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  1. I feel like a few simple google searches would help you feel a lot less lost in these discussions.
  2. I'd like to ask the OP: @TripItUp If Americans were "overestimating" the severity of COVID, how come we have less than 5% of the world's population and 25% of the deaths? If we were overestimating the severity, wouldn't we have less deaths? How do you square that?
  3. Treatments of the disease improved, such as using remdesivir. Not standards.
  4. Yes, by not instantly knowing how to cure a brand-new virus, the medical community contributed to the death count. You're trying way too hard my man.
  5. Make no mistake - this is the official WH strategy Lie until there's no tomorrow and call FAKE NEWS! when you get called out about it.
  6. Funny how the debt seems to matter/not matter depending on who is in the WH. This isn't directed at you entirely - I see it all the time.
  7. Trump has been an abject failure regarding COVID. There's no need to do all that pretzel twisting. It's common knowledge at this point.
  8. This is just such a weird statement to make right now.
  9. Wait, is it not normal for a US President to claim a worldwide pandemic is really just a smear campaign against him?
  10. I believe it was in response to this post of yours? I think the point he was making is that women of color certainly aren't "insulted" by the Harris pick. Yes, people tend to vote for people they feel represent them and their values. Yes, picking a woman of color is saying that the Democrats want to relate to women and people of color. I don't see how that's a bad thing.
  11. She's an African American woman. You don't understand why she or any woman of color would be happy about this? Blame Democrats for their motives all you like. Not their fault that the GOP has never nominated a person of color for Prez or VP. Gotta sleep in the bed you made and all that I guess.
  12. Funny, you didn't seem to have a problem with "shoe horning" an old white Christian male into that role for the past few hundred years. Why all the outrage now?
  13. I don't think comparing Obama and Trump's intelligence is really a road you really wanna go down.
  14. Sorry, but there's literally no way you could know that. It's your opinion. Let's stick with the facts. The fact is that we have more resources than anyone, and still managed to fail worse than basically anyone.
  15. Sorry, but this whole "we couldn't have done better" idea is completely obliterated by looking at the rest of the civilized world. We're still the richest, most powerful country in the history of the world. There's no reason we couldn't do at least as well as others with less resources have done.
  16. Thing is, every county has 0 cases, until they don't.
  17. Trump finally tweeted about it: Feels like he may have left something out.
  18. It's one thing to think that way at the beginning. But 150,000 dead Americans later, and we're still hearing the same crap. I really don't get it. Like, what's the number? How many people have to die?
  19. I was kinda surprised I didn't see a I started one.
  20. Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has died after being hospitalized with the coronavirus Guy tweeted out an anti-mask message the day before the Trump Tulsa rally. With Gohmert also testing positive, will this move the needle on taking this thing seriously?
  21. Let's see what came out today: Worst GDP numbers EVER Hermain Cain dead from COVID Yeah, this was a well-timed distraction tweet.
  22. He also tweeted out an anti-mask message the day before the Tulsa rally, which has since been deleted. No tweet from Trump yet? Gee I wonder why. Facts and science don't care about our political affiliations people!!