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  1. My only choice that I can make in this genre - from a freebie Amazon album years ago. World Music - The Hyykers - I Want A Break Thru Don't we all.
  2. Round 23 Pick Before he was Logan, he was Curly McClain. No, that is not the main character in the Die Hard movies. Nor his brother. Fine to put whatever version that exists on Spotify into the mix, but this one was the first that I heard. Broadway Tunes - Oklahoma - Oh What A Beautiful Morning
  3. Sorry guys, just needed to take a little siesta... Round 21 Make Up Pick - Power Pop - Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby Have loved this song every since I saw them on one of those Palladia specials about some British pop festival. Hoping this song qualifies for the category. Round 22 Make Up Pick - Grunge - Pearl Jam - Even Flow Classic.
  4. Round #20 - Grunge - Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit Don't see this picked yet. And yeah, I'm not breaking any new ground here, but that's fine with me.
  5. What time tomorrow can we begin making picks?
  6. WMMR still has a strong live track game going on, many from the extensive WMMaRchives curated across their 49 years of existence. Probably the outlier for FM radio these days.
  7. My 19th round selection Live Rock - Muse - Hysteria Went in cold to an MSG show a few years back, then after hearing this song I then discovered that's Def Leppard's Hysteria was going to fall to 2nd on my list of favorite songs titled Hysteria list. OK to link either the HAARP version or the Live at Rome Olympic Stadium version on the Spotify playlist.
  8. Apologies for causing the confusion, that was me providing additional banter on my earlier pick.
  9. My pick this AM was my 18th rounder. I timed out yesterday.
  10. Following up my 18th round selection of Bruce Hornsby for squeezebox, American Songwriter has this write-up on the original album. https://americansongwriter.com/2017/05/bruce-hornsby-range-way/?mid=431&utm_content=54665378&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  11. Here is my round 18 make-up pick. Squeezebox - Bruce Hornsby (and the Noisemakers) - On The Western Skyline I knew that Bruce had played the ole squeezebox from seeing him a few times, so I had to get one of these in there. Right out of the gate (first song, debut album) features the accordion. I linked a recent show above ((Portland, OR from 9/28/2016) but any of the live versions will do for the Spotify playlist. Great artist to catch live if you can - his shows are really good, although you should not go expecting him to play hit after hit.
  12. Here are my weeknd picks Alt-Country - Lucero - Union Pacific Line Love this subtle tone of this song - great version on "Live From Atlanta" Live Rock - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band with special guest Eddie Vedder - Better Man This was a great one to see live...he's the boss, I'm the employee
  13. A number of RIP shout-outs and references to Chris Cornell at the 2017 MMRBQ yesterday. The Pretty Reckless (their opener slot with Soundgarden was ending with the Fox Theatre show in Detroit) had a sublime Audioslave cover (Like A Stone) to end their set. Pierre Robert mentioned fond memories of a Chris in the studio. Bush covered "I Am the Highway". And Bush inserted a snippet of "Black Hole Sun" into the middle of "The One I Love" by R.E.M.
  14. Here is my round 15 song - I kept going back-and-forth between drinking songs, but decided to take another leap into the classic metal pool instead. Classic Metal - Scorpions - The Zoo (not the official video [is there an official video?], but I think it would be FFA approved) Probably the earliest classic Scorpions that I listened to in the '80's and still part of their live shows.