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  1. I was just saying to someone at work the other day after Hodor-palooza that it must be incredibly annoying to work in an office and NOT watch GoT.
  2. I'm wondering why we are seeing more of Sam and Gilly next week....I'm sure they fit into the overall plot somehow I just have no idea how they would. I guess we'll find out, it just seems like there's so much more important stuff to cover in a short amount of screen time.
  3. This is a theory I saw on Reddit which makes sense to me - namely that Bran crosses the Wall, allowing the White Walkers to follow him over/through. And then we have our war.
  4. I don't think they will, time is of the essence. One thing that cannot be argued about this season: They are moving the plotlines forward quickly. As of now they have less than 2 seasons to get everyone to King's Landing for the final battle.
  5. From a coworker: Bran is the bird chirping that makes Jamie and Cersei realize Bran is watching them from the tower window.
  6. That other girl is better at fighting with a stick than Arya. WE GET IT
  7. So your basic premise is that some of the people waiting to be murdered starved to death, which makes the Nazis a little less evil in your mind? Do I have that correct?
  8. You sir win FBGs today. They're just as spectacular as we were all hoping.
  9. Agreed, 3 days is way too early to judge an album, especially a Radiohead album, against their other work. I finally just decided to custy up and plunk down the $86 for the deluxe vinyl. I'm not usually one for buying vinyl or special edition box sets and such, but I get the feeling that this may become one of my favorite all-time albums and I don't wanna regret not buying when I had the chance.
  10. And yet, Amnesiac and TKOL are some people's favorite RH albums! Just a testament to how #$%$ing great they are. Everyone has a different personal ranking of their albums, and no one is wrong. Just a matter of preference. I can't stress enough how much more I like the album when listening on good headphones. Really makes all the difference. Last night was my 2nd time through on headphones, and I had that moment where I realized this album is spot-on from start to finish. Flawless.
  11. Like all of their stuff, it just gets better and better with every listen. Best band on the planet. Seriously. Who else puts out 8 albums that are ALL great? No one. Who else is still making amazing, critically acclaimed albums 25 years after they make it big? No one.
  12. SMALLER GOVERNMENT! LESS REGULATION!! Unless it's something I don't agree with. In that case, regulate the ever living he$$ out of it.
  13. I really like Identikit, but I'd still rather just hear all new stuff on the album.
  14. Went with Late Registration, though MBDTF is a close 2nd for me.
  15. Makes sense, thanks. Winter Soldier might be my favorite one so far, so I'm on board!
  16. I actually hated those movies. (I know, I'm in the minority here) The new Spiderman, however, is much better IMO. Toby was such a nerd. He could play Peter Parker, sure. But not Spiderman.
  17. I was wondering why they didn't just name it Avengers 3. I'm sure the story centers around Captain A but it seems like it would be an easy way to make a LOT more money. Either way, excited to see it. Barely go to the movies anymore, but I did for SW and I will for this as well, hopefully over the weekend.
  18. Rumors of them doing live shows with a symphony....first single certainly backs that.... Crossing my fingers for MSG!
  19. I don't think anyone is expecting Creep at this point unless they've been living on another planet for the last 20 years. Some folks won't like it I'm sure, but they probably aren't RH fans to begin with. Radiohead is the definition of an acquired taste. It's made by music nerds for music nerds.
  20. I am not gonna get ANY serious work done until they release this thing. I have a feeling it's gonna be amazing.
  21. Cool thanks, apologies to everyone for seeking out a spoiler, not my intention.
  22. Thanks, so the Tower of Joy was a battle that Ned Stark fought?
  23. Keep reading stuff about the "Tower of Joy" today. Can someone clue me in or is this something only the book readers would know about? Not trying to induce spoilers, if that's possible at this point...