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  1. Just because they didn't do anything in the past doesn't mean they should try to improve there system and do something now. Using past events for comparison isn't helpful at this point. They are trying to fix a disciplinary system that was obviously broken in the past. It's still not great but it's better than it was.
  2. A full day has gone by and couldn't even make it through round one. What's worse is that it wouldn't even have been a full round in a 12 team draft.
  3. Brutal start for our draft
  4. @Anarchy99 Did I read the scoring rules correctly that TEs get 2 PPR, WRs get 1 PPR and RBs get 0 PPR?
  5. That sucks. He should still know when it was starting.
  6. Does Extreme even know he signed up for this draft? In the first round almost everyone should have pre-draft selections made.
  7. So far all I use is the Sleeperbot app. I do have alerts set up on the ESPN app but that's only for my favorite teams.
  8. I'm not moving him until I find out more information. I don't have any drafts for a month so there's no reason for me to move him yet.
  9. It's not fair or realistic to say they shouldn't do anything but there are obvious things a person can do that have much less risk. Anything involving alcohol should be avoided unless at home. Most things late at night should be avoided as well.
  10. This is why big time athletes should not be out at places like this or at all. Even if they are staying out of trouble there are too many other people out there trying to take advantage of them. Stop putting yourself in bad positions.
  11. We're all free to do what we want but there are consequences to everything we do as well. Also, a business can fire an employee at any time for any reason unless it is determined illegal, for example an employee's race or religion.
  12. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/887764051488645120
  13. It does make a difference in how the NFL is going to hand out punishments though.
  14. One was actually breaking NFL rules and was going against the integrity of the sport and the other was off the field. They are going to be handled differently.
  15. I believe Pacman has been arrested about 12 times since being in the NFL. That's just outrageous.