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  1. Last year I was very high on the Vikings defense while they were still under the radar. They were one of the defenses that consistently were getting better every year but many didn't notice. I was able to get them cheap and it paid off early. I think they still have a good defense and it seems the rest of the fantasy community is as well. My question this year is can they do what they did at the start of last year for a full season or are they just another decent defense?
  2. It's not that simple. If that were the case then almost half the QBs currently on rosters should be without jobs. There's more to it than what you say.
  3. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet Following More New #Bears WR Victor Cruz has an agreement in principle with CHI. May not actually sign for a few days. But a fresh opportunity for a reboot
  4. Meh. I think he's pretty much done as a really good WR but he certainly adds depth and maybe some competition. They have a ton of WRs now.
  5. I'm not ready to take it that far yet but I'm certainly not ready to draft him on any of my teams this year.
  6. David Johnson for only draft picks? Hell yes! You're team could be set for a couple years having him on your team. If you feel desperate to get more draft picks back then try trading some other player next year. My goal is always to win this year, not 4 years down the road. Fantasy leagues are always too fragile and hard to keep intact it seems so I prefer to win now while the league is going strong.
  7. I still don't get this argument. They are not very comparable and are not in the same context. How people act in the privacy of their homes or with friends can be completely different than how they would act on the football field. As far as I know Barry Sanders would twerk in front of his friends when he beat them in some sort of game. Now, if you said if someone celebrates after scoring a TD in some sort of competitive league yet doesn't want to see it in the NFL then that would be more accurate.
  8. I will admit that I don't care to watch certain celebrations after a TD but I will act like an idiot at home when my team scores or my fantasy team does well. It does sound like a double standard but I don't believe that trues. Just because I act like an idiot in the privacy in my own home does not mean I would act that way in public. I would not celebrate like that in public ever. I feel there's a big difference between the two.
  9. Like I said, I get you why you're upset and I agree with your argument. Do you see the irony here though? You are outraged over other people's outrage.
  10. I agree with a lot of what you're saying. I don't really agree with how you're going about it. You're being a bit hypocritical when you say others are upset or outraged when you are showing those same tendencies. They are calling you out on it now.
  11. That's probably true and they should have let the other team get him. What team is seriously going to look back and say "Man, we really missed out on taking that kicker in the second round. He could have gotten us to the playoffs."
  12. That proves my point though. Another team wasted a high draft pick on a punter only to let him go to get signed by another team and be one of the best in the league. Silly.
  13. Until the next GM that thinks he's smarter than everyone else gets a chance to do it again. There's always going to be a guy like that and next time it will probably be a punter in a high round.
  14. Then football players should perform on such a show. Oh wait! A football player did and just won that competition. lol I think we can all agree that celebrating is fine but there needs to be a line as to what's acceptable and what's not.
  15. Is "Meh" an option? I honestly don't see it being that big of deal.