, gonna keep plugging away for singles though a few always seem to leak out over the first hour of onsale. Oh and btw congrats on the new little one Neo!
  13. Uggh...MSG TM onsale...I don't know why I ever expect anything different.
  14. Thanks man I really appreciate it. Found out about the baby right before Vegas went onsale, the wife is cool enough to let me go with one of my buddies from college. This will actually be my 3rd Halloween, I was at both of the AC shows. (from the Philly area) So I heard Fuego and Little Feat. Nothing against Little Feat, but I'm selfishly hoping for an album I know this time around. Either way, I'm sure it will be an experience!
  15. Glad you like it, don't wanna rain on anyone's parade! Can't believe Vegas is in two weeks....anyone got a costume idea? I never have good costumes.
  16. Don't like to be negative but I pretty much hate the new album. Dad Rock'd.
  17. Yup yup! I never seem to have luck with NYE onsale but the wife really wants to go to her first NYE before baby skoo comes next year.
  18. No. There are hundreds and hundreds of them. People write books and teach classes solely devoted to Dylan's lyrics. Lyrics are just poetry put to music. And Dylan is hands-down the greatest lyricist of all-time.
  19. Trying to figure out which part is funny.....I got nothing.
  20. Despite that comment about not forcing it, I think this is a "squeaky wheel gets the grease" week for Alshon. It'd be one thing if he just wasn't targeting him, but he's gonna hear all week about how he missed him wide open in the end zone with the game on the line. I mean, I have to start him regardless, but I'm cautiously optimistic.
  21. No, but there's a reason they call democrats "progressives" and they call republicans "conservatives". One party is interested in progressing and adapting to a changing environment, and the other is fighting to conserve the status quo. But yeah, social progress in this country has come about pretty much exclusively from liberals. Women's suffrage, the civil rights act, gay marriage, it goes on and on.
  22. I would love to know how exactly you think they are doing this. By putting a video camera on him when he's talking and hit the record button? 99.9% of all the crap Trump has gotten has come directly from his words and actions. How exactly is that the media's fault? The other thing people may not realize is, Hillary has been thoroughly vetted for a quarter century now. It's all out there. But being that this is the first time Trump is under this kind of scrutiny, (and the fact that he's a sleezeball) all this stuff is coming to light for the first time.
  23. Whoops! Still, if I had to make the same decision again today I would. Backup QB on a short week against a terrible run defense. Hopefully Jeremy Hill can make up for it!
  24. Turf toe can last FOREVER. Especially if your team decides they like the guys playing in your absence better...
  25. He's free to whatever he wants, of course. Some of those decisions may keep him off of an NFL field, however. I don't care if someone smokes or not either, but the rule is there regardless so that's a moot point.