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  1. They both need to go away, and their respective threads should be locked. That way it won't clutter up the front page of the Shark Pool where we discuss actual fantasy football players. TZM
  2. Fournette is literally locked up behind the scrimmage. You gotta love his involvement and snap count as an owner, and realistically I didn't expect much vs Tennessee , but this is just horrible. He has no holes, and is getting almost zero blocking to help. Nobody could have had a good night under these circumstances as a JAX RB. TZM
  3. So this is a weekly occurrence. In last week's thread, I mentioned how I am NOT an NFL fan, merely that I like the game of fantasy and its intricacies. (Not to mention the $$$ helps) Every week I try and tell myself how "any primetime game" is unwatchable, penalties, commercials, terrible announcing (don't fool yourself, they are ALL BAD)...its just not something I want to suffer through. Then the optimist in me gets me going, I start looking forward to the Thursday game, if I have someone going. So I start getting excited, looking forward to it. All this time and hype, I anticipate it. Then there is about 10 minutes of action, then its a complete letdown yet again. It's always some great action for 5-10 minutes, then the penalties and commercials, dreadful stuff. Kinda like my sex life. Tons of hype and anticipation......10 minutes of action then it sucks again. TZM
  4. My starting group in week 1 in one league at WR was...... TYREEK HILL, JUJU SMITH-SCHUSTER and ANTHONY MILLER. All three were injured in week 1 or banged up going in, with JuJu coming back "gimpy" and now without Big Ben, and Miller is currently droppable rubbish. Suffice to say, after falling terribly desperate for WR, I snagged Williams in that one league. I don't know if I can "confidently" start him over DJ CHARK , or EDELMAN , but I'm seriously thinking about firing him up over Chark tonight. So all of the above got me to doing some digging. Why are people so high on this guy? I found this on Youtube. Check him out fighting for yardage in the play at :36 seconds. Also check out the "my ball mentality" he displays in the play at 3:35. Then have a look at the one handed play he makes in the play at 4:05. Its easy to see why guys are fans of Preston Williams. He has the "it factor". The play he makes at 9:00 is a wild one, where the ball virtually disappears (look very carefully) and then look at the catch he makes there. I'm needing a big night tonight, and I'm really thinking about slipping Williams in over DJ Chark. Point is, from what I see, the DOLPHINS are cutting most anyone and everyone loose, yet there has been no talk of moving this guy. (Understandable, what could they get for him at this point realistically anyway) I can see where they may start feeding this guy the ball, and he could possibly give surprising numbers to owners this year if things fell right, but its just not an elite offense (err, TEAM ). I could see a scenario where he gives high end WR3-ish type numbers (or low end WR2), with the occasional blow up game...but it certainly looks like next year will be the year to own him, not 2019. TZM
  5. Injury to James Conner, so JAYLEN SAMUELS will be another target on the wire. TZM
  6. Time to get another week of pick-ups started. With the apparent injury of David Johnson, I will throw out the first target........ CHASE EDMONDS. Who all ya got??? TZM
  7. Ok boys.......we gonna DROP IT LIKE ITS HOCK today. Firing him up in 2/4 leagues. This year, just as in the last 4-5 years I essentially drafted as though TE was a non existent position in our leagues. I just don't like spending round 6 and earlier capital for tight ends. Usually a streamer or someone comes forward in the early weeks to give you back end top 10 production, but it looks like (in redraft leagues) HOCKENSON may be a similar type "out of the TE abyss" guy, except the difference is, he has top 2-3 TE talent and upside. I know the stock on this guy essentially exploded overnight, after last Sunday but we should get some solid insight today. If its another one of those 8+ target days from Stafford, I'm ready to pencil this guy in as an automatic TOP 10 TE moving forward, "start him/never bench him and don't question it from now on" type of scenario and talents. @rockaction - I'm digging the Beastie Boys flashback. I also remember when "Paul's Boutique" came out, and many guys trashed it. It took awhile for me to come around on it, but it really is a masterpiece of old-school rap. BTW - "Car Thief" was my banger. TZM
