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  1. So I guess Ware's injury wasn't too serious since he came back in the game? Hate to root for injury but my team could really use one of these guys being the workhorse.
  2. My guess would be he was never actually diagnosed with a concussion? I really have no idea.
  3. Ok maybe someone else can tell me what's going on here.....just when I thought my lineups were all set. Brandin Cooks (concussion) was present for the part of practice open to the media on Friday. This is truly baffling. Thursday we heard Cooks had suffered a concussion. With the league's new protocol in place, it's almost impossible for someone to get cleared in 24 hours but it appears Cooks was able to do just that. Perhaps he never actually suffered a concussion. It will be interesting to see how Cooks is listed on Friday's injury report. Willie Snead and Ben Watson would both see a boost if Cooks can't play Sunday against Tampa Bay.Source: Mike Triplett on Twitter Dec 11 - 2:07 PM
  4. Just picked him up in both of my leagues, worth it especially in PPR IMO. If you have room, why not? With only a few weeks left there should be some room at the end of most teams' benches.
  5. Still mad at my Eagles for taking Jordan Matthews over him. They should've known, he played a couple hours away at Penn State. I graduated from there and he is easily the best WR I've ever seen since I've been watching. Really happy he's having a such a breakout year. I feel like he's still flying under the radar because he's down there in Jacksonville. If he played for the Giants, Cowgirls or Packers we'd be hearing about this guy constantly by now.
  6. Sorry guys, it's my fault he was awful, I started him last night for the first time in like 2 months. And to top it off, I went up against Richard freakin Rodgers to start my must-win week 13. Thanks to Fat Eddie I'm down 31-1 going into Sunday. #cursed
  7. Thoughts on Chris Boswell? He seems to be ranked really low everywhere, but here's his points in games he's played in: 6 15 7 4 11 10 10 So more games in double digits than under, and a pretty high floor so far. I've got Barth in there now but I don't feel great about it. All the "experts" have them both ranked pretty low, especially Barth.
  8. How are people feeling about starting Johnson this week against STL? Was happy to get him off waivers, but I'm not sure how I could put him in ahead of Martin, McFadden, and Lacy.
  9. Last week during the Eagles game I heard 2 different announcers, one on the radio and one on TV, question this because they obviously haven't been paying attention to Tampa Bay this year. Local Philly radio: "Yeah they seem to take Martin out and leave this guy Simms in for a while, I have no idea why." TV Announcer: "Doug Martin has not been seen for a while as Charles Sims has been on the field. Looks like Martin may be injured, stay tuned for an update." Clearly running for over 230 yards isn't enough to earn you the workhorse role these days.
  10. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports Rob Gronkowski (knee) is "unlikely to miss more than one game" and "may not even miss that." Reports on Gronk injury have mostly been positive, but this news is better than anyone could have hoped after the tight end was carted off the field Sunday night. It sounds like Gronkowski got good news from his MRI Monday morning, but the full results are not yet know. His status will continue to be updated throughout the week.Source: Ian Rapoport on Twitter Nov 30 - 11:23 AM Talk about best-case scenario!
  11. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports the "belief" is Marshawn Lynch is dealing with a sports hernia. Lynch is meeting with Dr. William Meyers in Philadelphia Monday to confirm the diagnosis. If Lynch does have a sports hernia, he will likely undergo surgery and be out for at least the rest of the regular season. Thomas Rawls rumbled for 255 total yards and two scores with Lynch out Sunday and will be the top waiver add this week if Lynch goes under the knife.Source: Ian Rapoport on Twitter Nov 23 - 8:07 AM
  12. This isn't the same Vikings defense as the ones that gave up a lot of yards to the Packers in the recent past. Nor is it the same Eddie Lacy that you wouldn't even think about benching.
  13. There's a good chance he will, as a 3rd stringer/practice squad guy when someone gets hurt. In other words, it won't matter. Dallas was the absolute ideal situation for him to be in. And here we are.
  14. FWIW, I'm starting Romo over Dalton in 2 different leagues. The red BB gun has been cooling off, unfortunately.
  15. This x1,000,000 If you get booted off of the Cowgirls for character issues, you have some serious problems. I am kind of sad this thread won't be as fun anymore though...
  16. I did too. Probably cost me the week. Maybe the season.
  17. Picked him up as a handcuff to McFadden, just let him go to grab a defense for the playoffs. I figure if(when) DMac goes down there's no reason to believe CMike will definitely have the starting job, and I have other RBs like Yeldon and Woodhead currently riding the pine just in case.
  18. Malcom Floyd might be averaging 25 yards per catch but that doesn't mean he's a better play than Julio Jones. Opportunity is everything in fantasy. Great example ... of something ? Which part is confusing? You pointed to yards per catch stats suggesting Lacy has been better than Starks. Yards per catch means nothing in fantasy football. PRODUCTION means everything. It's irrelevant if you think Lacy would do better with more opportunities. The point is he isn't getting them. Which should be the biggest red flag. If Lacy was playing so much better than Starks, the Packers would have him on the field more often.
  19. Malcom Floyd might be averaging 25 yards per catch but that doesn't mean he's a better play than Julio Jones. Opportunity is everything in fantasy.
  20. I'm not saying Starks is amazing or anything, all I know is this is what my bench looks like right now: Eddie Lacy: -1 point James Starks: 24.2 points This is a PPR league, and Eddie Lacy hasn't topped 20 points yet this season. That's all I need to know.
  21. From what I remember from last year, they like Bolden so much on special teams that they don't want to risk playing him at RB. White was the one who got the snaps when Lewis missed a game a few weeks back.
  22. This is true. But what's concerning to me is that Lacy just doesn't look good. It's not like he's averaging 5 yards per carry but just isn't getting enough touches. I admit I haven't been watching whole Packers games all year or anything, but the only play I can recall this year where he looked remotely good was that TD run against Denver last week.
  23. Eddie Lacy exited Week 9 against the Panthers with a groin injury. Lacy had been almost completely phased out of the offense after fumbling in the second quarter, but the injury knocked him out of the game for good. Lacy finished with just 10 yards on five carries, and he now has less than 50 yards rushing in all but two games this season. In a year of first-round busts, Lacy has been perhaps the most disappointing of all. Even if he plays this week, Lacy will be nothing more than a touchdown-or-bust RB3 against the Lions. Source: ESPN Nov 9 - 10:14 AM Take a week or two off Eddie...
  24. Gotta figure whatever happened at practice last week had him in the doghouse for last night's game.
  25. That thing with the chest-bumping a Seattle player definitely seems like a red flag. If you wanna catch up with your former teammates, talk to them after the game. We see that stuff all the time. But in the middle of a game? After YOU just screwed up?