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  1. Doc, I know you're up to your normal evening routine of hitting the bottle and starting i-fights, but this thread is about Koya's feelings. Sidetracking this thread with a pointless i-fight takes away from the focus. Please respect Koya's feelings.
  2. For the past several years when Conservatives shared their concerns, Liberals ruthlessly derided them as racist, xenophobic, and evil. Now that Liberals have concerns you expect us to be sympathetic? Maybe if Liberals had been more sympathetic you'd get sympathy in return. But since Liberals were not only unsympathetic, but also condescending and dismissive you can go pound sand. See how that works? Liberals made this bed, now lie in it. Tim, will be over to tuck you in.
  3. Sorry about all the emoticon responses, but you said you weren't looking for a back and forth on your post, just emotive thoughts.
  4. Based on your post count and prose I was able to diagnose your depression awhile ago. Feel free to PM me if you're feeling down and need someone to talk to, but please don't do anything rash. Looking out for you, buddy.
  5. Your fear stoking the past few pages has been both more extreme and more amusing.
  6. What's so scary about whites, Christians, and people against open borders actually wanting their voice to be heard in our democratic process? Oh, the horror.
  7. Karlos Williams: A contending team hit with injuries at the running back position will give the power back another shot in the NFL. Williams, who was very effective last season, will be motivated to prove that he's not a tubby malcontent.
  8. I'll guess Super Bowl II with Daryle LaMonica as the Raiders starter and only QB designation on the active roster. George Blanda was listed as the Raiders kicker, but he was also their back-up QB.
  9. Yesterday, NFL on CBS posted the following comparison of Aaron Rodgers last eight games vs. Blaine Gabbert's last eight games...
  10. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Flynn addresses 'deadliest month' in 25 years A woman beaten to death with a lamp in an act of domestic violence. A man fatally stabbed during an argument outside a tavern. A man shot and killed while returning from a funeral for his grandfather. Those are just three of the 24 homicides recorded in August — what Milwaukee police have termed the "deadliest month" in 25 years. It is the highest monthly total since July 1991, when the victims of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer were discovered, Milwaukee police said. "We've had a slight increase in domestic violence homicides this year, but the biggest driver of our homicides is arguments and fights and retaliation among people with criminal records," Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said Thursday. "Some of our challenge is simply consistently being able to deter armed offending through the criminal justice system," he added. "The penalties are too weak." Although Chicago has captured national headlines for having its deadliest month in nearly two decades, Milwaukee had a higher per capita rate of killings (4 per 100,000 people) in August compared with its neighbor to the south (3.3 per 100,000 people), according to Milwaukee police. Tracey Dent, a longtime community activist, called the statistics "heartbreaking." "At the same time, I have anger," he said. "I host a lot of 'Stop the Violence' events with very little support because people will say ... 'nothing's going to change.'" "Twenty-four homicides in one month and there's no outrage?" he continued. "That's a problem." Dent said it will take residents, police and city leaders working together to prevent and reduce deadly violence. Flynn said he wanted to bring attention to the homicides because the killings seemed to get lost in media coverage dominated by the fatal police shooting of Sylville Smith on Aug. 13. The police shooting touched off two nights of violent unrest in the Sherman Park neighborhood. Crowds have continued to gather near the scene, N. 44th St. and W. Auer Ave., leading to recent arrests after officers were summoned to the area by nearby residents. "The fact remains the overwhelming problem facing this city is violent crime, homicidal violent crime, that is most significant in afflicting our disadvantaged neighborhoods of color," Flynn said. Flynn said the department has been challenged by having to "expend extraordinary resources" to the continuing unrest and that "has obviously had an impact on our ability to be proactive."