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  1. 2 minutes ago, Rirruto said:

    I can usually understand someone’s argument even if I don’t agree with it. I get where vegans and vegetarians are coming from. Hell, maybe they’re right. 

    But eating meat and being anti-hunting bumfuzzles me. Factory farms are nasty places to live, and wild game gets to live a cool life as a Buffalo or whatever until it gets taken out in a super quick way. 

    Plus, it’s got to be healthier for you. I don’t hunt, but that’s only really because I’m not very manly and don’t know how.


    I’m the exact same way.  I’ve never hunted and I likely never will.  With that said, I can’t understand such an unnatural reaction to something so natural.  Does that father not understand that he probably wouldn’t be alive to berate the hunter had his ancestors not hunted?

  2. 2 hours ago, EYLive said:

    What's mind blowing is that some people's worlds are completely black/white, and there's no room for gray areas whatsoever. 

    That’s why I posted this. I can see both sides of the argument.  Gun to my head, though, I’ll side with the sheriff’s attempt to protect children.  I wish he would disaggregate the sex offenders, though, and apply his methods only to the pedophiles and hebephiles since they’re attracted to the age range of Trick-or-Treaters.

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  3. 10 minutes ago, TheIronSheik said:

    This is so strange.  I never thought I'd see people arguing FOR sex offenders.  I'm not even going to attempt to argue in this thread.  I'm out.  :lol:


    Seemed like fair points by The Big Guy.  That’s why I noted that it’s not as simple a situation as one would think upon hearing the parties involved.

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  4. Who do you agree with more in this sex offenders v. sheriff battle?  (Perhaps not as easy a choice as it would seem given the parties involved.)


    A group of registered sex offenders in Georgia is suing a county sheriff's office for placing signs in their front yards warning residents not to trick-or-treat at their homes on Halloween.

    Butts County Sheriff Gary Long's office placed the large white signs in the offenders' yards last Halloween and had plans to do it again this year, but the federal class-action lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Macon, Georgia, hopes to stop it.

    The posters include images of two stop signs, the "no" symbol plastered across a Halloween bag and the message: "WARNING! NO TRICK-OR-TREAT AT THIS ADDRESS!!"

    According to the lawsuit, one deputy told an offender he could be arrested if he removed the sign before Halloween night.

    The suit, which says it is on behalf of all of the registered sex offenders in the county southeast of Atlanta, contends that the placing of the signs violates laws against trespassing on private property and the plaintiffs' constitutional rights against forced speech.

    The sex offenders also claim in the suit that they were left humiliated and embarrassed by last year's signs. They are asking a federal judge to declare the practice by the sheriff's office "unlawful and invalid."

    State law gives the sheriff "many legal avenues by which he may publicize the name, address and even photograph of every registered sex offender in Butts County, but unless and until the Legislature authorizes it, coming onto their property to force them to display signs is simply not one of them," attorney Mark Yurachek, who represents the plaintiffs, said in a statement.

    Sheriff Long posted a statement on Facebook saying he put the signs up to "ensure the safety of our children." He said the department will argue at a hearing in federal court on Thursday that his office is "protecting our children and following Georgia Law by placing these signs."

    "Regardless of the Judge’s ruling this Thursday, I WILL do everything within the letter of the Law to protect the children of this Community," he posted.

    The plaintiffs are seeking a jury trial and damages.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Doctor Detroit said:

    Um, I don't think all the sex you had in prison counts as a box. 

    Doc, I know you're up to your normal evening routine of hitting the bottle and starting i-fights, but this thread is about Koya's feelings.  Sidetracking this thread with a pointless i-fight takes away from the focus.  Please respect Koya's feelings.

  6. For the past several years when Conservatives shared their concerns, Liberals ruthlessly derided them as racist, xenophobic, and evil.

    Now that Liberals have concerns you expect us to be sympathetic?  Maybe if Liberals had been more sympathetic you'd get sympathy in return.  But since Liberals were not only unsympathetic, but also condescending and dismissive you can go pound sand.  See how that works?

    Liberals made this bed, now lie in it.  Tim, will be over to tuck you in.

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