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  1. Kitchens is in over his head, alarmingly even, but then there's just the usual influx of weird, dumb Browns-y stuff in that game that makes no sense. Chubb and Bitonio, two of our more dependable players, having games like that is just a killer and not on coaches.
  2. I could see us playing New England tough, but the things that worked well today will backfire and vice versa. Also, the offensive woes are overshadowing the defensive woes. A weekly Myles Garrett sack isn't enough. We haven't forced turnovers in the last 2 games.
  3. Do we give up draft picks for Trent Williams or just accept that we are what we are for this year and roll the dice? Obviously he wouldnt fix everything but our OL has games where they are overmatched.
  4. The Chiefs also had the Javon Belcher murder/suicide in 2012. He killed his girlfriend. Then drove to the stadium parking lot and killed himself in front of Romeo Crennel IIRC. They played (and won) the next day. Was weeks before Sandy Hook.
  5. I remember the Browns talked to Ray Rice a year or so after that video came out. I would think they weren't the only team. Thing with Rice was he was trending down and getting older. The ROI wouldn't have been there most likely. Hunt is a 23-year-old pro bowler. Some GM/coach on thin ice could very well pull the trigger.
  6. Another takeaway from that game - The honeymoon phase for our 'vaunted' receiver group is done. Njoku and Callaway are both clearly talented, but there's a big dropoff after Landry in terms of reliability/production. I think I've seen enough of Peppers too and am thinking Dorsey looks for safety help to replace him in the offseason.
  7. I see people saying this, but how often do NFL coaches do something that risky when you're up 8 points? Belichick did it in a 2009 game against the Colts in similar circumstances and it backfired. I believe Mike Smith did it in a 2011 game and it backfired too. Special teams needs to get at least average play on the ensuing punt and not let the guy get to midfield. As iffy as Hue is, I don't think he lost us this game.
  8. Is the Barkley excitement largely combine-driven? I don't remember him as the consensus No. 1 before it.
  9. How did Ogbah not make the list? I thought he was the most impactful player on D.
  10. 2 years ago, Josh McCown suffered a concussion on the opening drive of the season. Last year they were on their 3rd string QB by Week 3. That has nothing to do with this year but yes, it's entirely possible he plays and he plays a lot.
  11. My ego isn't at stake on what you said. If you think he's not a leader and is more of a friend that alienates some players then it doesn't mean he will fail because I bet all NFL head coaches have lots of players who feel alienated where some love their HC. Basically its context of what you said. Now if you have a lie to the Oakland front office is what I said about the power vacuum wrong where Hue made the push for Carson Palmer and then when the new GM was hired he wanted his own guy? At the time Hue made the move for Palmer it didn't work and I think that is the main reason why it didn't work in Oakland. Also Hue did 'act out' a bit at that time when things were unravelling and that is my main concern with the hire but not that his style might favor some and alienate other players. I imagine that is far more common all over the league so I don't think its an issue with Hue that we have to be concerned over. My main concern is he threw his entire team under the bus late in the year when they were out of it. Correct. It absolutely doesn't. And he will certainly eat, drink, breathe football and the Browns. He is an all-consuming type. I EDIT: Oops. I agree that isn't a big concern but what do you know about how he acted when things got tough at the end where it seemed he threw his team under the bus? If I'm not mistaken he is the one who said "We're the dumbest team in the NFL" or words to that effect. Could have been a momentary glitch, kiinda like a coach stepping out on the field to try an trip a kick returner in a nationally televised game or allowing you assistants to go out on the field in a playoff game to bait PacMan, cough cough. But what is your take on how Hue acted at the end when things got tough because he is sure to face tough times in Cleveland over the next three years. That was Bill Callahan
  12. I dunno. I've justified Colt McCoy, Brian Hoyer and even Brandon Weeden in the past five years after they looked good in stretches. This team is just so atrocious it's hard to get a good read or feel good about anything one player is doing. Whoever the new coach/GM is will have their own opinion of Manziel so that's gonna factor in quite a bit toward his future in CLE.
  13. It wouldn’t have been popular, but I was all for us trading Joe Thomas if Denver offered a first and a second rounder. There are going to have to be some band aids ripped off. Let the guy experience some success while he’s still an elite talent and we can stockpile picks. Even Ray Farmer could hit on one out of four of the top 60-ish players. The problem is we’ve got band aids over lacerations and they ain’t doing any good.