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  1. Well...I might just be hooked. Went to the range again on Saturday this time with the wife. First we did mini golf then I hit some balls. Was surprised at how much better I was hitting the ball. Watched some YouTube videos on how to swing, hold the club, etc which definitely helped. Old man got me a putter for my birthday Sunday, so I'm all set! The last shot I took went high, long, and STRAIGHT! Must say it felt good. Thanks again for the tips guys!
  2. As the baby boomers die out, and America becomes less and less white, we will only move further and further left.
  3. You're against gun control. You're against measures to fight global warming. You're in favor of building a wall and kicking out 13 million illegal immigrants as opposed to immigration reform. You believe the African-American murder rate is related to race as opposed to socio-economic factors. You disagree with equal pay for women. You believe that " Liberal White Supremacy (LWS) and Liberal White Racism (LWR), the idea that white people should be held to different ethical and moral rules, is one of the great cons of our time. " (whatever the #$#% that means) These all align with conservative principles, and are in opposition of liberal principles. Hence, you are actually a conservative.
  4. " Without Unions, Americans can bargin for better worker rights as easily and wages are suppressed across the board " I like this quote especially. "Without the right to bargain for better wages and conditions, it will be easier for Americans to bargain for better wages and conditions." Do you even read this stuff before you post it?
  5. From the link you posted - "8. Cripples Unions. I won't spend long here, but this country used to be 30% unionized. Now it's down to 11%. Here are a few article showing how slave labor in China/India is being used as a weapon to crush American Unions. Without Unions, Americans can bargin for better worker rights as easily and wages are suppressed across the board. " So Donald Trump is better for Unions because he will cripple Unions?
  6. Went and read your post. You're not a liberal. Which is fine, but I'm not sure why you claim to be one. You disagree with liberal policies and agree with conservative policies. You're a conservative.
  7. It is what it is. Sadly, the best thing Hillary has going for her is her opposition. I'm much more left-leaning than Hillary, which is why I will be voting for Bernie on Tuesday. That said, what she will do in office is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH closer to what Bernie would do than Trump or Cruz. Sure, you could vote 3rd party. Just like people did in 2000, handing the election to Bush. And we all know how that turned out. The possibility of a Trump or Cruz Presidency is more than enough for me to hold my nose and vote for Hillary as opposed to a 3rd party candidate. Do I think it's important to try to break up the two party system we are all sick of? Yes. Do I think it's more important than keeping a lunatic out of the white house? No.
  8. Love it when GOPers attack from the left. 10-1 this guy spent 2003 telling the Iraq war protesters to GTFO of the country.
  9. Great tips everyone, thanks for taking the time! I already wanna go to the driving range again this week...
  10. I thought so, thanks for the clarification. Just from reading this thread I can see how this becomes an obsession...I have a few friends that go all the time, some that never play. Been saying I want to learn the past few years but got married last summer, maybe this is the year.
  11. Just curious, what does "don't walk in line" mean? Like don't walk in the line of sight the next guy needs to shoot?
  12. Thanks a lot guys! My pops suggested getting a few lessons to start as well so I don't develop bad habits. I think he might even pony up for them as well I'm a lefty but he actually got me an old set of clubs from a friend so I'm good there, just need to pick up a putter. I have to admit, I'm such a beginner I don't even know half of what belljr posted lol. I get it though, my buddy said he wouldn't go out with me until I got decent because he doesn't wanna sit around watching me chasing balls all day. (insert one-liner here)
  13. I apologize if this has been covered, but any tips for a BRAND NEW golfer? I've literally never played a round of golf. Hit balls at the driving range a few times, went out with my dad on Sunday. Probably the first time in 5 years I've (tried to) hit a ball. After a while I got some solid shots in, I must admit it does feel good to hit one right. Been watching a few Youtube videos on how to swing, grip the club, etc. But I figured if there's any really good videos/websites that would be a big help. Never had much of an interest in golf, but I'm getting old (turn 34 next week) so I figure maybe this is a sport I can still excel at! Thanks for any info!
  14. The more time I watch, the more sure I am that she's Luke's kid. Unless they're REALLY trying to throw us off. This has probably been discussed but I didn't pick it up the first time - After Rey grabs the lightsaber and has the vision, she's out in the hallway with whoever that old chick is that runs the place. Rey tells her that she has to go home, because her family is going to come back for her. She says that "there is still one that could" and Rey reponds, "Luke?". Of course this isn't a definitive answer, but why would Rey even mention Luke? Because of the visions she had?
  15. Stole these from Reddit but really like the idea: "With Gareth Edward's directing, I'd actually be really okay if they treat Darth Vader like he did with Godzilla by hiding him and building up to him throughout the whole movie. " "I'd pay to see this.... Make a straight monster movie out of Vader. I remember being terrified of him as a kid. Keep him in the shadows, around the corner. Just let the subtle sound of his breathing act like the Jaws theme. " "From early reports, we're going to see him at the peak of his abilities, storming a battlefield and absolutely destroying everything in his path. It was compared to the Normandy landing from Saving Private Ryan in its intensity and brutality. I cannot wait. " That last part especially....
  16. So a little off topic but I figure this is a good place to ask - are the animated series worth watching? To give a frame of reference, I'm probably an intermediate-level Star Wars nerd at best. I only saw TFA twice in theaters, as opposed to the 7 or 8 times the real nerds saw it. I've never been into any "adult" cartoons that weren't comedies ie The Simpsons, Archer, etc. But I'm willing to try!
  17. Man these things just make me want to rewatch everything... Hmmmm....wife is away this weekend....might be MARATHON TIME!
  18. .....and this is why we need more funding for Education.
  19. Skoo

