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  1. Great post. As a Penn State fan who watched every minute he played in college, I completely agree. Happy with Jordan Matthews, but I wanted my Eagles to draft Robinson. Guy came out of nowhere to lead the Big10 in receiving 2 years in a row. He had over 1,400 yards and 97 catches in COLLEGE last year, and would still be a senior this year if he didn't leave for the NFL. He may not be the fastest guy, but he can beat people in space and above all is RELIABLE. If Penn State was down and needed to throw a lot, they could throw it to him almost every time, and he'd always make the play. I realize I'm a biased homer, but I think he's gonna be the real deal.
  2. So bitter I could've picked this kid up a few weeks and instead got enamored with Jordan Matthews. (Eagles fan here) Just didn't have the patience... This may have been discussed, but is AP expected back in Minn next year? I'm in a league that keeps 2 Vets and 1 Rookie each season so having a stud rookie RB can be huge. (My rookie keeper from last year is Le'Veon In this league I start 2 RBs and have Bell, Gore, and Jeremy Hill so I'm more interested in what his prospects are for 2015 and beyond.
  3. So I'm in a keeper league (not dynasty), but we keep 2 Vets and 1 Rookie each year. Already have Brandin Cooks, so I am considering dropping Jordan Matthews for McKinnon. I have the last shot at waivers this week but I think unless they announce a suspension for AP tonight I should be able to get him. Seems weird to me how silent the NFL has been on AP thus far, and with the Governor of Minn calling out the Vikings among others, I think there's a good chance he ends up missing a bunch of games/ rest of the season. So, is he worth the stash? Wouldn't be getting him for immediate help of course, more the possibility of helping later in the year or possibly next season. Thanks!
  4. As someone who had Bell last year and is using him as my rookie keeper, the Blount news doesn't really bother me. One of the best things about Bell is his consistency, and I think when you include receptions he is going to get a ton of touches again. While Bell certainly didn't set the world on fire last year, he was pretty much a lock for at the least 80-100 total yards per game. With all the RBBC's these days, that kind of consistency is rare.