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  1. Exactly. It's admitting a mistake and settling for average. It would be like bring Foles back. For what? He's already proven to be average. Is that what we're striving for? Well, if Bradford was a mistake then that's exactly what they should do. These guys are already getting paid what they're getting paid, so you should put the best players out there. Foles is irrelevant. If Sanchez gives them a better chance to win, he should be the starter. Now, I understand if you still think Bradford just needs more time to improve. I hope that's the case, but Bradford has done NOTHING to seal up the starting job so far this season. How many more picks does he need to throw in the endzone for them to give Sanchez a shot and see what he can do?
  2. I've been as big of a Bradford supporter as anyone, but I'm starting to agree. We won in spite of Bradford last night. He was terrible. If the defense keeps playing that well we might not need an all-world QB to do some damage. And I think with Sanchez this offense is at the very least decent.
  3. Grrrr.... Someone dropped Michael when waivers ran last Wednesday, I put in a claim for him. Turns out the Commish messed up the settings on CBS for the 2nd year in a row, and it won't you add anyone that's been dropped until the following week. I let the commish know and he thought he changed it Thursday, but it still didn't work. Of course the Commish and I have the 2 best teams and he knows I need a RB... something tells me I won't be lucky enough to get him when waivers run tomorrow night.
  4. From what I've seen he's getting a lot of targets, which is a positive. Brees and the passing game is starting to come around as well, so hopefully he starts producing more. Just traded Emmanuel Sanders today and Amari is on the bye, so I'm gonna have to hold my breath and start him tonight.
  5. Dropped Hillman for him in my keeper league that keeps 2 Vets and 1 Rookie each year. I figure the potential for next year alone probably makes him worthy of a roster spot in that league.
  6. Seems kind of short-sighted for these guys to give up their integrity like that. I understand they're being paid by these companies, but if no one trusts what they say anymore, people will stop listening/subscribing or whatever, and the DK and FD sponsorships will be soon to follow.
  7. DFS is without a doubt gambling. They just used a loophole to act like it's a "sweepstakes", which we all know is BS. Yes, just like poker, there is skill involved but it doesn't change the fact that it's gambling. Regular fantasy will be fine though, because people don't do their league buy-ins through ESPN, CBS, or Yahoo, they do it themselves. If DFS is gambling, so is regular fantasy. I've played at CBS for years in public leagues where the buy-ins are over $1000. There are other sites where the buy-ins are much higher. The difference is the frequency and the size of the pond you're swimming in. This is true, I guess my point was that CBS, ESPN, etc CAN offer fantasy football for free and still run a profitable operation. Can't say the same for DFS sites.
  8. DFS is without a doubt gambling. They just used a loophole to act like it's a "sweepstakes", which we all know is BS. Yes, just like poker, there is skill involved but it doesn't change the fact that it's gambling. Regular fantasy will be fine though, because people don't do their league buy-ins through ESPN, CBS, or Yahoo, they do it themselves.
  9. My guess is the bolded above is what will keep regular fantasy sites and bball pools going. CBS, ESPN, etc can call claim they simply offer a free fantasy game and they have no control if people decide to "bet on it" on their own or not. DFS cannot say the same.
  10. Justify what? I dont even know what this statement means. He's saying that they wouldn't be able to justify the notion that DFS is a "skill game" and therefore not gambling.
  11. Yeah, DK employee releases ownership numbers early, happens to get EXTREMELY lucky that same week and wins $350,000 on FD. Nothing to see here.
  12. Yeah, they were bad. Just not nearly as bad as they were for the first 2 games this season. I don't think I've ever seen ANY o-line play as badly as they did against Dallas. For a point of reference in regards to using PFF stats: Aaron Rodgers, who went 24-for-35 for 333 yards, 5 TDs and 0 INTs, was given a -0.8 rating from PFF for his performance last night.
  13. The line was nowhere near as bad last year as it was for the first 2 games of this season. You shouldn't need PFF to tell you that. Anyone with a pair of eyes could see it.
  14. Yeah it's really too bad we got rid of Nick Foles, dude is setting the world on fire over in St. Louis. Would still rather have the potential of Bradford than Foles....that said it's just about time for him to put up or shut up. Hard to tell how much of it is him and how much is the awful line play, as we all know they go hand-in-hand. But if the line can keep improving along with the running game, Bradford should start to look much better.
  15. How does the coaching staff not see what the rest of us see - that AA is a threat every time he touches the ball while Joique Bell runs into the line and falls down every time he touches the ball I understand I'm biased as an owner, but it could not be any clearer last night.
  16. Well, that's why Ertz has huge upside. IF he can get on the field more, he could be a monster. His receiving ability is not in question. It's just opportunity.This seems like the best backfield Chip has ever had and he'll finally be able to run as often as he's wanted. I think the opportunity for Ertz is actually less than last year. Well, the difference should be his improved blocking skills. I sure hope so, anyway.
  17. I understand the concerns with Bradford staying healthy - but as far as production goes, if he's on the field he'll be a weekly Top-8 QB. Since Chip has taken over, every starting QB has been a quality fantasy option, even the Sanchise. Love him as a #2 QB with huge upside this year.
  18. I must be missing something here...why would a coach have to be in great shape again?
  19. Every word out of McCoy's mouth since he left the team has made it easier to let him go. "Chip Kelly doesn't like good black players. Which is why he traded me and signed another black RB, Demarco Murray, last season's leading rusher in the NFL."
  20. So funny how many people still think Chip is clueless...there were a lot of those when he left Oregon, too. Has he been perfect every step of the way? No. But he turned a 4-12 team into two 10-6 teams, while fielding the #2 offense in the NFL over the last 2 seasons behind only the Broncos. Trying to act like he is "clueless" is simply being ignorant of the facts. Despite all the shocking moves, I think we are looking at a better team than what we went into last season with. And hopefully some potential starters on D to come between tonight and tomorrow.
  21. Let's not forget - Gurley will have 6 games per year playing against the Arizona, Seattle, and San Fran run defenses.
  22. Gotta give up something to get something. I too wish we could stay at 20 and still get mariota but that's obviously not happening. If we don't want to mortgage our team, and you want to keep cox, then its going to cost us quite a few picks. If Chip pulls this off tonight I'm going to be very impressed. Yeah I should have made it more clear, I would rather deal Cox/Kenricks/Boykin than give up a bunch of draft picks. (In addition to the assumed 2 1sts we will have this year) Love Cox and Kendricks, but if they don't have to mortgage future drafts to get it done I think you have to try and pull it off.
  23. Well, say what you will about Sam Bradford, but one thing is certain: If he goes to the Browns he is far and away the best QB on the team
  24. I really hope they make it happen. As long as they don't have to mortgage this and/or next years' drafts, I'm on board. Man, this is gonna be a looooooooooong day.