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  1. I know he was on my radar as soon as the Bears drafted him. I remember a lot of fans wondering why they drafted another RB but once I saw what he could do I was excited for the possibilities.
  2. I'd rather just group them in with WRs since the only TEs that are fantasy relevant get used as WRs on their team most times.
  3. Call Howard and Cohen phenomenal yet say Pace is a bum because of the Glennon signing. Those were all Pace moves and you have to take the bad with the good. No GM has ever hit on every move they made.
  4. Because TEs are an intricate part of fantasy football and even though only about two seem to be relevant each week it takes a really smart owner to know which blah, blah, blah, blah.... I hate the position too. I stressed over who to start all morning and just stuck with Clay after he laid a turd last week. Luckily it paid off.
  5. I disagree. I still think Cohen could be a reason they win a game. He's special.
  6. The WRs held the title for most drops and worst group in the NFL.
  7. I feel sooooo stupid starting him over Dalvin Cook today.
  8. Should've been over before that anyway. Great win for the Bears. I said I'd very happy if they came out with one win after the first four games and they did it.
  9. Howard fans rejoice!
  10. They almost had to call him out because if they said he was in they still had to place the ball there because the play was called dead at that point.
  11. Refs just screwed the Bears there.
  12. Glennon is really bad.
  13. Landed on his shoulder the one play. Obviously still sore but he's doing well.
  14. Bears D has looked pretty good overall. If they could just get some better QB play with WRs who catch the ball consistently then it's not a bad team.