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  1. Agree, but at the same time one cannot become a prisoner of history.
  2. Nobody said that. Dude wasn't jogging is all.
  4. I don't agree with Pence on this mask thing, but to be fair they cut the video right after. He was joking.
  6. Why didn't they just shoot on site? Look i'm not defending these punk ### clowns.
  7. I don't know...that's the point. He ran toward at truck and someone filmed from behind.
  8. I'm just watching the video, tell me.
  9. He appears to run around passenger side to the front and engage gunman on the driver side
  10. I agree but i will have to wonder if he didn't attack 2 armed dumbasses in pickup truck would he be alive today?
  11. It doesn't really matter, I asked because i know who jogs in my neighborhood. It appears it happened really close to his house. This case is going to come down to 2 guys trying to take the law into their own hands. They get attacked and now it's self-defense. Sound familiar?
  12. Who shot the video?... Why did they turn the camera on? were they apart of the plot?
  13. There are so many unanswered questions. 2 dumbasses in a pickup truck, patrolling the neighborhood with guns. To me, it looks like the victim isn't jogging, he's not exactly wearing the gear. It looks like he is chasing after a pickup truck, with the person . Whatever happened , this appears to be another self-defense rollercoaster.