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  1. Especially since each move is a downgrade. No one is a downgrade from Manziel, especially someone that hasn't played a down in the NFL yet. I mean, I know none of them are Kirk Cousins, but I'd be happy to settle for Mariota personally.
  2. I don't buy the Manziel report unless it's soley to use him as trade bait. (is he worth anything right now?) As others have said, Chip could've had Manziel last year. And after his 2014 season, he is pretty much the farthest thing from being a "Chip" guy. We ship divas out of town, not in.
  3. Bleacher Report's Jason Cole reports the Eagles are not interested in trading for Johnny Manziel. A rumor hit the internets earlier this week that had the Eagles and Browns talking about a deal that would send Manziel plus draft picks to Philadelphia for Sam Bradford. Cole doesn't deny that the two teams have been talking, but says the discussions have centered around the Eagles wanting to acquire the Browns' first-round picks in an effort to move up in the draft for Marcus Mariota.Related: Eagles Source: Bleacher Report Apr 8 - 1:41 PM
  4. #12 + #20 + Kendricks + Manziel ----> #2 (Mariota) Still feel like that wouldn't get it done...
  5. I generally try and stay away from WRs like Wallace, DJax, and VJax because of consistency. Yes, at the end of the year their stats will look good. But when you look at fantasy points on a game-by-game basis, it's something like 2, 22, 4, 16, 21, 3, 3 Too volatile for me as a high draft pick. Give me the consistent guy.
  6. That'd be pretty cold blooded since they're parading Bradford around like he's the franchise. Mariota is out my friends unless he falls to 20 and he's the 3rd string for a year or two. Well obviously we don't know what will happen, but it's not like the Eagles could act any different in regards to Bradford regardless of the situation. What else are they gonna say?" We thought Sam was a really good piece to have to try and trade for the quarterback we really want. We're thrilled to have Sam Bradford here."
  7. Gonna be so funny when we sign DeMarco and then get Marcus Mariota in the draft. All these cockaroaches will myseriously dissappear like they always do.
  8. Good post. He showed this many times at Oregon, pretty sure he made it all the way to the national championship with a backup QB. As I said in either this thread or another, I trust Chip to have a good offense with mediocre talent a lot more than I trust the defense to improve with the mediocre talent we had there in 2014.
  9. Ok, I was shocked and sick to my stomach when I heard the news just like everyone else - But at least when he WAS actually healthy, Bradford has played pretty well, no? Sure seems like NFL GMs have a much higher opinion of him than the public. Trying my best to be optomistic over here...
  10. This would certainly bring a lot of people down from the Walt Whitman. Hard to even imagine having a corner like Revis after the last few seasons.
  11. IMHO if its a QB its Bryce Petty Gurley RB is pretty much the last position I would expect them to draft in the 1st round.
  12. Wow that's unbelievable. I guess in Buffalo you have the anti-Chip thing going on. Invest everything you have in RB and WR, then worry about QB and O-line later.
  13. This is exactly where I'm at. IMO, Chip has proven that his offense works in the NFL and is not merely a "gimmick". Now he has full control, and he's obviously using it which is good. For better or worse, let's see what we have in Chip. It may work, it may not, but he should be given the chance to find out with the team he wants.
  14. No doubt we need a lot more help in the secondary, and I agree there's very little chance Suh lands in Philly. That said, the guy is a Top 5 defensive player in the league. Any team would be happy to have him (assuming they can make it work), regardless of who they already have on the d-line.
  15. Considering the defense is almost certainly more than a year away from making us a serious contender, I don't have a problem with starting Mariota week 1. I'm hoping the reports of him falling are true, and it's certainly not outside the realm of possibility. Read-option or running QBs are going out of style fast, and I imagine a lot of teams wouldn't see him as a good fit or as too big of a risk. I'll admit I was a Foles believer after 2013, but he didn't look good at all in 2014. Very skittish back there. I still think he can be a servicable NFL QB, but I don't know if he's the guy that gets you a ring.
  16. Yeah, why would we want anyone from the Super Bowl Champs who are about to play at home in the NFC Championship? I agree, that would be really stupid.
  17. I understand that Mariota is fun to think about and has the Oregon connection and all that, but let's face it: Even if the Eagles were somehow able to pull off the trade to get him, AND he turns out to be a great QB, they still have a horrible defense and fewer draft picks to improve it. I don't care how good our offense is, we're not competing with the top teams until we fix the defense.
  18. Can you imagine if you worked in management for the Bills? Trading away 3 #1 Draft Picks to move up a few spots to grab Watkins, instead of having to settle for Mike Evans or god forbid, Odell Beckham.
  19. Yep, I cut him last night as EVERY piece of news said he was most likely done for the year. Uggh.
  20. I like Kelce and all, but no need to get crazy. If anything, hope he has a great game and maybe you can deal him before your trade deadline. Trade deadline is tomorrow, bro. While there's only a couple VOLUME + TD elite TEs, there are plenty of VOLUME (Olsen, Black Unicorn) or TD (Julius, Gates, Allen) TEs. That's two-thirds of the league. What does Kelce offer that differentiates him from a FF perspective? He's low volume and has, what, 5 4 TDs? Nice but nothing to pay a premium to acquire. Tough finding a trade partner to move Travis. Dude is a great athlete and has tremendous upside. But this year he was late round flyer who turned into a low end TE1. What can you get for that? Somebody who will function as your RB/WR 4? I'd rather hold as my expensive insurance policy to JT. Depth doesn't win championships, but I've had a hard time moving Kelce despite sending out many offers. Was just a suggestion, as personally I wouldn't start anyone over Thomas not names Graham or Gronk. I have Kelce also in a league that I own Graham, so he is wasting away on my bench as well. I figure at the very least if he does blow up, I'm not gonna be playing against him come playoff time.
  21. I like Kelce and all, but no need to get crazy. If anything, hope he has a great game and maybe you can deal him before your trade deadline.
  22. I would be really surprised to find out Belicheck cares in the slightest about getting Gronk a TD instead of someone else or getting to 100 yards - I mean unless maybe he has him on his fantasy team. I think he just wants to win and doesn't care how it gets done, there's a reason the Pats are always at the top of the standings....
  23. This is my first year ever having Gronk, and man is it paying dividends. I play in a keeper league that keeps 2 Veterans and 1 Rookie each year. Came into the season with Brees, Graham, and Le'Veon. Drafted Gronk with my 1st pick, 9th out of 10. Gonna be some tough decisions to make come next August... I got my fiance to draft Gronk with the last pick in the 3rd in a 12-team PPR league. As she likes to say, GRONK EATS PEOPLE