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  1. They realize are going to lose. Whenever something happens that the Dems they don't like, they are going to throw the "Russia" label on it. That's why CNN and Hillary are pointing at Tulsi right now. When the election is over they will spin 4 more years of Russia.
  2. Um not true. It's corruption.
  3. MSNBC/CNN tried too hard. They went too damn far with conspiracy stories. They cried wolf every week. I believe they are the reason Trump will win in 2020. He's now the favorite in Vegas.
  4. No denying mass killings took place. When trying to label it as genocide you have to take "intent" into account. There was no campaign of genocide. He simply wanted to subjugate them, and those who resisted were killed. Hitler, now that's genocide.
  5. video was released. Cop reacts to the scene. Gun seen in window. Officer reacts. Wait for more info.
  6. Yeah the white cop could clearly see she was black in the dark
  7. Britpop remembers