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  1. I have no idea what was going on. It's embarrassing for Iowa, that's for sure.
  2. I don't know the history of Kansas City. All I know is that it's the largest city in MO and it's not the largest city in KS.
  3. I thought it was pretty common sense that the Chiefs played in MO and that's the state that people refer to when talking about the team. Make's sense since it's the biggest city in MO.
  4. Maybe. I haven't been posting on here all that much lately.
  5. Just ignore that. It's easier to support Trump that way.
  6. What are Trump's plans for healthcare and dealing with the outrageous price of medication?
  7. The wife and I along with some friends are going to Vegas in a month. Staying downtown at 4 Queens. I'm been to Vegas twice, once on the strip and once downtown but both times were a while ago and didn't see a whole lot. I think our plans are to go on the High Roller ferris wheel and go see a show. Trying to decide on O or Absinthe but both are pretty expensive. Other than that we don't have anything planned and I've been trying to find some places we should go to eat and have some drinks.
  8. Why a person feels the need to kill stems from something. It usually has to do with how they were raised or they have issues mentally. Seems relevant to me.
  9. I heard they are no longer having the Eelpout Festival there. That's sad news.
  10. It has to be near impossible to keep track of all the lies to give an accurate number. Has to be a pretty large number though.
  11. I'm jealous of those who are able to fish right now. Winter sucks. I've been spending all my free time organizing and preparing for the new season. I've got a pretty full schedule of tourneys lined up for the year already.
  12. I think this is basically what it all comes down to. Are prominent Trump supporters more likely to break neutrally applied social media terms of service agreements than other voters? Perhaps. But are they four or more times as likely? That doesn’t seem credible.