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  1. As long as they allow it, yes. As long as they are not obviously discriminating against someone they can do it. Businesses have rights as well.
  2. They can ask someone to leave any time they want really. They reserve the right to ask any customer to leave.
  3. The only way I see him not finishing is if he resigns. Nothing will be done with him otherwise.
  4. Why are you quoting me on this one?
  5. Lucille was pretty much just used to kill walkers and get all mucked up by their insides. They sure liked making us think he was going to bash in some skulls with her a few times though.
  6. I didn't say he was correct, just clarifying what point he was trying to make. At close range being drunk isn't going to affect aim enough to make a difference but at a further distance it certainly should.
  7. I think he just meant it's harder to aim accurately when drunk which should make it harder to kill more people with a gun. Not so much in general.
  8. From what I read that woman did not drive off a cliff because she was drunk. Sounded like she purposely drove off that cliff and just happened to be under the influence as well.
  9. You are correct that they can not set unequal parameters but that can be hard to prove. If the business tells a customer that they want them to leave so paying customers can sit then they have that right to make them leave. Once a person refuses to leave it is then trespassing.
  10. I always thought Eugene was still one of the good guys and would help them win. That being said I was really starting to doubt myself the last two episodes and thought he was as good as gone. Eugene sabotaging their guns was my favorite part of the episode. He's always been one of my favorite characters because he's so odd.
  11. I love stories like that. It's one of the things that makes fishing so great. I haven't been on my kayak yet this year and was going to Friday since it was suppose to be in the 50s. It ended up being in the low 40's with 30 mph winds then it snowed the last two days. I hate this Spring. I think I had been out on my kayak about 5 times at this point last year.
  12. I wonder if they will "show them" by letting Negan go once healthy to see if he goes back to his old ways. I can't imagine they would kill or harm Rick and Michonne but it feels like they went out of their way to make us think that. Crappy writing as always.
  13. I thought maybe you understood why the comparison was wrong and were continuing to do it as shtick but apparently not. I don't know how you continue to believe it's a good opinion when it's basically been factually proven to be wrong. Since there is nothing more that can change your mind I will stop disputing it then.
  14. A thank you for what? You don't even have to admit that it was a terrible comparison, just stop using it.
  15. Mostly to help you see that your comparison wasn't helping so you would stop using it but I see it's not working regardless of the facts you've been given.