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  1. I think it was all cable shows. Sopranos doesn't fit the criteria.
  2. We are now paying an 8% steel surcharge from one of my vendors. That goes directly towards the price my customer is paying, the farmer. I hope my salesmen remind them that the reason they are paying so much for equipment is because of the man they voted in as President, the great businessman.
  3. I'm 35 and watch MASH almost every day. It's one of my favorite shows. I know I'm not real young but that's still a show that was on TV before I was born.
  4. I was trying to pick based on what I thought were considered the most popular shows of all time, not just the shows I like the most. Seinfeld, The Office, MASH and Friends would be my final four if it was just based on my opinion.
  5. They say it's ranked by viewers picks. I'm not sure who the viewers were and what the demographic is. I had MASH winning it all.
  6. Maybe I read into it too much. Your post made it sound like you think all 16 year old kids are liberal. You say it's because of their parents. Do conservatives not have children of that age?
  7. You were talking about kids being in school as if no conservatives put their kids in school because it's such a liberal thing. You make it sound like education is a liberal thing and not a conservative thing.
  8. Posts like this make it hard for anyone else to take you seriously. You are not doing yourself any favors.
  9. Got this in my email and filled it out. At first I just thought it was another basketball bracket to fill out for a chance to win money but it's for TV shows. It was pretty fun actually. It's from DISH but you don't have to be a subscriber and it's for a chance to win some money. I'm curious what you guys will pick as the champion.!/
  10. The episode was decent. There were times when I was getting bored and started playing a game on my phone. There were then times when I was actually impressed. It was nice to have a little better understanding of what happened in the past. I'm still waiting for a complete episode of being good though.
  11. Nice example of an oxymoron there.
  12. Aren't there other ways to enjoy the history and everything else without having to put up with a terrible person as President?