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  1. Pretty sure this one qualifies for the category, wasn't where I was thinking of going when I started considering this pick today. Going modern for this category, but not the modern I thought of originally. Selection 3.xx - Shared Vocals - Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait Yeah, it was overplayed to heck and back years ago. But still a great song and M&S was one of the best shows I saw earlier this year.
  2. Sorry guys, forgot the FitBit today for those notifications. Round 2 - Beatlesesque - Jet - Look What You’ve Done First song I thought of when I saw the category. Loved this back in the day.
  3. If the original is not on Spotify, I'm cool if you substitute Isbell's Live in Alabama version. Or the studio version from Isbell's Here We Rest.
  4. I'm sure there may be better songs out there from Muscle Shoals and FAME Studios, but when I saw the category, this was the first one that came to mind given my limited look into who recorded what there. And that is why I like these drafts - getting an appreciation for an area of music I had not yet previously explored. I arrived here in the most unexpected way, courtesy of the "Live In Alabama" album by Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit, who have a serviceable cover of the song that I really like (as well on a studio album), mainly because it is one of his few songs in Jason's recorded catalog that have horns. But until today, I never listened to the original. In my song research, found two interesting tidbits: (1) It appears this song was only a B-side and never released as a single and (2) Candi was married to Otis Nixon (yes, that Otis Nixon, the baseball player) as her most recent of six husbands. Selection 1.14- Candi Staton - Heart On a String (Muscle Shoals) Candi Staton version Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit version (Live in Alabama version) (will add more versions later)
  5. Any chance we can get a link to the spreadsheet up in the first post? TIA! *** Nevermind, found it ****
  6. Will do when I know I'll be on lock down - right now, I'm able to jump back in at various points and the bat signal will shoot me a text roughly within 20 minutes when activated.
  7. Will appreciate an @dal_boys_phan bat signal when I am up. Have my 1st round selection ready to go and would rather not hold up the draft for 2+ hours when my turn arrives as I have unknowingly done previously.
  8. Your two possible downsides are: (1) Wife angry that she now has to do everything (2) Friends thinking who are these folks with hired help Since I presume you are planning to keep married to the person in (1), I'd keep her happy and sign off enthusiastically about the idea, even if I knew I would get (2). Chances are 75% of people there won't care. BTW, we did this for a big gathering a few years back and now continue pulling that lever each time we have a sizable party. No brainer now in my opinion.
  9. While it is here on the front pages, anyone have an alternative suggestion for Verizon FiOS' Actiontec combo? My recent one (2+ years) that I purchased is now on life support. For reference, I am using three TiVos with cable card for the action points to the TV, but I think since I use FiOS for the land line, I think I am stuck with the Actiontec.
  10. Agree. Would highly recommend anyone seeing their favorite artist playing there to hit up that show, especially if it falls on/near a weekend.
  11. I'm cool with this. And with the obvious derivative of "nite" But no Night Ranger songs unless they would otherwise qualify. Don't want to be THAT guy who has to bounce someone proposing a David Hasselhoff song because he was on Knight Rider.
  12. My genre/category proposal: After Hours - songs with the word "night" somehow, someway in the title If that does not fly, I do have a backup proposal.