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  1. Saw this as well and I would agree that makes the most sense with his backstory so far, and why he is still a big part of the story. The one guy he would presumably give the sword to already has a Valyrian, anyway.
  2. Read the article from the Wall Street Journal. The Dems didn't have their panties in a wad, the Vet groups who were eagerly awaiting the funds they were promised did, so the media started asking him about it. But I get it. You support Trump, so you give him the benefit of the doubt no matter what. Sure, it probably takes 6 months to distribute funds to charities after a fundraiser, not like I can send someone money in China instantly from my iPhone or anything like that.
  3. That sword will most definitely be used in battle. Otherwise the entire storyline is completely worthless.
  4. Yeah, he raised the money, and he kept it. He only forked it over when the media and the Dems wouldn't stop talking about it. That's why it's a story. Again, if you care about the Vets getting their money you should be thanking the Dems and the media.
  5. I think maybe it's time for a little break from the internet. I was an English major and even I can't make sense of what you write anymore.
  6. Ummm....the whole story here is that he would never have forked over the dough if people didn't give him crap about it. So if you're happy the vets got the money, you should be thanking the liberal media that finally got Trump to pony up the dough like he promised. Nice try on the spin though.
  7. I think you may be confused. Republicans are the ones who keep voting against spending to help our veterans.
  8. What? No. I don't really care about the back-and-forth insults, bans and threats you guys throw back and forth at each other every day. I just like discussing the absolute trainwreck that the 2016 Election has become.
  9. lol Trump simply can't help himself. Everyone seems to think he'll wise up and go much more towards the middle for the general. Which may happen some politically. But as far as this lashing out at anyone who slights him - I really don't think he can help it. He's that bully who always has to get in the last word and if he doesn't get his way he takes his ball so no one can play and goes home. Gotta have a lot thicker skin than that if you wanna be the leader of the free world. If he acts this way towards reporters he doesn't like, what's he gonna do when a foreign leader says something bad about him? I have no clue. And neither does anyone else. That's what's so scary about this guy.
  10. Was it odd to anyone else that Cersei wasn't even in the big scene with her son, Jamie, and the High Sparrow in the center of town? I thought maybe she had been off traveling somewhere but there she was in the next scene. Maybe I missed something though? Seemed very weird to me that she wasn't there, at the very least you'd think she would wanna see Margery do the walk of shame.
  11. I think this is what a lot of people are missing. While he may be able to change things in the past, they will have already happened in the time the show is taking place. So while Bran may have been the one in the fire speaking to Varys, he can't go back and kill Varys or go back and kill the wizard so he keeps his genitals because he is alive in the present, sans genitals.
  12. lol the hate is strong with this one
  13. CAN. NOT. WAIT. FOR. MSG. Any good quality recordings floating around from the new shows? Setlists look great. FYI for anyone trying to get to one of the US shows - There has been a day-of-show rerelease for every show so far on both WASTE and TM. Might try and hangout in NYC after the first night and see if I can score tickets for the next night. Hey, they're only hear every 4 years right!?
  14. Stella Artois is the best beer on earth? To each his own I guess.
  15. In my opinion, this season has been MUCH better than last so far. Apparently they only have 2 seasons left and we're past the books now so they are moving the plot lines along quickly. Last season was the first that I didn't re-watch episodes during the week. But I have that desire again this year.
  16. I was just saying to someone at work the other day after Hodor-palooza that it must be incredibly annoying to work in an office and NOT watch GoT.
  17. I myself dabbled in pacifism once, not in 'Nam of course.
  18. Donald J. Trump ✔‎@realDonaldTrump I wonder if President Obama would have attended the funeral of Justice Scalia if it were held in a Mosque? Very sad that he did not go! 11:42 AM - 20 Feb 2016 People want THAT ^ guy to be President. Of the United States. Our representative to the world. Truly mind-boggling.
  19. Hahahahahahaha guy writes 9 paragraphs bashing Obama, and when he's asked to back up his claims, it's game over. Game,set, and match indeed.
  20. Oh, so you just kind of make stuff up and assume everyone will take it as fact? I thought so, but thanks for confirming. Pretty clever actually. If you ignore the facts, you can claim anyone you want to be the worst President ever!
  21. Link us some examples of Obama dividing the country on race issues. You posts contain quite a lot of words, and lots of opinions, but pretty much zero factual information.
  22. So the guy who doesn't know what he's talking about will give direction to the people he hired who actually do know what they're talking about. Sounds like a solid plan.
  23. Chris Christie is STILL getting crap from the right YEARS later for giving Obama a hug after Hurricane Sandy. That's right, a hug. He gave the President of the United States a hug after a tragedy. Apparently this was akin to treason to the GOP. Obama, such a divider...