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  1. .5ppr Bench one: OBJ, Brandin Cooks, David Johnson, Tarik Cohen. -LAR or Buffalo DST -full point ppr: Drake or Ingram -Standard: Gronk or Samuels Lots of share of Keenan, Mahomes, and Butker - finding myself down big unfortunately. So leaning highest upside if that changes anything? Looking like a rough finish, but thanks for all your work this year.
  2. .5PPR Pick 2: David Johnson, Tarik Cohen, Kenny G. + Rams or Bills Defense?
  3. Half point PPR: rb, rb, wr, wr, rb/wr chubb, AP, Cohen, brandin Cooks, Keenan Allen, Kenny G which player do you keep on the bench? Played against Kittle in TNF, so behind a bit of that changes rational.
  4. Hi sig, Loaded at WR but missing the right play each week. OBJ and Keenan frustrating. Need to find a way to get Babytron in line up each and every week? Would you seek trade...and if so...How would you value those 6 WRs moving forward....which guys you look to trade and what kind of package would you look for in return? .5ppr qb-2wr-2rb-TE-flex mahomes obj golladay Cooks Keenan TY trequan DJ AP Aaron Jones Derrick Henry Tarik Cohen gronk
  5. Hello sig, Traded Conner Aghalor and Chicago D for David Johnson and trey burton this week. Now looking at: mahomes OBJ, Keenan, TY, Cooks, Babytron DJ, AP, D-Henry, Alf Morris, Ware gronk, burton .5 PPR. I could still package WR for another RB. Keenan + in play for Howard. Cooks straight up in play for Lamar miller. Let the season unfold with WR surplus, or continue push to strengthen RB?
  6. Pick 2: Martavis, James White, Kerwynn, Devante Parker, Corey Davis QB-RB-RB-WR-WR-TE-Flex-K-Def Standard Scoring. Also - trade Martin and Martavis for Crowell? Starters: Brady, Keenan, Bryant, T. West, Lynch, Gronk, D. Parker Bench: David Johnson, Kerwynn, Corey Davis, James White, Tyrell Williams, Doug Martin.
  7. pick one: tyrell williams AJ Green lockett already starting thomas
  8. Pick 2: Michael Thomas, Tyrell Williams, AJ Green, Lockett Pick 1: Jason Witten, Eric Ebron, Jordan Reed - or your fav. TE ranked outside the top 8. Pick 1: San Diego or Tenn Thanks!