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  1. "Ice Town costs Ice Clown his Town Crown" ...they were really big on rhymes.
  2. I guess none of us should be surprised that Trump uses his time talking to foreign leaders to help himself first and foremost. Great line I saw on the internet somewhere recently: "Trump still hasn't been found guilty of colluding with the American people."
  3. Funny how in less than a week this statement became completely and utterly laughable. Yeah, this is all good for Trump.
  4. Feel like it's been pointed out to you numerous times now that asking a foreign government to help you win an election is illegal.
  5. Donald J. Trump You cannot judge my Stock Market performance since the Inauguration, which was very good, but only from the day after the big Election Win, which was spectacular due to the euphoria of getting Obama/Biden OUT, & getting Trump/Pence IN. WentI up BIG between Nov. 9 & Inauguration! Well at least he's just flat-out saying it now.
  6. Funny, stating something is "100% false" kinda makes it seem like you've already made up your mind.
  7. See, I should've known. Those pesky Democrats made him break the law and then release a transcript detailing how he broke the law!
  8. Aren't you the guy who's waiting for the facts to come out before making any judgement?
  9. Why would this matter? I thought what Trump did was perfectly fine?
  10. Funny how no matter what Trump does, we should blame everyone else but him.
  11. The speaker of the house, who had previously denied all calls for impeachment believes it is and has actually gone for it. You don't impeach because you're sure you will get him removed, you impeach him because he has committed "high crimes and misdemeanors", and to keep our democracy intact. Unless you're arguing the President should be above the law?
  13. It's almost as if, similar to Hillary Clinton, they are willingly ignoring this fact because it deflects from Trump's wrongdoings. Here's an idea, no matter what party they're in, if they broke the law, prosecute them!
  14. Yeah, that's what Trump was doing. He was trying to make sure justice was being served. Had nothing to do with the fact that the subject just happens to be the Democratic frontrunner in 2020. Like seriously, who do you think you're fooling with this nonsense? So disingenuous.
  15. @realDonaldTrump #FakeWhistleblower
  16. Funny, you wouldn't think "non-Trump supporters" would be desperately bending over backwards to try and defend him and excuse his obvious crimes, but here we are.
  17. Seems like a solid reason to commit an impeachable offense!
  18. No, it really doesn't. We have our own agencies who investigate these sort of things.
  19. Thanks for your input, just about to pull the trigger!! I’m so gun shy on trades lol
  20. I’d be the one getting Thomas. Guess that means I should probably take it huh?
  21. I mean I'm not high on Gus or anything but sure, Jackson is now back to being a 3rd stringer and he's injured right now. If you don't mind:
  22. I'd absolutely be starting McCoy, just saw Damien Williams isn't practicing today so he's most likely out again this week. Gallman will get volume, but Shady has much more upside.