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  1. He was using sarcasm. Basically saying "Oh my goodness, not jay walking!" in a very sarcastic tone.
  2. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood has good reviews and is only $20 but it's a scary, rail shooter type of game. RIGS Mechanized Combat League was a game I saw that got some great reviews and it's $30.
  3. The only ones I know of are the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The Rift and Vive require a pretty serious PC setup I believe and are twice as much but I hear the PQ is better.
  4. I ordered the Skyrim bundle on Amazon. Looks like it includes everything I need and was $100 off then I got another $70 for signing up for Amazon's Visa card.
  5. I'm getting the VR now since it works with it now. If I feel it's not good enough quality then maybe next year I'll upgrade to the Pro. As for now I just don't see enough benefits to buy the PS4 Pro.
  6. And they lie about it saying he has a full schedule of meetings and phone calls. David Martoskoā€¸Verified account @dmartosko FollowFollow @dmartosko More TODAY-- 8:01 -- White House tells press to expect a "low-key day" 8:07 -- White House instructs pool to clarify that the PRESS will have a low-key day; pool says Trump will have "full schedule of meetings and phone calls" 8:26 -- Trump arrives at his golf course to play 18 holes 7:00 AM - 22 Nov 2017
  7. It wasn't anything crazy. Wasn't like a jail sentence. Just spent the night in jail for a DUI back when I was 21. I was released the next day and was able to finish up the rest of my time with house arrest for a couple days.\ I was one of those people pissed off at the police and the system at the time. I got pulled over because I was a young person with a bunch of other young people in my car late at night. He saw that I had a license plate light out which was his excuse to pull me over and ask if I had been drinking. It was a new cop and I was his first arrest and I knew that if it was the other cop in town he would've let us go if we could get a sober driver to pick us up. It was a really crappy process to go through and I learned my lesson. I realized that it wasn't BS that I got pulled over because I was driving drunk regardless of the reason he pulled me over. It's been 13 years now and I have never driven drunk since. I may have a couple drinks when I do have to drive but I am very careful about being under the limit. Usually if I know I have to drive I just don't drink anything at all. It's not that hard.
  8. He was on probation. That's enough for me to say, HEY! Stop doing stupid stuff right now. There's a reason you're on probation. Seriously, this shouldn't be a difficult concept.
  9. If it was his first offense then I don't see it as too big of a deal even though it seems like a dumb thing to do since it can be dangerous to himself and others. It's reckless driving. If he was on probation then I think it's really dumb to do something like that. If you're someone that authorities are keeping their eye on then you should be more careful. This isn't rocket science.
  10. You're missing the entire point I was making. Everyone breaks laws, especially the numerous small ones like jay walking. My point was about repeating those same mistakes. If you get in trouble for playing loud music but go on to keep doing it then you deserve to be fined. You shouldn't be surprised or upset. This is the whole point, don't do stupid things after you have already gotten in trouble for it or are on probation. Once again, be smart.
  11. I think the one thing that makes it more frustrating is that we have to wait each week for a new episode and the season is split in half which makes us wait even longer. When you're forced to wait for episodes you really want something great in return for waiting. If the show released the full season each year and we could binge watch it then it wouldn't be as bad. I hate mid season breaks very, very much.
  12. You are going way, way out of your way to be unreasonable here in order to make your point valid. We all know there are laws/rules that are rarely enforced. Most people know what they can get away with and that does not make them a bad person or a criminal. There are times when we actually do get caught doing these things though and we pay the price, usually just a fine. It's the habitual offenders that I'm talking about. Once you get in trouble, it's not that hard to not do it again. If you get arrested for an DUI it's really not that hard to not let it happen again. If you lose your license for going 30 over the speed limit it's really not that hard to keep within a few mph of the speed limit in the future. If you're under probation it's not that hard to stay low key for a while. Just because a person doesn't want to do it doesn't make it hard to do. Be smart.