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  1. From the 3rd spot QB: B Mayfield, D Brees RB: A Kamara, M Gordon, D Guice, J Jackson, E McGuire WR: M Evans, K Allen, W Fuller, E Sanders, A Miller, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, P Williams TE: OJ Howard, C Herndon, D Goedert, T Eifert PK: J Elliott TD: Denver
  2. Yea I am pretty heavily invested in last year's draft and am trying to build up 2020's stock as well but you have a have a point in using those picks to benefit future drafts as well. I feel like I should be able to get something decent for Carson/Barber but who knows with this group
  3. Yep, that has been the tough sell to me. With the odds of getting back end picks it may become a crap shoot of whether I can get the same value back much less more.
  4. I agree with most everything you have said here. I had some older guys that should have been able to net me something but unfortunately I could never get anybody to offer more than scraps. I was offering up Larry Fitzgerald for the last 4 years as he was putting in top 10 seasons and I think the best offer I got was a 3rd rd pick. This league has made it tough trying to get back on top after my team aged. I kinda figured my best bet was just to take some risks on some young guys and hope it works out. I do think guice and jones will end up being really good rbs but there is some obvious risk there. I was thinking maybe with 5 1st rd picks in 2020 i could net a couple of the top RBs in that draft
  5. Decided to kind of blow up my team last year and rebuild with the aim to position myself well in the 2020 draft to get competitive again that year. With that said my current team is as follows: QB - Garoppolo RB - Guice, A Jones, Carson, Barber WR - DJ Moore, Sutton, Pettis, A Miller, Agholor, Doctson, Quinn TE - Herndon, Burton, I Thomas I have little draft capital this year, and currently 2 1st rd picks for 2020 (most likely high and mid) I have been proposed a trade of: give: Guice and Jones get: C Ridley and 3 1st rd 2020 picks (most likely mid to late) Would it be worth it to basically destroy what rbs i have to get more 2020 draft stock? I have tried moving carson and barber for pick but so far no luck. What other moves should I be looking to make? 12 team .5ppr btw start 1qb 2rb 2wr 2flex 1te
  6. In a dynasty league I am in I have been debating trading my 2019 1st rd pick for a 2020 1st rd pick and a player of some sort. I’m not even going to go into why or what player would be involved because it isn’t relevant to the conversation I just had. i just had an owner argue that regardless of year all 1st rd picks are of equal value. Therefore why would he add anything to the deal. It wasn’t even like he was trying to trade pick for pick, he just didn’t see the point in trading picks because it’s the same value. i really just want to know I’m not crazy and this is a normal thought process I am having. Or if I need to go check into a clinic...
  7. .5 ppr The last few weeks I have been trying to get Royce Freeman in a trade. The other owner seems like he is close to accepting but keeps holding off last minute. Freeman has looked rough these first 2 weeks to while the deal may go through I'm now worried about Freeman's future. Want to get some thoughts on the potential trade below: I get: Royce Freeman and 3rd rd pick I give: Christian Kirk, Josh Doctson, Chris Carson
  8. I have dynasty team that is on the brink of needing a big rebuild. I have an offer to give up Fitz and a 3rd rd pick for Moncrief and a 2nd. I am a little torn because I'm not sure if Moncrief will ever amount to anything but I haven't had any better offers for Fitz. Is the a deal I should jump on or keep shopping?
  9. 12 Team Dynasty .5 PPR Start 1qb/2rb/2wr/1te/2 flex Give: Tom Brady, Chris Carson Get: Jordan Howard, OJ Howard Here is my roster: Brady, Rivers McCoy, Abdullah, Rodgers, AP, White, Bernard, Conner, Carson Cooks, Fitzgerald, D Jackson, R Mathews, Maclin, T Williams, Agholor, Edelman, J Brown, Kearse Clay Kind of worried Howard just fades into nothingness after the latest injury, Am I overthinking it?
  10. Pick 11: QB: Luck (9), Palmer (12) RB: Gordon (1), Miller (3), Woodhead (5) , J White (11), Foreman (15), Langford (17) WR: M Thomas (2), Robinson (4), Garçon (7), C Coleman(10), Funchess (13), K White(14), T Smith (16), C Johnson (19) TE: Eifert (6), Henry (8) K: Sturgis (20) D: NYG (18)
  11. Was offered Brandin Cooks and 2018 2nd round pick (likely late) for Jordan Reed and Jamal Williams Current Team: Brady, Rivers, Hundley McCoy, Abdullah, White, Bernard, AP, Williams, Connor Edelman, Fitzgerald, R Mathews, D Jackson, Tyrell Williams, Maclin, Doctson, Agholor Reed Possible TE pickups to replace Reed would include: Fiedorowicz, Jesse James, DeValve, ASJ, Derby, possibly some other lesser known guys Should I take this and if so what TE should I try to grab?