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  1. Bradford is the only first round bust at QB, that doesn't face any heat from his team's fan-base, in fact they have always and continue to make excuses for him. For a terrible QB (ETA: "terrible is probably too harsh, damn now I'm making excuses for him) he sure lives a charmed life from the viewpoint of not facing the ire of his teams' fans like all other bust QBs have. Ummmm...not facing the ire of his team's fans? How many decades has it been since you've spent time in the Philadelphia area?
  2. Yep this^^. I grabbed him off waivers for a $0 bid last week in a FF league filled with Vikings fans, and started him in place of John Brown his week. Dude I beat using Diggs is a huge Vikings fan. This forum rules. x3! This forum is great for finding out about guys a week before everyone else does. Was happily surprised I was able to snag him in both of the leagues I tried for him in. Didn't have high waiver priority in either. Was hurting for WRs in one PPR league where you start 3 WRs and a flex, had Beckham but then totally crapped the bed on Andre Johnson and Charles Johnson. Flipped Gates and Dion Lewis for JULIO last week, and added Diggs. Now have Julio, Beckham, and Diggs at WR with Gronk at TE
  3. This is genuinely my biggest concern about the state of this team right now. One of the reasons I was so high on the Kelly hiring was the offensive creativity he brought to the table. He reminded me of a mad scientist at Oregon - always tinkering, tweaking, trying something new - and you could see that same sort of attitude in the Eagles in year 1 of his tenure. That's completely gone now. I thought when he got the GM title and brought in his own guys it'd be back to Mad Scientist mode, but instead it's gone from the most creative offense in the NFL to its least creative. Either it's because NFL HCs and DCs have made adjustments and Chip hasn't figured out how to counter-adjust, or it's because his skill-position guys are so limited that Chip's been forced to dumb the playcalling down almost to high-school levels to get it to work at all. I'm not sure which explanation is more damning. Was kind of dissapointing to hear Chip talk on WIP this morning...."now that you're at the bye week, are you looking at shaking things up and making any big changes?" "No." He seems thoroughly convinced that the plan is perfect, it's just a matter of his WRs, O-line, or whoever not executing said perfect plan. I really wish they had drafted Allen Robinson over Matthews like I wanted. (PSU alum) Every week is another TD for ARob and a few more drops for Matthews.
  4. lol, give it a break Cons. The war is over. You lost. Time to move on.
  5. Grrrr.... Someone dropped Michael when waivers ran last Wednesday, I put in a claim for him. Turns out the Commish messed up the settings on CBS for the 2nd year in a row, and it won't you add anyone that's been dropped until the following week. I let the commish know and he thought he changed it Thursday, but it still didn't work. Of course the Commish and I have the 2 best teams and he knows I need a RB... something tells me I won't be lucky enough to get him when waivers run tomorrow night.
  6. From what I've seen he's getting a lot of targets, which is a positive. Brees and the passing game is starting to come around as well, so hopefully he starts producing more. Just traded Emmanuel Sanders today and Amari is on the bye, so I'm gonna have to hold my breath and start him tonight.
  7. Dropped Hillman for him in my keeper league that keeps 2 Vets and 1 Rookie each year. I figure the potential for next year alone probably makes him worthy of a roster spot in that league.
  8. How does the coaching staff not see what the rest of us see - that AA is a threat every time he touches the ball while Joique Bell runs into the line and falls down every time he touches the ball I understand I'm biased as an owner, but it could not be any clearer last night.
  9. Well, that's why Ertz has huge upside. IF he can get on the field more, he could be a monster. His receiving ability is not in question. It's just opportunity.This seems like the best backfield Chip has ever had and he'll finally be able to run as often as he's wanted. I think the opportunity for Ertz is actually less than last year. Well, the difference should be his improved blocking skills. I sure hope so, anyway.
