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  1. Most of my leagues are already decided, but in one league I just need Bell to outscore Njoku. And in dynasty I'd like Chubb to have a good week. If he gets 17 points or so (non-PPR) then I'll have my best week ever in that league.
  2. My dynasty league has max four-year contracts, so there's a certain amount of natural turnover. We have rosters of 32 players and of the players I had on my team at the start of the year, 16 are still on my team. As for starters, here are my week 1 starters last year: QB: Luck (traded last season for Greg Olsen and Dion Lewis in a deal that didn't age well until a couple of weeks ago) RBs: Chubb and Fournette (both still on my roster, as is LeVeon Bell, who wasn't a week 1 starter for me last year for obvious reasons) WRs: Antonio Brown (traded last year for a draft pick since he was in the last year of his deal) is gone, but Cooks and Watkins are both still around (although Watkins is my WR4 and not starting this week) TE: Rudolph (traded away in the AB deal) K: Lutz (left via free agency) For further color, here are my week 1 starters this year and whether they're new or not: QB: Jackson (drafted a year ago but he was on my bench for most of last year) RBs: Chubb and Bell (see above) WRs: Julio (free agent pick up), Cooks, and Boyd (traded a draft pick for him) TE: Andrews (picked up as a rookie during pre-season free agency) or Olsen K: Myes (free agent pick up)
  3. I'm in two keeper leagues with both types of rules you propose, and I can say that keeping players based on their original draft pick is definitely the best way to go. The simplest reason is that it makes the playing field fair for all owners. It doesn't make sense to me that I can keep a player for a 1st rounder and another owner could keep that same player (after picking them up in free agency) for a 10th rounder. In addition, you might want to consider making it more costly to keep free agents. My league (I'm the commish) originally used 10th round picks for free agents, but it resulting in way too many incredible keepers. As a result, we ended up moving it to the 6th round, which still provides an incentive to working free agency without making it so game-breaking. Just something to think about.
  4. Just completed a trade in a contract dynasty league (contracts are for one to four years). Pretty standard roster construction and scoring, although we have to start a rookie (making rookies and future picks more valuable than normal). I give: Marlon Mack (four year deal), Devontae Booker (three years), and my 2nd round pick next year I get: Tom Brady (one year), Chris Ivory (two years, and 3rd round pick of another team (probably somewhere in the middle of that round I have a really good team, but with Luck injured and Stafford inconsistent, I've been giving up points at QB most weeks. I hate to give up Mack and still like Booker a bit, I have LeVeon Bell (four year deal), Fournette (four years), and Ajayi (two years) to hopefully hold down the RB spot for the foreseeable future. Ideally, Mack and Booker would never see the field for me, and I'm worried enough about Luck that I wanted to strike now while the price was right. This is a good year to make a push, since most of the teams in my league have had issues and I'm solid (I start Brown, Evans, and Jordy at WR and can start either Fournette or Trubisky at the rookie slot). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. I own Robinson and Johnson in a keep 3 league based on their initial cost in an auction draft (or a set price if picked up in free agency). I have Johnson for such a cheap price (about 1/3rd to 1/2nd of what top RBs cost) that I'll be holding him all year even if he doesn't play again. But assuming I can stay in the running for the playoffs (I should, based on strength elsewhere, but it's looking a lot worse than a couple of days ago), then I'd seriously think about a trade later in the year if it's looking like Johnson will be shut down and I can get a RB from a team not in the playoff chase. As for Robinson, I'm going to cut him, since he has no keeper value at the price I drafted him at and I need the roster spot (I already have Luck taking up the only DL spot, and two empty roster spots is as much as I can handle).
  6. I'm in a dynasty league where we have normal starting requirements (1/2/3/1/1) but also have to start a rookie every week. With Ajayi and Evans out, I either need to replace Fournette at the rookie spot (Marlon Mack is my only option there) or Ajayi at the RB2 spot. So I guess I'm starting Latavius Murray or DeAndre Washington this week. Not ideal.
  7. The only con I can think of is that players with multiple bids generally take way longer than it takes in a serpentine draft. My typical serpentine draft takes about two hours, maybe three if it has a ton of rounds. Meanwhile, the drafts for the auction leagues I'm in can take significantly longer, with three hours as a minimum and up to four hours. Having said that, if the commissioner is on top of things and manages the selection and bid clocks well, you can keep things from running too long.
