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  1. James White vs. Malcolm Brown vs Lat Murray I feel like this isn't a game script for James White especially if AB plays. Not really much of a need for check downs with how bad the Dolphins are. I would love to play Murray here but Taysom Hill vulture terrifies me. Brown is all dependent on how Gurley fares.
  2. White or Murray at RB? It looks like such a toss up for me and I've been taking one out for the other all day. Half PPR
  3. starting over watson because its exciting. I play fantasy for the thrills baby!
  4. haha I <3 this thread. There is just a pinch of craziness in here. It's like visiting a christian home and then you enter a room with the goth daughter
  5. You are trying to buy a talented running back who is playing with 2 pro bowlers and a world class oline. Even if he starts, real production value comes when Dez and ROmo are back. Remember Demarco Murray? CM is not DM bue he is pretty talented, evben a 75% production of DM is absurdly great, seeing as how he was a FA pickup. He's going to be 2014 ODB for a lot of people.
  6. Turns out his fantasy football owners don't actually impact his performance. I don't have to prove ####. It was the doubters that was causing unnecessary drama and ####posts that caused the other thread to get locked up.
  7. what else is new with Floyd? Him getting involved maybe means he get a few more deep ball thrown to him. And I use the word "few" sparingly.
  8. both games he played, he could've had big games if it weren't PI called. week 1 td pass PI. week 2 TWO PI deep passes.
  9. As a previous Foster owner, seeing him on the injury report every week was an "probable" was not fun. But for this price, so worth it. Congrats to people who were able to get him
  10. The darkest hour is before the dawn. We must center our faith in the Lord Josh Gordon. To have faith in Josh Gordon means to have such trust in Him that we obey whatever He commands. As we place our faith in Josh Gordon, becoming His obedient disciples, Heavenly Father will forgive our sins and prepare us to return to Him.Knowing of the many blessings that come through exercising faith in Josh Gordon, we should seek to increase our faith in Him. The Savior said, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, … nothing shall be impossible unto you” (Matthew 17:20). A mustard seed is very small, but it grows into a large tree.
  11. It's funny...he really is the King of Garbage Time. Well, he's been getting the garbage reps for years - he should be good by now I think this year it has been probably the worst I can remember for Cutler getting garbage time points. It seems as though he has nothing going and then he tacks on a td or two in the 4th q when they are down huge. You call him Garbage time King, I call him Kid Clutch
  12. Cutler is a great fantasy qb to own. So glad I got him in the 9th.