  10. I understand the concerns with Bradford staying healthy - but as far as production goes, if he's on the field he'll be a weekly Top-8 QB. Since Chip has taken over, every starting QB has been a quality fantasy option, even the Sanchise. Love him as a #2 QB with huge upside this year.
  11. I must be missing something here...why would a coach have to be in great shape again?
  12. So funny how many people still think Chip is clueless...there were a lot of those when he left Oregon, too. Has he been perfect every step of the way? No. But he turned a 4-12 team into two 10-6 teams, while fielding the #2 offense in the NFL over the last 2 seasons behind only the Broncos. Trying to act like he is "clueless" is simply being ignorant of the facts. Despite all the shocking moves, I think we are looking at a better team than what we went into last season with. And hopefully some potential starters on D to come between tonight and tomorrow.
  13. Let's not forget - Gurley will have 6 games per year playing against the Arizona, Seattle, and San Fran run defenses.
  14. I generally try and stay away from WRs like Wallace, DJax, and VJax because of consistency. Yes, at the end of the year their stats will look good. But when you look at fantasy points on a game-by-game basis, it's something like 2, 22, 4, 16, 21, 3, 3 Too volatile for me as a high draft pick. Give me the consistent guy.
  15. Can you imagine if you worked in management for the Bills? Trading away 3 #1 Draft Picks to move up a few spots to grab Watkins, instead of having to settle for Mike Evans or god forbid, Odell Beckham.
  16. Yep, I cut him last night as EVERY piece of news said he was most likely done for the year. Uggh.
  17. I like Kelce and all, but no need to get crazy. If anything, hope he has a great game and maybe you can deal him before your trade deadline. Trade deadline is tomorrow, bro. While there's only a couple VOLUME + TD elite TEs, there are plenty of VOLUME (Olsen, Black Unicorn) or TD (Julius, Gates, Allen) TEs. That's two-thirds of the league. What does Kelce offer that differentiates him from a FF perspective? He's low volume and has, what, 5 4 TDs? Nice but nothing to pay a premium to acquire. Tough finding a trade partner to move Travis. Dude is a great athlete and has tremendous upside. But this year he was late round flyer who turned into a low end TE1. What can you get for that? Somebody who will function as your RB/WR 4? I'd rather hold as my expensive insurance policy to JT. Depth doesn't win championships, but I've had a hard time moving Kelce despite sending out many offers. Was just a suggestion, as personally I wouldn't start anyone over Thomas not names Graham or Gronk. I have Kelce also in a league that I own Graham, so he is wasting away on my bench as well. I figure at the very least if he does blow up, I'm not gonna be playing against him come playoff time.
  18. I like Kelce and all, but no need to get crazy. If anything, hope he has a great game and maybe you can deal him before your trade deadline.
  19. I would be really surprised to find out Belicheck cares in the slightest about getting Gronk a TD instead of someone else or getting to 100 yards - I mean unless maybe he has him on his fantasy team. I think he just wants to win and doesn't care how it gets done, there's a reason the Pats are always at the top of the standings....
  20. This is my first year ever having Gronk, and man is it paying dividends. I play in a keeper league that keeps 2 Veterans and 1 Rookie each year. Came into the season with Brees, Graham, and Le'Veon. Drafted Gronk with my 1st pick, 9th out of 10. Gonna be some tough decisions to make come next August... I got my fiance to draft Gronk with the last pick in the 3rd in a 12-team PPR league. As she likes to say, GRONK EATS PEOPLE
  21. Funny, I happened to grab Big Ben last Sunday morning before his big game; I have Brady on the bye this week and loved Ben's matchup with the Jets. Now maybe I'll be able to get something for him in trade, though I have no clue how much people would be willing to give up after the last 2 weeks.
  22. I own Gordon and can't wait to start him week 12, but this is a stretch imo unless you're playing in a 2-QB or 16 team league.
  23. Man, if Jimmy can just get back to full health my evil plan to dominate my league with Gronk and Graham on the same team might actually come to fruition. Played Jimmy last week as well as last night.