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  1. Saw three shows in four days, so here it goes... Thursday - Duran Duran + Chic + Tokimonsta >>> Wanted to see Duranx2 for the longest time and so did 20 friends. We did the lawn and had a great time. Tokimonsta you can skip - DJ set for 25 minutes. Chic was a blast, with Nile Rodgers giving you a mini-Wiki to start each tune. Duran was really good and I was happy that I finally caught them. Glad to see "The a Reflex" back in the set - would have sucked to see them and not get that classic MTV Video song. Saturday - Alabama Shakes + Gary Clark Jr. + Presevation Hall Jazz Band (PHJB) + Chicano Batman (XPN Festival) >>> Bonus from the monster storm that blew through Camden right as the gates were set to open - PHJB got their set at the park festival site cut after one song, so they pushed back AS and GCJ to accommodate them at the amphitheater. Chicano Batman was better than Tokimonsta, but that was a low bar. PHJB was good in a short set. Gary Clark Jr. again showed why his star keeps rising - loved "When My Train Pulls In" and "Bright Lights". Never saw the Shakes before this, but will see them again - Brittany Howard is a bada** on stage and loved the performance even though I only knew one song going in. Sunday - Guns N Roses + Lenny Kravitz >>> last minute audible to see this after hearing all of the reviews from the prior weeks shows in Philly and NY the night before. Always wanted to catch Lenny Kravitz and he did not disappoint - considered that a bonus for me (would have gone to see GNR even if Tokimonsta had opened). GNR was fantastic - if you are on the fence about going to this show, get off the fence and go. Glad I made the last minute decision to go. If your city does not have a GNR show coming up, get a new city. Seriously, Axl, Duff, and Slash brought it fierce. Dog tired getting up for work today, but so worth it. I would have dropped two or three of the songs or had this one start a little earlier so we got out before Midnight, but that is why I don't run these events. Even my Mrs. dal_boys_phan liked it and she hates GNR. Next up...double duty in Camden with Luke Bryan and Heart/Cheap Trick/Joan Jett next weekend.
  2. Ditto from Sunday. Eight T-shirt changes from my count.
  3. Can't add too much to this thread (we did four cities in 13 days), but will 2nd the notion of train between cities. Make sure you are not in the worst class and you will be fine.
  4. Saw the Sunday night show in NJ - great show, but so tired...
  5. I'll have to rank them LZ IV, Who's Next, Sticky, LZ III, Highway, Boston > Field (excluding my selection of "Toys"). I'd probably slot Toys ahead of Boston in the above.
  6. A belated thanks to @kutta for running the show this year. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would. My first time participating and hopefully it won't be my last. Already on the prowl in NJ/NY/PA for some 2017 shirt ideas.
  7. Apologies for the really late picture posting, but thanks to @Skinny for the T-Shirt and Friends haul! Great job - totally digging the First Avenue T for my music "venue" rotation. The beer on vacation shirt goes without saying and never thought of going the charity shirt angle (note to self: send a donation). Can never have enough music or pint glasses, so those will come in handy as well. The haul (my first time linking a picture - hope I did it right).
  8. NY/NJ/PA area = EZ Pass, never leave home without it (and billed to my Amex so I can get a text when the reload hits).
  9. My picks in selection order Pick # Poster Selection Category 1.06 Dal_Boys_Phan Bruce Springsteen-Born to Run 1975 album 2.16 Dal_Boys_Phan The B-52's Punk/post-punk album 3.06 Dal_Boys_Phan Earth, Wind and Fire-That's The Way of The World Soul/Funk/Disco album 4.16 Dal_Boys_Phan Jackson Browne-The Pretender Soft rock/singer-songwriter album 5.06 Dal_Boys_Phan The Eagles-Hotel California 1976 album 6.16 Dal_Boys_Phan Aerosmith-Toys in the Attic Hard rock/classic rock album 7.06 Dal_Boys_Phan Bad Company - Bad Company 1974 album 8.16 Dal_Boys_Phan Santana – Abraxas 1970 album 9.06 Dal_Boys_Phan ZZ Top - Tres Hombres 1973 album 10.16 Dal_Boys_Phan The Rolling Stones - Some Girls 1978 album 11.06 Dal_Boys_Phan Squeeze – Cool For Cats 1979 album 12.16 Dal_Boys_Phan Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle Wildcard album 13.06 Dal_Boys_Phan Eric Clapton - Slowhand 1977 album 14.16 Dal_Boys_Phan Aretha Franklin - Young, Gifted and Black 1972 album 15.06 Dal_Boys_Phan Elton John - Madman Across The Water 1971 album 16.16 Dal_Boys_Phan The Who - Baba O'Reilly 1971 song 17.06 Dal_Boys_Phan Fear – I Love Livin’ In The City Punk/post-punk song 18.16 Dal_Boys_Phan Billy Joel - Piano Man 1973 song 19.06 Dal_Boys_Phan Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover Soul/Funk/Disco song 20.16 Dal_Boys_Phan Chicago – Saturday In The Park 1972 song 21.06 Dal_Boys_Phan Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil 1978 song 22.16 Dal_Boys_Phan Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered 1970 song 23.06 Dal_Boys_Phan AC/DC- Highway to Hell 1979 song 24.16 Dal_Boys_Phan KISS - Rock N Roll All Nite 1975 song 25.06 Dal_Boys_Phan Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama 1974 song 26.16 Dal_Boys_Phan Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - American Girl 1977 song 27.06 Dal_Boys_Phan Bob Seger - Night Moves 1976 song 28.16 Dal_Boys_Phan The Doobie Brothers - China Grove Hard rock/classic rock song 29.06 Dal_Boys_Phan Allen Toussaint - Southern Nights Soft rock/singer-songwriter song 30.16 Dal_Boys_Phan Barry Manilow - Copacabana Wildcard song
