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  1. Not to mention a guy spearing someone with their helmet doesn't really come off as a person who's scared of what the other team will do to them...
  2. Looks like I'll be stuck rolling with Cousins against my Eagles, or even Osweiller if I have to wait. Lost Dalton last week, didn't pick up another QB since I had Brees. As you would guess, the guy I'm playing in the finals picked up 2 QBs last night. (He already had Brady and Wilson)
  3. In regards to the finale stinking - If I remember correctly most seasons have been like this, where the 2nd to last episode is really the climax and the finale is just tying up loose ends and setting things up for the next season. Game of Thrones does it the same way. I was laughing when Carrie went back to her house at the end, I said to my wife "Hi honey, I'm home! All that crazy terrorist stuff is over now, so let's just forget that I'm a lunatic and go back to normal!!" And then, of course, that's exactly what she said pretty much verbatim.
  4. Obviously I'm being optimistic as an owner, but the same could've been said for the 2nd half of the game last week, yet he came back in, and played well. Also to my knowledge there isn't any risk that he's gonna make it worse, no matter what he should be fine for OTA's and all that. And as someone else said, the guy will do everything he can to play. He's the team captain, he leads by example. If he decides to sit out a "meaningless" game that he might be able to play in, what does that say to the rest of the team?
  5. There seems to be quite a few people who just can't get past the fact that Rey learned to use the force so fast, as if it's some kind of plot hole. First of all, there's a million ways they could explain her use of the force. Everyone keeps pointing to how long it took Luke to learn to use the lightsaber. Who's to say Rey isn't WAY stronger with the force than Luke? Or that she wasn't already trained with the lightsaber? (as has been mentioned) As others have suggested, Luke may have had her with a woman who was also force-sensitive. For all we know, she is more force-sensitive than Vader was. Secondly, I don't see any way that this was some sort of accident or oversight. They WANTED us to see that Rey was more naturally gifted with the force. They KEPT showing Kylo's wound and dripping blood during the final battle, so we knew he wasn't nearly his normal strength. Rey not letting Kylo get in her head, calling the lightsaber to her instead of Kylo, and beating him in the battle were all very purposely meant to show us that at this point, Rey is far more powerful with the force. I imagine we'll find out why in the next movie. But to act like this was some huge oversight on JJ's part seems very unlikely to me, considering the time and detail that went into making this movie.
  6. Yeah I wouldn't mess with him in non-PPR. Donald Brown will still get the early-down work I imagine. Cut him a while back, not mad about it because he's way too risky to start in my 10-team standard league.
  7. This is my 6th year of having Brees in a keeper, and we haven't really run into this kind of situation before. I was really worried about that last night, because like you said they have nothing to play for. Hopefully it's a good sign that he went back out there in a game that didn't matter. Unfortunately for me, if he's starting I'll have to play with him and deal with the consequences. No way I could stomach Brees going off on my bench in the finals.
  8. Considering I lost Dalton last week and don't even have a backup rostered, I'm definitely worried right now. C'mon buddy, I just need you for one more week to help bring team SUCK BREES NUTZ another championship!
  9. I kind of liked that they made him a whiney pipsqueak. Remember, Anakin was the same way before turning to the dark side. Always arguing with the older Jedi about his assignments, resentful because they refused to recognize how powerful he was, etc. It's that angst, that fear/anger/hatred/frustration that turns these guys to the dark side.
  10. Uggh I'm gonna have to start McFadden against the Jets now....and even worse they play Saturday night.
  11. Any updates on Ware's status? I haven't been able to find much about it at all this week thus far.
  12. I took it as Chewy knowing that Leia and Rey needed to have their aunt/niece or maybe mother/daughter moment.
  13. Man, I can't wait to see it again! Everything we've been waiting for. I thought they did a really good job of introducing all of the old stuff - Han/Chewy, the Falcon, C3PO, R2D2, Vader's mask and lightsaber. All very well done IMO. Rey's powers were being discussed on another board - namely that she developed them so quickly. While Luke had to go through all that training, Rey almost instantly learned how to use the force. (did those "flashbacks" help?) I guess they can explain that away pretty easily though, they could reveal she has an even higher midichlorian count than Vader.
  14. I think this is a good point, but I also think that since Hillary has been the assumed-nominee that if she gets upset by Bernie, it will be big news. Then again the last thing corporate interests want is a Bernie Sanders Presidency so....
  15. Brown has also been a Seahawk for a while...Rotoworld is saying that Seattle already named Bryce the starter, FWIW. Whether that changes with the man, the myth, the legend C-Mike in the fold I have no idea.
  16. I wouldn't touch Diggs with a ten foot pole right now. Dropped him a few weeks ago, and that was a PPR league. He just doesn't get nearly enough looks to consider starting in a normal league, IMO.
  17. This is pretty much the 2016 Presidential election in a nutshell. Hillary Clinton: At least she's not bat**** crazy And the reason this country is circling the drain. Completely agree. Unfortunately for the GOP, they have been driven waaaaaaay too far to the right. At this point, a Republican can only get the nomination if they are extremely conservative. The problem is, once they get into a national election they get trounced by a moderate democrat. Hillary has to be loving all this Trump madness.
  18. There is no one running on either side that will reign in the size and power of government once elected. It's one of those things politicians talk about, but absolutely never do.
  19. This is pretty much the 2016 Presidential election in a nutshell. Hillary Clinton: At least she's not bat**** crazy
  20. I was going to do this as well, but then I realized I don't know anyone who's that stupid. So all your rocket scientist friends like Hillary? lmao A lot of people really don't like Hillary. I'm not a huge fan either, personally. But she is an intelligent and extremely well-qualified politician. That can't really be argued, whether you agree with her or not. Donald Trump on the other a joke. Pretty incredible that the two GOP frontrunners have ZERO political experience. What's even funnier is that the biggest knock on Obama in '08 was......lack of experience.
  21. I'm sorry to inform you of this, but Donald Trump has a 0.0% chance of becoming our next President.
  22. I was going to do this as well, but then I realized I don't know anyone who's that stupid.
  23. Just how hot is the temperature supposed to get? Short of turning Earth into a second Venus, what kind of likely-to-happen temperature change will humans be unable to adapt to? It's not necessarily that humans won't be able to adapt to the temperature change, it's more that our major cities will be under water and there will be huge food shortages with all the animal and plant life that doesn't survive. We live in an ecosystem with a delicate balance. When one factor is out of whack, it throws everything else off too.
  24. This is correct. Unfortunately for us while the Earth will be just fine, humans will no longer be able to live on it.