  8. I'm just curious how other people would approach this situation. It's a specific, but for this purpose consider it to be referencing any other owner who seems confused about player value. I'm in a contract-based dynasty league where I have very good starters but am lacking depth. I was in the market for a backup QB and reached out to a few teams, once of which has Winston (2 year contract), Rivers (1), and Flacco (3). I have Luck and his bye week lines up with Winston, so I asked about Flacco or Rivers. To facilitate this deal, I would be willing to trade some combination of WRs (my starters are Brown, Evans, and Jordy, so DeVante Parker, Garcon, and Treadwell are the key pieces of any deal) and maybe a draft pick. However, no specifics were discussed. He responded that he didn't like any of the WRs I had mentioned (keep in mind, if the season started now he would probably start Cobb, Travis Benjamin, and maybe Will Fuller), but he would trade Rivers or Flacco for Evans. His rationale that this was a fair deal was that all three guys are "startable". Obviously I wasn't going to do a trade like that. After some back-and-forth, he admitted that maybe Evans was too much, but that he feels Flacco has value comparable to Hilton because there are fewer starting QBs than starting WRs. Anyway, it doesn't look like anything is going to get done, and I responded with a simple explanation of VBD (just explaining that our league starts 36 WRs and only 12 QBs, so top RBs/WRs are more valuable than guys like Flacco), but I was curious how other people act. It's a friendly league, and I would rather the other owners continue to improve to increase competition, but I also see the point of keeping in mind his preference for QBs and using it down the road to try and trade him a marginal QB for a real asset. And if you need/want more details about the specifics of the league, I'm happy to provide them. Although this is meant more as a general example than anything specific.
  9. For weekly start/sit discussions, each week could be its own thread. That will help to clear out that one, which I imagine will get the most use in-season.
  10. I like the above idea. Having a few threads that people could easily search and then post in the correct thread would allow people to focus their questions. Still not sure how you get people to actually respond, but at least you'll know what you're getting when you click on the thread.
  11. I'm in a dynasty league in which we assign players contracts of between one year and four years, then when those contracts end the players become free agents. As such, it's hard to compare my league to others that can hold players indefinitely, especially when dynasty rankings often take such a long-term view as to not be as useful in my league. Anyway, I'm just curious if other people in this community are in leagues similar to mine. Depending on the responses, it might be helpful to talk about strategy in these leagues or even modify whatever dynasty rankings we find to be more short-term focused (but not as short-term as redraft leagues). Just a thought, but we'll see what happens.
  12. For the OP, do like you mentioned earlier and cut out the leagues without a deposit for next year. If you need to cut further, maybe eliminate a few leagues that have the same exact scoring format as another league you're in that you like better. Hopefully those two rounds of cuts takes you to somewhere like 5-8 leagues, at which point you can try to cut further or go through 2017 and see how things work for you with that number of leagues. Personally, I've gone between being in four and six leagues the last few years. I'm currently in five, two redraft, two keeper, and one dynasty. I like all of my leagues since they keep me in contact with friends in different cities, but they can be tough to manage at times. My favorite is the dynasty, both because of the dynasty format and also because there's no in-season free agency in that league (so maybe that's a point for the draft-and-go format someone mentioned earlier). Also, to the people who can't keep track of which player is on their team and against, just do what I do and not even pay attention to your opponent's lineup. Then I can just root for my players and figure out later if I won or not. Works great during the season, although in the playoffs I pay more attention to my opponent and get stressed as a result.
  13. The thing I always noticed about Gore, back to his University of Miami days, is that he has a knack for falling forward to finish off a lot of runs. Where most guys gain two or three yards and then get stuffed, Gore would gain those same two or three yards and then find a small crease to lean forward for another yard or two. Hard to notice unless you watch a player a lot, but look out for it with Gore and you'll notice stuff like that repeatedly.
  14. In a related topic, I'm in five leagues and somehow have a worse seeding than my points scored in all five leagues. In two leagues I'm first in points by a ton and didn't even win my division (#3 seed in both), in one I'm fourth in scoring and have the #5 seed (not a big deal since there's no difference between the #4 and #5 seeds), in one I'm third in scoring and missed the playoffs, and in another my team just sucked but the pattern still holds. I'm just hoping that my teams continue to play well and I win games in the playoffs, making the missed byes meaningless and winning some money in the process. Then I won't care about anything in the above paragraph.
  15. I like this topic. Finished 3rd in points in a 10 team league and missed the playoffs (four teams) because the first tiebreaker is division record. Standard scoring with 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, plus a defense and kicker. QB: Rodgers and Rivers RB: Bell, Booker (had CJ Anderson too), Starks, and D. Lewis WR: Evans, Pryor, Landry, Snead (had Allen but that didn't last long) TE: Rudolph I had my worst week by 20+ points this past week. The only way I missed the playoffs was with a loss and getting outscored by another team by 40+ points. He beat me by more than 60 as everyone went off. Tough way to end the season, especially since I lost out on the last playoff spot to a team with the same record that I outscored by more than 100 points. But as mentioned above, division record is the first tiebreaker and he went 5-3 to my 4-4.