  8. Some snippage....... But I agree with parts of the above. I propose we do this. At the end of regulation, we have another coin toss and it is handled exactly as the pre kickoff ritual. Then both teams can proceed to their respective locker rooms for 15-20 minutes. An acceptable "break" or "breather period" to let each team gather themselves and prepare for the coming extension. We now have a 10:00 MINUTE GAME EXTENSION , similar to another quarter, but its realistically a small 10 minute "game" after the tie. Each team is given only one lone timeout. Or, you could basically not give either team any timeouts, and take away any they may have had at the end of the 4th. (I actually thought of this years ago. A 5 minute time allotment isn't enough, but 20 more minutes is just too much more. A 10 minute extension is about perfect.) Note - eliminating any timeouts from there on, would help keep the pace and action fast, and force teams to "try and win" rather than just burn the clock slowly like we see all too often in the middle of games today. Once the kickoff is determined, everything is played just like it is normally. Except the game doesn't end after a TD (or any other silliness), the entire 10 minute extension is played. If after this 10 minute extension is played, there is STILL a tie, then the game isn't over. Its now finished similar to an old style sudden death..... basically, the first team to score NOW, in any fashion wins, GAME OVER. Note - There would never be any ties. Any and all games would eventually end, for better or for worse. The games wouldn't last "all night", in fact the majority of them would be over after the 10 minute extra period or soon thereafter. You guys are getting paid millions of dollars. #### A TIE GAME..... DETERMINE A WINNER. TZM
  9. I know we mention this every year....but HOLY #### am I getting a slew of terrible offers. Not to change the tone of this thread, but a few trades and proposals I've seen in the last 24 hours. Owner A offers JOSH GORDON.......... will receive TODD GURLEY. Owner A then "bettered" his offer to A gives TY HILTON ........... will receive TODD GURLEY. I got a sparkler from said owner. Owner A offers TY HILTON......... will receive my ALVIN KAMARA. This is a truly special offer, since not only is this league is points per reception, but its also points per carry. TZM
  10. I like the first 2 moves a lot. I'd temper Kyler Murray expectations this week, then watch him slowly get better as the year goes on. And if you ever followed the "RB Lotto Ticket " thread that I've been a part of, you will know I love holding these type backs. (ALEXANDER MATTISON) Its such a great feeling when everyone rushes to the wire to nab these guys in the event of an injury or something else in front of them........and you already have them rostered. I mention my early thoughts on Mattison here....... ~~~~> The fact the Vikes seem to be leaning very heavily on the run thus far at least, makes Mattison an even better bench hold in my opinion. TZM
  11. I've heard several Cardinal fans allude to the fact it took "a few games" before Carson Palmer before he was comfortable in the system. As far as I can remember, he also didn't exactly have an over abundance of talent around him the first season or two when he got on board with the Cardinals at first, other than possibly Larry Fitzgerald. It wasn't until a year or two later where they had a solid team around him, David Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, a much improved defense, etc. etc. I'm working with a foggy memory at best , but its tough to draw a big conclusion if he had poor talent around him in my opinion. Of course, it often takes QBs a handful of weeks before they are operating smoothly in a new system, or so it seems. I think the hate on Jameis might be a bit premature this year, as I pointed out earlier in this thread. I dropped him in 1 league, and benched him this week in another. Now if he has a disaster outing next week vs the GMEN , then I will likely be cutting all Winston ties at that point. (as luck would have it, I was fortunate enough to get RUSSELL WILSON off the wire this week in 1 particular 10 teamer.... the owner had him drafted as a back up QB to Mahomes.) This isn't as odd a drop as it may sound, in this league there is some weird scoring, including PPC/ points per completion. Russell Wilson isn't nearly as strong in this set up as he is in other more standard formats. Not on the run,run,run trajectory they seem to be heading this year anyway. I'll be watching Winston closely, and if he turns it around I may well start him over Wilson later in the season. (In this specific format) TZM
  12. Well done brother. I'd actually like to see this squad, and how many seasons it took you to build that one. And I wouldn't be moving Evans for Watkins +. (although I'm assuming you are looking to get an early pick. You can afford to "give" Evans up in this instance, looking to get an early pick and perhaps improve your roster strength at other positions.) I mentioned it earlier, but how can anyone want to move this guy (in redraft) at this point? Its like they looked at nothing but boxscores so far this season and paid no attention to his health in Week 1, and his targets/possibilities in Week 2. TZM
  13. WILL FULLER is the ideal "best ball" candidate. In fact, he should be the poster child for that type league. TZM