  10. Apologies for the delay, but here is my recap... dal_boys_phan - 70's Album Selections (links to Wikipedia) 1970-1979 album (1 album for each year; 10 categories) 1970: (8.16) Santana – Abraxas 1971: (15) Elton John – Madman Across the Water 1972: (14) Aretha Franklin – Young, Gifted and Black 1973: (9) ZZ Top - Tres Hombres 1974: (7.06) Bad Company – Bad Company 1975: (1.06) Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run 1976: (5.06) The Eagles - Hotel California 1977: (13) Eric Clapton - Slowhand 1978: (10) The Rolling Stones - Some Girls 1979: (11) Squeeze – Cool For Cats Best soft rock/singer-songwriter album: (4.16) Jackson Browne – The Pretender Best hard rock/classic rock album: (6.16) Aerosmith- Toys in the Attic Best funk/soul/Disco album: (3.07) Earth Wind and Fire - That's the Way of the World Best punk/post-punk album: (2.16) The B-52’s – The B-52’s Wildcard album: (12) Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle dal_boys_phan - 70's Song Selections (links to YouTube) 1970-1979 song (1 song for each year; 10 categories) 1970: (22) Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours 1971: (16) The Who – Baba O’Reilly 1972: (20) Chicago – Saturday In The Park 1973: (18) Billy Joel - Piano Man 1974: (25) Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama 1975: (24) Kiss – Rock And Roll All Nite 1976: (27) Bob Seger – Night Moves 1977: (26) Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - American Girl 1978: (21) Van Halen – Running With The Devil 1979: (23) AC/DC – Highway to Hell Best soft rock/singer-songwriter song: (29) Allen Toussaint - Southern Nights Best hard rock/classic rock song: (28) The Doobie Brothers – China Grove Best funk/soul/Disco song: (19) Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover Best punk/post-punk song: (17) Fear – I Love Livin’ In The City Wildcard song: (30) Barry Manilow - Copacabana One album I wish I had drafted: Van Halen - Van Halen (picked at 2.02 by @Rove!) One song I wish I had drafted: Stevie Wonder - Superstition (picked in round 12 by @higgins, although I actually prefer the SRV version slightly more) My Draft Synopsis: Given that my theme was '70's artists that I have seen in concert and that I limited myself to (A) only one appearance by each artist on my draft and (B) no live material allowed, at times my list of potential draftees was rather limited (see punk categories). As a result, I probably drafted those picks (see B-52's punk album at 2.06) well above their ADP to avoid getting sniped or having to go off the reservation (theme). Only a few songs I considered for drafting outside of my theme - Kung Fu Fighting, Y.M.C.A., and the theme From S.W.A.T. - but I was only considering them for the last pick and most of those went before. I avoided picking covers of '70's artist songs that I have seen live (like Blinded By The Light and Anarchy in the U.K.) that were covered by other artists that I have seen live. The only artist I considered picking a 2nd time was Bruce, as he is the '70's artist I have seen the most times, but I was caught between a struggle of selecting a favorite song or 2nd favorite album. Was so tempted to have picked Trapped, but while Jimmy Cliff released it in the '70's, Bruce did not play it until the early '80's and did not officially release it until the 2000's. Lastly, here is the list of '70's artists that I have seen live that I did not represent in the draft, with the bolded ones indicating those that I considered most for inclusion at various points: Paul Simon, Dr. John, The Police, Kool And The Gang, Rush, Cheap Trick, Pretenders, Genesis, Heart, Crosby/Stills/Nash, Foreigner, Queen, Boston, J. Geils Band, Journey, Neil Young, Peter Frampton, Paul McCartney, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Alejandro Escovedo, Merle Haggard, James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett, Whitesnake, New York Dolls, Alice Cooper, Fleetwood Mac, The Oak Ridge Boys, Yes, Steely Dan, Steve Winwood, Yes, Styx, REO Speedwagon.
  11. Package sent out today to Belleville, Wisconsin - still in NJ as of 11PM Eastern, but scheduled for arrival in WI on Tuesday. UPS Tracking Number: 1ZFT51W20395028812 PM sent as well and spreadsheet updated.
  12. Happy to see The Americans nominated in the main drama categories. Rhys and Russell have done some fine work over the past few years on that show.
  13. 25 or 6 to 4 was on my short list for my 1970 song selection - I did want to be the one to break the glass on Chicago and this is one of my favorite songs of their catalog. But, was somewhat glad that it went when it did, as that forced my hand into Signed, Sealed, Delivered as I am not 100% sure I would have picked SSD over 25-6-4.
  14. Just a collection of brews from NY/NJ/PA. Debated including with the T-shirts, but decided that I did not want my entire delivery impounded because I threw a couple of brews into the box to represent.