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  1. One spot available, very active 12 team PPR league draft scheduled for 8-26. 3 players can be kept annually, two offensive one optional defensive. Email if interested
  2. We use leaguesafe and yes it is still available
  3. The one team available.
  4. I have three orphan teams in a long running keeper league. It has a 50 dollar buy in and all owners are extremely active. You will need to be active to join. A minimum of two players must be kept and it has a -2 round penalty. I will post teams later.
  5. League is a 12 team full point per reception with a $35 buy in. It is an auction league with three keepers at the drafted price no penalty. I am an active owner who watched two leagues fall apart last year. If interested email me
  6. Email if interested
  7. First year looking for active owners. Full point per reception and 10 keepers with 9 bench spots. Everything else is standard. No draft date at this time. Everything is up for discussion and payments will be made through leaguesafe.
  8. This is a league I just started. 12 team Full PPR. $35 buy in. 10 keepers and 9 men benches. Everything else is standard. All settings and rules are up for discussion. Payments will be through league safe
  9. I am starting a paid dynasty league this year. Draft will be 4/30/2018 at 7:30PM $25 buy in. Draft is on myfantasyleague and league is hosted on ESPN. It will be a 12 team ppr league.
  10. Startup keeper league will be played on ESPN. The rosters will consist of 18 players and you can keep up to three players but there is no minimum number or position limit. The draft will be 18 rounds with the following rules "All odd-numbered rounds are assigned a random order while the even-numbered rounds are the reverse of the previous round." .Fantasy draft will be held the weekend after the NFL draft so league fees are $80.00 and is due at the start of the NFL draft. Payout is 1st place gets $600, 2nd place gets 80 and the highest scorer each week gets $20.00 through week 14. Keepers must be announced one day before the fantasy draft. Other league rules such as points and starting lineups are below. Keepers will cost the original draft pick in the first year being kept and then rounds will be subtracted by one each year after. if interested email Rules: Starting lineups: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex (RB, WR or TE), 1 TE, 1 K, 1 team defense/special teams Passing TD: 4 points Rushing TD: 6 points Receiving TD: 6 points 1 passing yards: 0.05 point (comes out to 20 yards = 1 point) 1 rushing yards: .10 point (comes out to 10 yards = 1 point) 1 receiving yards: .10 point (comes out to 10 yards = 1 point) 1 reception: 1 point (VERY important. PPR leagues are Far superior) lost fumble: -2 points interception: -2 points 2 pt conversion (pass, run or receive): 2 points FG up to 39 yards: 3 points FG 40-51 yards: 4 points FG 52+ yards: 5 points XP: 1 point missed XP: -2 points Sack- 2 points Int- 2 points block kick/punt- 2 points fumble recovery- 2 points safety- 3 points Defensive td- 6 points Kick return- 6 points 0 points allowed- 15 points 1-3 points- 10 points 4-9 points- 5 points 10-17- 3 points 18-24- 2 points 32+ points allowed- -4 points