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  1. I believe that some QBs may have done better like McCown did but not many QBs were going to win them a championship. They just had too many problems.
  2. You're right. I misread it and thought it said he would replace Alshon and White but he meant replace Alshon WITH White. This makes much more sense.
  3. He's done alright in Cleveland. If he was good enough he'd be the starter there but he just never does well enough to keep a starting job. He's a fantastic back up QB though. I've always liked the guy.
  4. I think George Kittle could be a big sleeper in the draft. He's the best blocking TE and can still catch. He dropped off the radar after a lackluster passing offense from Iowa last year.
  5. I didn't call anyone names. I called the idea/comment dumb. There's a difference. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I'm entitled to criticize opinions if I feel they are very wrong. If he wants to back up his opinion then I hope he does because I will admit that I'm wrong if he proves his point. As of know it's a terrible idea.
  6. The OL can be built up a little more but it's not an issue right now. Their OL performed well last year and should do even better this year. The RBs are in fine shape too. The major issue is getting a competent QB to start and a rookie to develop for the future. As for the WRs, it doesn't matter if the QB has time to throw if they can't catch the ball. Last year they had WAY too many drops.
  7. Josh McCown is a back up QB and he's proved it numerous times. The main reason he looked so good with the Bears is because of the WRs he had. McCown would just chuck it up for them to grab. Cutler's problem has never been a lack of skills but a lack of good decision making. He's always turned the ball over way too much and taken too many sacks. He knows he has a strong arm and seems to be overconfident too often and forces the ball into coverage. He holds on to the ball way too long in the pocket which led to a ton of sacks and fumbles. If Cutler could have just played smarter he would have been pretty damn good. He has skills that not many QBs have.
  8. Everything I've been hearing is that no teams will be interested in trading for him and that he'll be released. If he doesn't get a good offer from a team he wants to go to or isn't brought in to be the starter it's likely that he retires.
  9. Sucks but it's time to move on. It's sad that the Bears couldn't win any more with him.
  10. Then why watch or even cheer for the Bears if that's how you truly feel? What has to be done to change your mind? New owners?
  11. The Bears are now "officially" shopping Cutler. Hopefully they can find a team willing to trade for him. Some will say that teams won't trade because they can just wait for the Bears to release him but it may be smarter for them to trade. If a team trades for Cutler they also acquire his very friendly contract which goes through 2020 and doesn't guarantee him any more money. The only issue with that is Cutler has some control over where he goes since he could refuse to play or just retire without having to pay back any money. It's going to be very interesting what happens here. Hopefully they can manage to get a late round draft pick at least.
  12. That's actually an example of a player being consistent. I'd love having a guy on my team knowing he's going to score 30 points every other week. I'd start him those weeks and sit him the opposite weeks.
  13. If I can have a team where each player averages 15 points a game I'd be very happy.
  14. Just lots and lots of young players they've drafted the last couple years. I think they had like 26 draft picks just in the last two years.
  15. On top of what I said before they should probably work to improve their entire defense as well. Wouldn't hurt to get better on special teams too. Goo thing they have a lot of money because they need a lot of help.