    Hey, quick question about your pool - you said you had your paypal account frozen for running a pool a few years ago. I had the same thing happen to me 4 or 5 years ago for running a super bowl block pool. I haven't checked in a while, but I could never figure out how to get the account unfrozen. How did you get your account back?

    Thanks, can't wait for the pool!

    1. T J

      T J

      I had to fall on my sword, say I'm sorry and they unfroze me. So I use a separate account now and didn't have any problems last year. It's when people put in the messages that it's for a pool I think is what did it. That or the fact I got a hundred or so PayPal payments right around tournament time for $5-10 or so dollars each. Not sure which but I just cross my fingers.

  20. The current GOP in Congress really is like a petulant child, throwing temper tantrums when they don't get what they want. "What? You won't get rid of your landmark piece of legislation? We're gonna shut down the government!! No, it's not going to change anything other than costing us a lot of money, but we held the government hostage and Mr. Obama didn't pay up! Now you pay the consequences." "What? You think you can nominate ANOTHER Supreme Court Justice, just because it's your job to do so?!? Ridiculous! The people only elected you to office twice, and only recently was it a complete landslide. You've got some nerve thinking you can go against the wishes of the American people!" They're children. When Mom refuses to get buy them the toy they want, they sit on the floor, scream, and take a dump in their pants right there in the middle of Toys R Us.
  21. I really like the wording here. When Scalia was alive, we had this beautiful, delicate balance of justices that leaned conservative 5-4. Now we are in a unique situation where making the court lean 5-4 liberal would be a radical swing.
  22. I love this talking point about how we should let the "people decide" who gets to nominate the next SCOTUS. Ummm...the people did decide. To elect Obama. Twice. Most recently in a landslide in 2012. As Cheney would've said, he has a mandate. Case closed.
  23. Translation: I don't care about the Constitution. I don't care if it's never been done in the history of the United States. I don't like it when my team loses and that's that. If we can't win, we take our ball and go home.
  24. You've got to hand it to the GOP. They can get their people to believe anything they want. They have been proven to be the MOST obstructionist Congress in US History. And they still have all their people parroting their talking points about how Obama has been a "divider". It's unreal.