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  1. Maybe they should be rallying against ####postings like this Huh? They're mad that the judge put them back in jail. Their "response" is an armed take over of a federal building. Doesn't really make much sense. Seems like they're just using that case as an excuse for their insanity at this point anyway.
  2. My favorite quote about Radiohead: "I can't wait till the new album comes out so I can hate it the first 5 or 6 times and then fall in love with it" I think that's usually how it goes to get into them as well. I always liked some of their stuff from OK Computer, but was never a big fan. Then when In Rainbows came out I was completely hooked. The best piece of advice I can give anyone for listening to Radiohead is: LISTEN ON HEADPHONES!!! Even after being a fan for years, I was completely blown away with how amazing they sound on a good set of headphones. There is a TON of stuff going on you would never hear normally.
  3. Boy I hope so! I have like 5 RB2s behind DWill so I've had a lot of tough decisions. I get the feeling I'd be crazy to sit West against Cleveland though. I'd love for Ware to be out, but I'm not sure I can sit him either way. Guy is a legit threat to take it to the house on any play.
  4. maybe because it's not official Isn't Adam Schefter famous because he tweets out rumors that aren't "official" yet?
  5. I wonder why Jaws had to retract the statement so quickly.
  6. Not to mention a guy spearing someone with their helmet doesn't really come off as a person who's scared of what the other team will do to them...
  7. Looks like I'll be stuck rolling with Cousins against my Eagles, or even Osweiller if I have to wait. Lost Dalton last week, didn't pick up another QB since I had Brees. As you would guess, the guy I'm playing in the finals picked up 2 QBs last night. (He already had Brady and Wilson)
  8. In regards to the finale stinking - If I remember correctly most seasons have been like this, where the 2nd to last episode is really the climax and the finale is just tying up loose ends and setting things up for the next season. Game of Thrones does it the same way. I was laughing when Carrie went back to her house at the end, I said to my wife "Hi honey, I'm home! All that crazy terrorist stuff is over now, so let's just forget that I'm a lunatic and go back to normal!!" And then, of course, that's exactly what she said pretty much verbatim.
  9. Obviously I'm being optimistic as an owner, but the same could've been said for the 2nd half of the game last week, yet he came back in, and played well. Also to my knowledge there isn't any risk that he's gonna make it worse, no matter what he should be fine for OTA's and all that. And as someone else said, the guy will do everything he can to play. He's the team captain, he leads by example. If he decides to sit out a "meaningless" game that he might be able to play in, what does that say to the rest of the team?
  10. Yeah I wouldn't mess with him in non-PPR. Donald Brown will still get the early-down work I imagine. Cut him a while back, not mad about it because he's way too risky to start in my 10-team standard league.
  11. This is my 6th year of having Brees in a keeper, and we haven't really run into this kind of situation before. I was really worried about that last night, because like you said they have nothing to play for. Hopefully it's a good sign that he went back out there in a game that didn't matter. Unfortunately for me, if he's starting I'll have to play with him and deal with the consequences. No way I could stomach Brees going off on my bench in the finals.
  12. Considering I lost Dalton last week and don't even have a backup rostered, I'm definitely worried right now. C'mon buddy, I just need you for one more week to help bring team SUCK BREES NUTZ another championship!
  13. Uggh I'm gonna have to start McFadden against the Jets now....and even worse they play Saturday night.
  14. Any updates on Ware's status? I haven't been able to find much about it at all this week thus far.
  15. Brown has also been a Seahawk for a while...Rotoworld is saying that Seattle already named Bryce the starter, FWIW. Whether that changes with the man, the myth, the legend C-Mike in the fold I have no idea.
  16. I wouldn't touch Diggs with a ten foot pole right now. Dropped him a few weeks ago, and that was a PPR league. He just doesn't get nearly enough looks to consider starting in a normal league, IMO.
  17. Just how hot is the temperature supposed to get? Short of turning Earth into a second Venus, what kind of likely-to-happen temperature change will humans be unable to adapt to? It's not necessarily that humans won't be able to adapt to the temperature change, it's more that our major cities will be under water and there will be huge food shortages with all the animal and plant life that doesn't survive. We live in an ecosystem with a delicate balance. When one factor is out of whack, it throws everything else off too.
  18. This is correct. Unfortunately for us while the Earth will be just fine, humans will no longer be able to live on it.
  19. Thanks, this makes sense. I know the Russian lady was trying to convince her the attack needed to go down, I guess I just thought when she did the whole shooting cover-up thing that she was trying to cover her A**. Anyone else just wanna throw that journalist chick out of a window?
  20. SPOILER ALERT! (If you haven't watched the most recent episode) I was glad that Saul called Allison out about her story, I kept saying that to my wife when the scene was going on. "So she's gonna convince everyone that this doctor got a hold of the big CIA dude's gun and then shot both of them, all while sitting in a chair?" Also she didn't even put his fingerprints on the gun or anything, unless I missed it. The other thing I was wondering about last night: Allison's phony tip At first I thought she was giving a real tip so that she could look like the hero and get under everyone's good graces again. Did she give the fake tip because she was scared of what the Russians would do to her? I know she's mostly just trying to cover herself at this point. Would love to hear what everyone thinks! I agree this season has been a lot better than the last few.
  21. So I guess Ware's injury wasn't too serious since he came back in the game? Hate to root for injury but my team could really use one of these guys being the workhorse.
  22. My guess would be he was never actually diagnosed with a concussion? I really have no idea.
  23. Ok maybe someone else can tell me what's going on here.....just when I thought my lineups were all set. Brandin Cooks (concussion) was present for the part of practice open to the media on Friday. This is truly baffling. Thursday we heard Cooks had suffered a concussion. With the league's new protocol in place, it's almost impossible for someone to get cleared in 24 hours but it appears Cooks was able to do just that. Perhaps he never actually suffered a concussion. It will be interesting to see how Cooks is listed on Friday's injury report. Willie Snead and Ben Watson would both see a boost if Cooks can't play Sunday against Tampa Bay.Source: Mike Triplett on Twitter Dec 11 - 2:07 PM
  24. Still mad at my Eagles for taking Jordan Matthews over him. They should've known, he played a couple hours away at Penn State. I graduated from there and he is easily the best WR I've ever seen since I've been watching. Really happy he's having a such a breakout year. I feel like he's still flying under the radar because he's down there in Jacksonville. If he played for the Giants, Cowgirls or Packers we'd be hearing about this guy constantly by now.
  25. Sorry guys, it's my fault he was awful, I started him last night for the first time in like 2 months. And to top it off, I went up against Richard freakin Rodgers to start my must-win week 13. Thanks to Fat Eddie I'm down 31-1 going into Sunday. #cursed