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  1. Edit: had a pic but can’t figure out how to share it on here using my phone.
  2. I know and I don't feel good about it happening. They knew who he was when they voted him in and now they just ignore all the crap he's done. As long as there are jobs and the economy is doing well they are going to want him re-elected.
  3. All I know is that I'm not getting my hoped up that this crap is going to lose him the election. It hasn't seemed to make much of a difference so far. I've lost faith in the public to vote him out.
  4. It's not going to lower it because it's been proven that his base does not care at all.
  5. Obviously but I don't think he will be impeached and that it's just a waste of time. Not only that but it's just fueling Trump's base.
  6. I understand that but don't you have to also consider if it's likely to happen and if effort could be spent on something more beneficial like making sure he doesn't get a second term. Focusing on impeaching him could actually increase his odds of being re-elected. What good does that do?
  7. They need to completely forget about any impeachment thoughts and focus on beating him in the election. It's not that far away so why waste any time on impeaching him?
  8. Sadly there are a lot of them that will still vote for him. Some will vote for him because they feel there isn't a better option, which I can understand, but the rest of them actually think he's a great President.
  9. I think it is a viable alternative but I don’t know how many farmers will be willing to do it or can even afford to do it.
  10. I live in Iowa and am a farm equipment dealer. My customers are farmers. My in-laws were farmers until they just got out of it this last year because of not making money and all the pains of it. My friends grew up on farms and some still farm. While some are doing just fine many are struggling and it’s because of a poor market, weather and Trump. I have numerous customers that are struggling to pay their bills. I know it could be worse but things are not going well.
  11. Who are they selling their crops to? Your right that corn prices are better but beans are not that great yet. I believe the main reason why prices are up is because produce is down due to such a bad spring. Many areas had to give up on planting season due to flooding. Dairy farmers are still getting buried though.