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  1. Malcom Floyd might be averaging 25 yards per catch but that doesn't mean he's a better play than Julio Jones. Opportunity is everything in fantasy. Great example ... of something ? Which part is confusing? You pointed to yards per catch stats suggesting Lacy has been better than Starks. Yards per catch means nothing in fantasy football. PRODUCTION means everything. It's irrelevant if you think Lacy would do better with more opportunities. The point is he isn't getting them. Which should be the biggest red flag. If Lacy was playing so much better than Starks, the Packers would have him on the field more often.
  2. Malcom Floyd might be averaging 25 yards per catch but that doesn't mean he's a better play than Julio Jones. Opportunity is everything in fantasy.
  3. I'm not saying Starks is amazing or anything, all I know is this is what my bench looks like right now: Eddie Lacy: -1 point James Starks: 24.2 points This is a PPR league, and Eddie Lacy hasn't topped 20 points yet this season. That's all I need to know.
  4. From what I remember from last year, they like Bolden so much on special teams that they don't want to risk playing him at RB. White was the one who got the snaps when Lewis missed a game a few weeks back.
  5. This is true. But what's concerning to me is that Lacy just doesn't look good. It's not like he's averaging 5 yards per carry but just isn't getting enough touches. I admit I haven't been watching whole Packers games all year or anything, but the only play I can recall this year where he looked remotely good was that TD run against Denver last week.
  6. Eddie Lacy exited Week 9 against the Panthers with a groin injury. Lacy had been almost completely phased out of the offense after fumbling in the second quarter, but the injury knocked him out of the game for good. Lacy finished with just 10 yards on five carries, and he now has less than 50 yards rushing in all but two games this season. In a year of first-round busts, Lacy has been perhaps the most disappointing of all. Even if he plays this week, Lacy will be nothing more than a touchdown-or-bust RB3 against the Lions. Source: ESPN Nov 9 - 10:14 AM Take a week or two off Eddie...
  7. Gotta figure whatever happened at practice last week had him in the doghouse for last night's game.
  8. That thing with the chest-bumping a Seattle player definitely seems like a red flag. If you wanna catch up with your former teammates, talk to them after the game. We see that stuff all the time. But in the middle of a game? After YOU just screwed up?
  9. Picked him up after waivers ran yesterday in both my 10 and 12 teamers. As soon I took him in one league I got a text from another owner telling me it was a great pickup and he's so mad he didn't realize he was out there. This may be the case in more leagues than one would think... Been rolling with Dalton, but he plays at Denver week 16.
  10. Done. I'm benching him for Winston.Bad matchup for Indy on the road. TB will likely get slaughtered in Atl and I see some garbage points for Winston. That takes some serious b***s, good luck!
  11. He couldn't even get a shoutout in the Weekly Upgrades/Downgrades 100+ yards and 2 TDs just doesn't satisfy anyone when it's from a 135-pound "backup" RB.
  12. Haha I knew it was coming - from the Week 8 upgrades/downgrades RB Holding Steady - RB Christine Michael, DAL - Michael's opportunity came in the form of a Joseph Randle injury and Darren McFadden took it. The bye week hype amounted to nothing in Week 7. Michael is still more than capable and at least the Cowboys running game is on track, and with Joseph Randle missing time, Michael is a Darren McFadden injury away from being the #1 back. Meanwhile, Woodhead piles up over 100 yards and 2 TDs and doesn't even get a shout out.
  13. Yesterday around 7:00 I get a text from my fantasy nemesis: "Danny Woodhead over TJ Yeldon? Did you forget how to play fantasy football?" 30 seconds later... "You're a genius" A half hour later.... "And another TD. You're a guru."
  14. Bradford is the only first round bust at QB, that doesn't face any heat from his team's fan-base, in fact they have always and continue to make excuses for him. For a terrible QB (ETA: "terrible is probably too harsh, damn now I'm making excuses for him) he sure lives a charmed life from the viewpoint of not facing the ire of his teams' fans like all other bust QBs have. Ummmm...not facing the ire of his team's fans? How many decades has it been since you've spent time in the Philadelphia area?
  15. Yep this^^. I grabbed him off waivers for a $0 bid last week in a FF league filled with Vikings fans, and started him in place of John Brown his week. Dude I beat using Diggs is a huge Vikings fan. This forum rules. x3! This forum is great for finding out about guys a week before everyone else does. Was happily surprised I was able to snag him in both of the leagues I tried for him in. Didn't have high waiver priority in either. Was hurting for WRs in one PPR league where you start 3 WRs and a flex, had Beckham but then totally crapped the bed on Andre Johnson and Charles Johnson. Flipped Gates and Dion Lewis for JULIO last week, and added Diggs. Now have Julio, Beckham, and Diggs at WR with Gronk at TE
  16. lol, give it a break Cons. The war is over. You lost. Time to move on.
  17. Grrrr.... Someone dropped Michael when waivers ran last Wednesday, I put in a claim for him. Turns out the Commish messed up the settings on CBS for the 2nd year in a row, and it won't you add anyone that's been dropped until the following week. I let the commish know and he thought he changed it Thursday, but it still didn't work. Of course the Commish and I have the 2 best teams and he knows I need a RB... something tells me I won't be lucky enough to get him when waivers run tomorrow night.
  18. From what I've seen he's getting a lot of targets, which is a positive. Brees and the passing game is starting to come around as well, so hopefully he starts producing more. Just traded Emmanuel Sanders today and Amari is on the bye, so I'm gonna have to hold my breath and start him tonight.
  19. Dropped Hillman for him in my keeper league that keeps 2 Vets and 1 Rookie each year. I figure the potential for next year alone probably makes him worthy of a roster spot in that league.
  20. How does the coaching staff not see what the rest of us see - that AA is a threat every time he touches the ball while Joique Bell runs into the line and falls down every time he touches the ball I understand I'm biased as an owner, but it could not be any clearer last night.
  21. Well, that's why Ertz has huge upside. IF he can get on the field more, he could be a monster. His receiving ability is not in question. It's just opportunity.This seems like the best backfield Chip has ever had and he'll finally be able to run as often as he's wanted. I think the opportunity for Ertz is actually less than last year. Well, the difference should be his improved blocking skills. I sure hope so, anyway.
  22. I understand the concerns with Bradford staying healthy - but as far as production goes, if he's on the field he'll be a weekly Top-8 QB. Since Chip has taken over, every starting QB has been a quality fantasy option, even the Sanchise. Love him as a #2 QB with huge upside this year.
  23. Let's not forget - Gurley will have 6 games per year playing against the Arizona, Seattle, and San Fran run defenses.
  24. I generally try and stay away from WRs like Wallace, DJax, and VJax because of consistency. Yes, at the end of the year their stats will look good. But when you look at fantasy points on a game-by-game basis, it's something like 2, 22, 4, 16, 21, 3, 3 Too volatile for me as a high draft pick. Give me the consistent guy.