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  1. It's really annoying when it starts happening with like a 23CP caterpie. Still playing, but I can already feel my interest starting to wane. Got up to level 15, now I need 20K xp to level up. The only thing that's still exciting is coming across a new pokemon. Luckily, fantasy season is almost upon us!
  2. Yeah, it's kind of dumb IMO but once you join the gym you have to go to the "shop" and claim the coins in the upper right-hand corner. Completely forgot about this for the gym I hopped on this morning though. You get 10 coins for hopping on.
  3. Supposedly the rasberry helps you catch him initially, but doesn't help any in keeping them from escaping or running away.
  4. Thanks for the help everyone Doesn't look like I got any XP for taking the gym, though that might be because I didn't have to fight anyone to take it over.
  5. Well, that was fun. Gym gone. It doesn't seem like I got any points or any other kind of bonus for taking the gym - do you need to hold on to it for a certain amount of time or something?
  6. Sorry, should have been clearer. I'm on team yellow, so if team yellow owns the gym you can just hop on without fighting. Then I guess since my CP was higher I'm now on top. I know that if another team owns the gym you have to fight them for it; my coworker said you have to keep tapping and swiping and using different attacks when fighting. Today was my first interaction at a gym and I didn't have to fight so I don't really know how that works either. I know you pick 6 pokemon to go into battle with, and that they never really die, they just faint and you have to use those revives to revive them.
  7. Just took over my first gym! (sort of) Coworker came in and told me that the gym by our office was yellow so I should go jump on. I had a guy that was higher CP than the guy who won it so now I'm on top. What I'm wondering is, what happens now? I'm not at the gym anymore, so when someone else tries to take it over will they just be able to take it without fighting or will they have to fight my pokemon? Will I be notified I'm in a fight and have to battle? Apologies if this has already been covered.
  8. I think when you're not moving it's on a time-release type thing. If I'm sitting on the couch at home and open up the app every half hour or so, there will be a new batch of pokemon to catch every time.
  9. Maybe there's a lot of diversity because of all the different geographic features there? You got beach, water, mountains, city, rural. I have no idea if that's how it works or not, just guessing.
  10. Do you live on the top of Mount Everest? Maybe a Brazilian Rain Forest? I can't walk 10 feet without running into a weedle.
  11. Pokemon Rarity Chart Guy at work sent me this yesterday. Caught a Rhyhorn and a Pickachu yesterday, definitely the most rare ones I've caught. The Rhyhorn was a 220cp. (and yes, weedles, ratatats, etc are all over the place for everyone)
  12. kind of stinks once you run out of pokeballs. I'm stuck on level 7. Hit up a pokestop this morning which netted me a whopping 1 more pokeball. Either I'm too lazy for this game or I messed up with all the evolving stuff. As I was leaving for work this morning there was a car going really slow that sped up when he saw me, then slowed down again after I pulled out. Yep, he was looking for the pokestop right past our entrance. So weird.
  13. You can keep catching them from the same spot. Yesterday I was watching TV and if you open up the app every half hour or so there will be more creatures that pop up each time.
  14. I think social media is what made it possible for this thing to blow up so fast. I downloaded it on Friday just to see what all the fuss was about. By the time I got to work today, everyone was talking about it and one of my coworkers was signing up after hearing about it. It's the first game of it's kind (to get popular), and everyone is on it right now. Appeals to kids and adults. Perfect storm.
  15. Must've known I was talking about him - just caught another Pdgey, CP 59 This guy is: Tackle - 12 Air Cutter - 25 So the other guys are Aerial Assault and this guy is an "air cutter". Whatever the heck that means.
  16. Just looked at it a little further, there are differences between the same creatures with different CPs. Got a pidgey 78cp that is: Quick Attack (normal) - 10 Aerial Ace (flying) - 25 I also have a pidgey 10cp that is: Tackle (normal) - 12 Aerial Ace - 25 Now, whether this ends up making any difference or not I don't know, but there are some subtle differences depending on the CP.
  17. I read that you might not wanna get rid of ALL your lower CP guys, as different ones have different powers or whatever. So if you have a 60cp Ratatat and a 25cp Ratatat, you might not wanna ditch the 25cp because he may have different abilities. Because of that I've been limiting my transfers to only ones that are the same creature and same CP. I'm a complete Pokemon noob so I may be way off, but that's what I read.
  18. Ahhh, a GD thread! ::makes self at home::
  19. As expected, Pokemon is all that anyone is talking about in the office this morning. Should get interesting, as we're in an office complex and there's a gym right next door. I'm 34 so I don't know anything about Pokemon, but my coworkers who are a little younger played when they were kids, and the older employees have kids that play or played it when they were younger. Just ran out of Pokeballs for the first they just start to reload after a certain amount of time or what?
  20. That might've been the best hour of television I've ever watched. Even knowing a lot of it was coming, it was both incredibly tense and incredibly satisfying.
  21. IMO the "Arya was actually Jaquen during last weeks stabbing" theory makes the most sense. Watched that scene again yesterday at lunch with a coworker, and there are definitely numerous things that are "off" with how she acts.
  22. Yeah the note with the rose was just a signal that it's all an act and she's still loyal to her family.
  23. Well the entire show the Hound has talked about how much he hates his brother, so yeah I would've thought that would've been enough. But I guess that's why they added the extra 10 minutes with Ian McShane and the dead folk. That way Ian could give that speech and stare at the hound when talking about doing some good in the world and all that, making him want to return to his former life in Kings Landing and finish off the mountain once and for all.
  24. From reading Reddit, the reason people thought the hound was coming back was because after the High Sparrow revealed he had Tommen on his side the theory is that Cersei will request a trial by combat and we'll get The Hound vs The Mountain like we've always wanted. Once that happened, we just needed to see that the Hound was alive and as we know they sure didn't waste any time last night letting us know.