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  1. Pat Sajak is a great Twitter follow. Legitimately funny guy. Example
  2. Church Drummers To Play 70-Minute Solos In Honor Of Neil Peart This Sunday
  3. Your post is the exact battle I had with my wife for years. ”Why are you more upset about doing nothing for my birthday than I am? It’s my damn birthday!” Eventually I wore her down and she now cares as little about me as I care about myself. Winning.
  4. If you didn’t play INXS Never Tear Us Apart while doing that then you did it wrong.
  5. Fine, send me a reminder on your birthday and I’ll do that for you.
  6. Girls’ movie? Whoa, cool it with the gender stereotypes while telling me to cool it with the gender stereotyping.
  7. Sounds like his voice may still be transitioning to manhood.
  8. We allow both tights and yoga pants in Arendelle. We’re not as uptight as the Kingdom of Footballguysia.
  9. Well, I now know someone who isn’t getting an invite to this year’s Arendelle Ball.
  10. We’re not messing with it. We’re just noting that this particularly thing that makes a minority of men happy seems a bit needy. They remain free to need.
  11. Thanks, but I’m not sure of the exact date Anna & Elsa made me.
  12. Yeah, of course people can do what they want, and then people make judgments based on what others do. That’s called life.
  13. I saw a grown man online fishing for people to wish him a “Happy Birthday!” I pointed out that grown men soliciting birthday wishes looks needy and embarrassing. I had no clue I was poking a hornet’s nest with the pro-adult male birthday people kindly offering me an all expenses paid trip to hell. What say you?
  14. Yeah, that joke doesn’t work as well with a woman. Somebody may have to clue Trips in on human biology.
  15. The more pulp the better. I’m like Lord Pulpatine.
  16. After considerable public rumbling about his future, Hitler took to Instagram to let his fans know he’d be back for more Blitzkrieg.
  17. Hitler was willing to give up the Fuhrership and leave Germany for some hot mulatta action.
  18. With what’s going on between Iran and the U.S. right it might be a good time for the WWE to bring back the Iron Sheik. Have Sheiky Baby break a jobber’s back and then make him humble old world style in the middle of the ring. Have that red X WWE used to censor out Jake’s snake biting Savage. Major heat.
  19. I was listening to Busted Open today and Dave LaGreca had Okada in his Top 5 wrestlers of the decade, but had AJ Styles #1. Jericho at #2.
  20. On that note, the NFL’s all-decade team.
  21. Yeah, I definitely get the argument that since there was no Year 0 you start at Year 1 and go through Year 10 to get a decade. Repeat process so that each decade starts with the 1 year. Makes sense based on calendar history. But then you’re left with the incongruous and nonsensical situation where you’re talking about the “decade of the 20s” but that includes 2030, but not 2020. I’ll stick with majority viewing the decade in practical terms rather than technical terms, even if technically that’s incorrect based on no Year 0. ”In a recent YouGov survey, 64% of Americans said the next decade will begin on Jan. 1, 2020, and end on Dec. 31, 2029. But nearly 20% said they weren't sure – and slightly fewer people said the next decade won't start until Jan. 1, 2021. On this question, many voices of authority are with the minority.”
  22. I love you wikkidpissah, and I don’t care if that sounds gay. You strike me as one of the few people more concerned with just being real than self-censoring your words or ideas to what’s acceptable under current norms. Happy New Year’s, brother. Give my love to Bill Ricca.