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  1. From Twitter: "This ASG Home Run Derby reaching the 2nd round is the first time ever for Nationals Park to see the 2nd round of a baseball event" Saw the 2008 Home Run Derby at Old Yankee Stadium where Josh Hamilton launched 28 bombs in the first round only to lose in the finals. That was fun - even better as free tickets.
  2. Was a great book - watched the first two episodes and will follow it out to the end. Little slow at time, but true to the book from my recollection.
  3. My weekend ride is a 2009 Saturn Sky Redline in Ruby Red - less than 25K miles. Auto, 300HP from a turbo 4 after mods. Like This One but without the stripe (removed by previous owner)
  4. 2008 G5 ticket? That was a fantastic experience (both “halves” of the game). Still have my ticket as well. Phillies should invite me to any WS G5 going forward - right now, I’m undefeated (1993, 2008, 2009).
  5. You are welcome on the advice and if you do end up going, we may have to meet up - already ticketed for the lawn to see that show myself. One thing I meant to mention earlier - as would be expected, the best sound in the pavilion is with the middle sections 101/201 to 103/203. Hit or miss with the sections on the ends, unless you are on the side closest to those center sections - had a really bad sound experience a few years back with Brad Paisley (but similar seats for MMRBQ were fine for sound).
  6. Definitely. Will post them here to help out any other FBGs (or to solicit additional advice). Since you are in the pavilion, no need to worry about going in at the right time to catch the best seat on the lawn. For the pavilion, the 100's are closest to stage, 200's are furthest to stage. Sections 102/202 are the center of the pavilion, Sections 100-101/200-201 are considered the "Walt" side (for the Walt Whitman Bridge to Philly) and Sections 103-104/203-204 are considered the "Ben" side (for the Ben Franklin Bridge to Philly). Reason I note this is because I like to park on the side of the building where my seats are (I typically swing for seats on the Walt side) to make getting out of there easier logistics. Parking is $30 (or $40 if you picked up VIP parking during the on-sale), unless you head to Victor's Pub (on Ben side) before the game and spend $40+, which allows you to park there during the show for free and just a five minute walk to the venue. Sometimes, you can grab a VIP parking pass from StubHub - if you do, make sure it's actually on the NJ side and not the PA side where you then have to take the ferry across to the venue - VIP Lot 1 passes are the best for the Walt side, as that lot is right outside of the entry gates. A handicap placard does allow you to park in the VIP lots with a gameday price of $30. If it's a sold out show, I try to get there about 20-30 minutes after lots open and tailgate up until when I want to go into the venue. If you try to time it "just right", you may get stuck in some heavy traffic as all of the ways into the venue lots are through city streets, so I will try to eliminate that unknown if I can. Same for going into the venue - I try to go in 30 minutes before the first artist I want to see in case it's backed up going in through security. You are allowed one unopened bottle of water per person. Assuming the artist has a "standard" setlist, if it's a work night we typically start walking out after the guitar solo of that last song. Puts me in front of 80% of the crowd heading out and prevents me from getting caught up in traffic heading out. Camden is not the greatest of neighborhoods, so I typically stick to getting out as quick as possible after the show and I don't go sightseeing. If my seats are in the center of pavilion or Ben side and I happened to park on Walt side for tailgating, then I will try to hang out on the Walt side of pavilion for the last song of the show by sliding into an empty row. Tailgating is fine for any of the lots around the venue - work everything through a red Solo cup and should have no issues, although security is pretty good about giving 1st warnings if you are not acting crazy. Follow the venue on Twitter for details on when the lot open, gates open and possibly set times. Another way to get the set times is to go by the snack stands in the pavilions at either end (Ben or Walt) of the venue as you enter - they typically will post them on the side of one or two of the pretzel or popcorn machines. Food options other than pretzel or popcorn are at the OUTSIDE stands at either end of the lawn section - Chickie and Pete's Crab Fries at either end, Guy Fieri burgers only on the Ben side. Pretty easy to traverse from Ben to Walt side as there is a walking channel between the pavilion and the lawn to allow for this. Ben side is along the Delaware River across from Philly - you can check out the Battleship NJ that is parked there if you take a walk back (that is also where they would setup any "B" stage for a festival concert date). Bathrooms in each of the pavilions or outside near the food stands. Lastly, BB&T Pavilion has a seriously good beer game - probably about 25+ different stands from various local breweries, plus every standard brand. When I counted last year, I think I saw about 75 different varieties of beer from your standard Bud/Coors/Miller up to the various craft styles on tap.
  7. Was on the lawn for the Saturday night Foo show in Camden - caught tickets in the public onsale, but game day lawn tickets were $125+. Would consider it a very good show, but not great - if you have seen them in the past, then I would not consider it a must-see show this time around. Agree with @James Daulton that too many "meh" new songs, plus the extended outro jam of The Pretender, different versions of songs (Wheels has a new arrangement) and the lengthy cover song block in the middle of the show combines to stunt any momentum this show builds to send the show into the great zone. But when they got rolling, it was a classic FF show. I'd post one setlist item as a spoiler, but I do not remember how to do that.
  8. Foo Fighters tonight in Camden from the lawn - I really hope they don't play a lot from the new album (should be called "Concrete and Off The Medal Platform" instead of "Concrete and Gold").
  9. A few make-up picks ft. country artists Round 9 - Zedd (ft. Maren Morris) - The Middle Not saying I love it, but I don't automatically flip the channel when it comes on. Round 10 - Justin Timberlake (ft. Chris Stapleton) - Say Something Seems like they missed out on cranking this song up a minute or two earlier, but still a quality song.
  10. Posting my weekend selections...rock on... Round 7 - Greta Van Fleet - Safari Song Was released late in 2017, but reached #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart in February 2018. If that is too much of a stretch to include here, I’ll make another selection. Still mad I missed the onsale for when they played Starland Ballroom a few weeks ago - would have been a good show. Round 8 - Judas Priest - Firepower Still rocking after all these years
  11. Lucero’s “Live From Atlanta” set turned me into a big fan. Had randomly seen them before in concert as an opener for THS, but that album made me seek out their shows each time through NYC/NJ/Philadelphia.
  12. Seeing TGA in August at the Stone Pony SummerStage.
  13. Make up pick for Round 5 from yesterday - St. Paul & The Broken Bones - Apollo Just out, but liked it instantly when I heard it earlier this week. For my Round 6 pick, I'll go with Kacey Musgraves' Slow Burn (from SNL) to bring it down a notch. What a great voice and have liked all of her material so far.
  14. My morning pick, going back to that Gaslight Anthem well for another year Round 4 - Brian Fallon - Etta James In a story in RS, Brian notes that he wanted to reference similar to what they did on 80's hip-hop. With this love song, he wanted to make that reference as to how he felt for the other person, which he felt was always communicated in Etta James' songs. Full RS Article
  15. Looks like I owe two and with the Leon song I was going to take now off the board, into the alt country and pop country arenas we go. Round 2 - Lucero - For The Lonely Ones - digging it and looking forward to the next release in early August Round 3 - Jason Aldean - Up In Smoke - not one of the first two singles of his 2018 release, but it should be really solid in concert