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  1. Cool. At least one other person can draft a Nickelback album.
  2. Bump for the duels - plenty of spots still open on the starting grid.
  3. I'd be curious what album shows up on the most lists that are done this way. I'm gonna throw something like this together over the next few days. Gives me something different to do on my commute.
  4. Wanted to say thanks to @John Maddens Lunchbox and the others that kept this shindig on track over the past few weeks. It was fun distraction and made me revisit some of my favorite albums, plus get a whole list of new things to try.
  5. In for whatever...promise not to draft Nickelback again.
  6. I like the idea of songs - with two wild cards and two more if you complete all 26 letters.
  7. I love the old stuff more than the newer stuff, and I go back and forth on BTR vs WIESS as my favorite. Greetings, Darkness BITUSA, and River right on next tier. Not a huge fan of the newer material, but this is now one of my favorites (like Top 5) from seeing it on the Devils and Dust tour. Real World (2005 Tour Version)
  8. WEISS was my backup if BTR had gotten scooped up before I drafted it.
  9. Robert Randolph & The Family Band have a new one out today "Got Soul" Just one listen through and really digging it - will be back again for this one to take additional listens for sure. Decent cover of Sam & Dave's "I Thank You" and a new song/single "Love Do What It Do" with Darius Rucker Robert Randolph & The Family Band - Got Soul (Spotify Link) Robert Randolph & The Family Band - Got Soul (Apple Music Link)
  10. RIP
  11. Surprisingly, the X Ambassadors album was my "big miss" from trying to stay on my "seen them all live theme" as I did not have anything else to use at the letter. Would have liked to have had Green Day's "American Idiot", but I would not have been able to draft Gaslight had I taken that one. And I was too far down in the draft order to get U2's "The Joshua Tree" or I would have grabbed that in Round 1. There were a number of artists I would have drafted - Def Leppard, The Roling Stones, maybe Adele - had I not foolishly punted British artists. But that choice did make my selections at some deep letters (B - The Beatles, G - Genesis, L - Led Zeppelin, P - The Police and W - The Who) easier as I was able to ignore those artists from consideration. Would have definitely considered some of those for selection. Lastly, I waited a round or two too long to take ZZ Top's "Eliminator" and ended up with my 3rd favorite ZZ Top album.
  12. Here is my Spotify playlist. I left it in the order I drafted the albums, trying to pick a song I like the most from each. Playlist I'll throw the Applie Music and Groove playlists up here over the weekend.
  13. Three nights in June for Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit at the Beacon were added to our summer concert tour. Completely whiffed (forgot) on Sturgill Simpson at Radio City though. Going to line up Stapleton next week, then I think we have a loaded itinerary.