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  1. Glad you like it, don't wanna rain on anyone's parade! Can't believe Vegas is in two weeks....anyone got a costume idea? I never have good costumes.
  2. Don't like to be negative but I pretty much hate the new album. Dad Rock'd.
  3. Yup yup! I never seem to have luck with NYE onsale but the wife really wants to go to her first NYE before baby skoo comes next year.
  4. No. There are hundreds and hundreds of them. People write books and teach classes solely devoted to Dylan's lyrics. Lyrics are just poetry put to music. And Dylan is hands-down the greatest lyricist of all-time.
  5. Trying to figure out which part is funny.....I got nothing.
  6. Despite that comment about not forcing it, I think this is a "squeaky wheel gets the grease" week for Alshon. It'd be one thing if he just wasn't targeting him, but he's gonna hear all week about how he missed him wide open in the end zone with the game on the line. I mean, I have to start him regardless, but I'm cautiously optimistic.
  7. No, but there's a reason they call democrats "progressives" and they call republicans "conservatives". One party is interested in progressing and adapting to a changing environment, and the other is fighting to conserve the status quo. But yeah, social progress in this country has come about pretty much exclusively from liberals. Women's suffrage, the civil rights act, gay marriage, it goes on and on.
  8. I would love to know how exactly you think they are doing this. By putting a video camera on him when he's talking and hit the record button? 99.9% of all the crap Trump has gotten has come directly from his words and actions. How exactly is that the media's fault? The other thing people may not realize is, Hillary has been thoroughly vetted for a quarter century now. It's all out there. But being that this is the first time Trump is under this kind of scrutiny, (and the fact that he's a sleezeball) all this stuff is coming to light for the first time.
  9. Whoops! Still, if I had to make the same decision again today I would. Backup QB on a short week against a terrible run defense. Hopefully Jeremy Hill can make up for it!
  10. Turf toe can last FOREVER. Especially if your team decides they like the guys playing in your absence better...
  11. He's free to whatever he wants, of course. Some of those decisions may keep him off of an NFL field, however. I don't care if someone smokes or not either, but the rule is there regardless so that's a moot point.
  12. Obviously it's going to depend on your options, but no way he goes into my lineup with Drew Stanton at the helm. He's really, really not good.
  13. I wouldn't do that in PPR. Remains to be seen of course, but James White was a beast in PPR down the stretch last year. With Brady back he could be a RB2 the rest of the way depending on Dion Lewis.
  14. Thanks for making that wasted draft pick Coby Fleener expendable Jimmy! Really good to see Seattle using him as they should. Last years' usage was so weird. If you don't wanna feature the guy, fine, but then why trade the farm to get him? Not like they have elite WRs he has to compete with either. Over 100 yards two games in a row. That's the kind of TE production you dream about. Especially this year.
  15. Thanks a lot for the insight, much appreciated! Kind of sounded like there was a good chance he'd miss the year when he had that 2nd surgery.
  16. Anyone in Pats country hearing anything about Lewis? Would love to be able to stash him but with seemingly no news that seems a bit risky. (Well, risky in the sense that I could be wasting a bench spot)
  17. Wife and I used Prime Pantry for the first time yesterday, looks pretty sweet. They have really good prices and you just need to order enough "selected items" to get free shipping. We're having our first kid in April and my cousin said they have automatic monthly diaper delivery through Amazon. I can see why Amazon is taking over the world. They make life so easy.
  18. Anyone else watching? Haven't even gotten to the HBO episodes yet, started watching all the shorts from the original web series that they have On Demand first. Definitely recommend, think it's hilarious so far. The show is about a weed delivery guy in NYC, the episodes center around what's going on with his clients when he delivers to them.
  19. Yeah, I bet the NFL has just been waiting for the chance to tarnish the reputation of their most popular player. Has nothing to do with him, it's the QB's fault, the refs fault, the medias fault. But not Odell.
  20. So is the media out to get Brady or not? You seem to be saying they were out to get him when it benefited them, which was my point. They're not out to get Odell Beckham, they're trying to make a buck. Whether that's writing positive or negative stories they don't care as long as it makes them money. Any way you slice it, if he doesn't act up they don't have anything to report.
  21. Oh give me a freaking break with that. Were they out to get him in 2014 and 2015 when they wouldn't shut up about how great he was? He's a star player playing in NYC. The media isn't out to get him. They're out to make money. And when there's a story about one of the most popular athletes in the country, they're going to report on it. Yes, the media loves to sensationalize and ESPN will talk about it 24/7 for weeks. But they would do the same for Rodgers, Brady, or any other ultra-famous player. Remember deflategate? Yeah, that went on for a bit. All part of being under the spotlight. Some players, like AJ Green, can handle it. Some cannot.
  22. The prime difference being Rodgers and Brady don't let it get in the way of their play on the field. Teams know you can get in Beckham's head now. So of course they're going to push the issue and try to throw him off his game. Ever see A.J. Green lose his cool because a DB was being physical with him?
  23. Jimmy Graham and Coby Fleener are on bye, so yep. As a Gronk owner in another league, unfortunately he really doesn't look back to 100% just yet. Because of that I think that Bennett will get a lot of looks for another week at least.
  24. And there we go. Couple more nice runs and maybe TD and he has a good night. Going up against AJ, I'm gonna need it!
  25. Pederson said on the radio Monday that Matthews basically took himself out, told the coaches his ankle was acting up from back in training camp.