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  1. Apologies that my original post was not clear (now edited). My issue was that with Spotify Premium (when I last used back in 2014) was that your own music could sit on a playlist alongside the rental music, but when you listened via mobile app, your own music did not appear in the playlist. That, plus different artists disappearing at random points, first led me to Google Music (where the above problems were not an issue) then Apple Music (because Google Music originally did not have the family plan).
  2. Apple Music or Plex on the go (commute/work). Used to use Spotify Premium, but the lack of ability to have my music alongside the rental music when listening via the mobile app put me to Apple Music where the regular discounts on iTunes Gift cards brings the family plan to $12 a month. I have my 540GB+ (and growing) collection of music (ripped as MP3 at 320) on Plex and mirrored to iTunes via my QNAP server. Primarily use Sonos at home - it plays well with everything (Apple Music and Plex again as my primaries, but have had no issues in the past when I have used Spotify/Google Music/Amazon/Groove) with the added bonus of having TuneIt for radio stations. It was very expensive to put together my collection of speakers, but having the same song throughout the house at tolerable levels for all rooms is worth it as we now listen to far more music in the house on a daily basis.
  3. 2001 Honda Accord - 110K (wife's daily driver) 2003 Honda Pilot - 165K (my daily driver + the weekend all-weather/need to haul vehicle) 2009 Saturn Sky Redline - 23K (my newest vehicle - bought in 2014 - the weekend is nice, let's take a drive vehicle)
  4. There really is no wrong order here. But I'll go with 1 - 4 - 2 - 5 - 3.
  5. What is the downside if you say no? Worst case scenario:. They dump you because you did not want the fast path. Take the job. Don't look back. Bust it for a few years and ramp up your earning potential.
  6. Bruce in Philly tonight and earlier this AM scored a pair of Green Day tickets for the Tower later this month.
  7. Yup. Was really hoping there would be an Ice crossover to the Bayou Love thread.
  8. Not a laptop, but I have a 2014 HP i3 desktop (Staples BF special bought using mainly ink cart certs, so like $100 out the door) on Win10 that was running SUPER slow. Just did a complete reinstall, dropped the OS on an SSD and bumped up the RAM from 4GB to 16GB - thing is flying now. My Dell outlet Studio laptop from 2007 still works pretty effectively, once it finishes booting up. But that thing barely travels out of the house, so we have taken good care of it. Went SSD and bumped up the RAM on that one when I jumped it to Win10 as well.
  9. Solid show. Iommi was great on guitar (made sure to grab a seat on his side) and Ozzy wasn't as bad as I was expecting. But $150 for 14 songs is a little rough - glad my lawn seat + upgrade less voucher got me there for $15. Place was PACKED - not sure where they would have put another person (although they could have used my seat next to the offensive lineman sized young lady in Section 304 as I gave up quite early on that spot). Thanks again for the timing info - made it to my seat just before Sabbath came on.
  10. My favorite Coldplay song.
  11. Thanks @dutch for the timeline and the info on RS.
  12. Going to this show Tuesday in Holmdel. Anyone have set times for this one? Curious when Sabbath goes on. Rival Sons worth seeing?
  13. Caught the Countng Crows/Rob Thomas/K Phillips show the other night in NJ. Did not read the start time and missed K. Phillips (he was on 630-710ish) completely. Rob Thomas (730-845ish) was FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC. Third time I was seeing him with his solo band(but first time not at The Beacon) and his show was just as good as a MB20 ampetheater show. Great mix of known solo material + deeper solo/ MB20 cuts + covers (Prince's "Baby I'm A Star" for me - Bowie's "Let's Dance" the next night) + reworked MB20 hits (IMHO, "3 A.M." slowed down with the addition of pedal steel is worth the price of admission alone). Give me one or two more MB20 tunes and it would have been a perfect set. After that, the remaining highlight was hearing "Super 8" from Jason Isbell during the changeover. Or that Counting Crows "only" played 1:45 (915-1100). Take your pick. I sensed trouble during "Mr. Jones" at three songs in (the first of here "play em each night war horses"). I didn't leave only because CC stuck our favorite war horses at the end ("A Long December" for me, "Rain King" for my better half). And like the 15 or so songs that preceded them, they butchered those war horses as well in a way that only David Lee Roth/Vince Neil could. Adam's voice got "slightly" better as the show marinated towards the midpoint, but he was awful. And since it seems from the set lists, they rotate "Round Here", "Omaha", and "Sullivan Street" onto the front end of the set where you get two max on any given night, so you don't even know which one you'll get (SS for us) if you are looking for one of those. So, maybe it was a bad night in Holmdel. Or maybe not (my friends who went the next night in Camden have a similar outlook). Adam commented that they loved the venue (my 3x seeing them there) and the sound there, but maybe they have a new sound guy as I did not think they sounded good at all. Even the band harmonies (when they had them) were off. Bottom line is if you've seen them years ago and thought about going back, don't. Or do, but only to see Rob Thomas and call it an early night.
  14. Went to the new Ford Ampetheater on Coney Island Boadwalk for O.A.R. this past Saturday night. First, let me talk about the venue. Drove out there Saturday from Central NJ - about an hour to get there. Venue is two blocks from the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium - no game, so you can park there like we did. Small place (5,000 seats), with decent sight lines from the front section side. All seats are considered to be "covered" - but if you are in the last 4-6 seats of the row a rain storm may make you question that cover. Pretty good sound under there as well - did a walk during the opener to check it out. A little difficult getting our, but from lights up to my driveway was only an hour fifteen, so not bad considering. Would go back for another Saturday show - not sure it would work logistically for another day for me from Central NJ. O.A.R. put on a great show Saturday night. Show built up really well and they slipped the new song into the right spot - great energy coming from the stage. "hHeaven", "Peace" and "Poker" were really solid. Opening band was The Hunts - seven brothers and sisters with a Mumford and Sons meets The Lumineers combo sound. Not bad, but I wouldn't go crazy trying to catch their set.