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  1. Fox Sports has the Bears taking Kizer with their 2nd round pick.
  2. It means that not every draft has a franchise level QB in it. If the Bears don't think any of the QBs are legit franchise caliber QBs then they shouldn't grab one in the first round. A team that doesn't have a starting QB may feel the need to draft a QB in the first round regardless if they feel he is the long term answer just because they need to find a starter.
  3. I'm not sure it's really worth arguing about the family's here. Just seems like big pissing match just for the sake of being right. Looks bad and no one ends up being right.
  4. And the thing is, they don't NEED a QB. They need to find a long term, franchise QB but not one just to fill the position. Glennon is that guy right now which allows the Bears a small cushion to select the exact QB they want to be their next franchise guy.
  5. Honestly I feel like it's almost the same debate nearly every draft. It's always about which QB is the best and will be the next franchise guy. I remember 2 years ago going back and forth on whether the Bears should trade to get Mariota and if he and Winston were even good enough to be taken that high.
  6. We have absolutely no idea how good any of these QBs are. Trying to compare them to past NFL failures or successes is useless right now.
  7. I think it's there's enough going on that there could be a 30 for 30 and a movie. Hearing all the details that have been released so far is already hard to believe and you know there's going to be even more. I know the whole story is a terrible situation but stories like this always fascinate me. I find it very interesting how serial killers, drug king pins and mafia types came to be who they are. Seems like fiction but it exists all around us.
  8. Man... this story just gets more intriguing. Seriously, there needs to be a movie about this.
  9. Sure would make it hard to build the rest of the team though. Would be great if they had 12 picks every year so they actually could use that strategy though.
  10. I think he means a team shouldn't just take a QB because they feel they have to. You should take a QB because you think he's the best player available for your team. Wouldn't it sound dumb if a team said they didn't really think the guy was all that good but they needed a QB so they took him any way? Sounds about as smart as taking Manziel because he was so popular and it would really bring in more fans. That is actually a reason why some teams take players.
  11. And some will argue that you build a great core group of players then get a franchise QB. Lots of different strategies but they all require a good QB. I think the Packers have been a great example lately. Rodger may be the best QB in the NFL yet they can't get the job done because of the rest of the team. Without Rodgers that team is most likely .500 in a weak division.
  12. Don't forget to do that every year too. Bound to get the next Peyton Manning eventually.
  13. I would take Carr out of those 3 and then Wilson. I don't think Dak is in the conversations since he only played one season and hasn't been proven yet. So far the top of 2015's class is pretty good. Winston and Mariota have exceeded my expectations and seem to be getting better. The next decent draft class was 2012 with Luck, RG3 and Tannehill. You'd have to go all the way back to 2004 for the last really good QB class when Eli, Rivers and Roethlesberger were all taken in the first round. When looking at the past QBs taken in the first round it's hard to get excited about taking one that early but it's important to remember that your best odds of landing that franchise player is still in the first round.
  14. I'm curious how many people feel that taking a safety with the 3rd pick is a draft no no and why. I feel many are just saying it because they heard it on TV or read it somewhere and are just repeating it. Has anyone ever looked at past drafts to see which positions always get taken? I took a quick look at the top 10 picks of every draft since 1990 and the only constants I really noticed were QBs and DEs getting taken every year. All other positions vary greatly. One year you'll see a bunch of RBs taken and then none the next. A TE occasionally. OL wasn't near as popular as it is now. I even managed to find that safeties actually were taken that high also! It's not a huge list and I may have missed one but here are the safeties I found taken in the top 10 since 1990. 1991 the Browns took FS Eric Turner with the 2nd pick. 2002 the Cowboys took FS Roy Williams with the 8th pick. 2004 the Redskins took FS Sean Taylor with the 5th pick. 2006 the Raiders took SS Michael Huff with the 7th pick. 2006 the Bills took SS Donte Whitner with the 8th pick. 2007 the Redskins took SS LaRon Landry with the 6th pick. 2010 the Chiefs took SS Eric Berry with the 5th pick.
  15. I don't think anyone is arguing that anymore. It's just a matter of what pick they take one with.