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  1. This is looking like one of those guys (boom or bust) thats had a strong season, and will carry you to the playoffs. Then let you down , where you are battling for 3rd in week 16. It certainly reeks of this anyway..... at least as it stands right now. TZM
  2. I chose to roll out the TITANS, and sat a couple other options. Can't say it will be a "week winner", (as they got me 10 points in Yahoo leagues) but I suppose it could have been worse. I will take the 10 points and try and win with my lineups elsewhere. Now, the real question, is what do you think of TEN going forward....? Not completely in love with them versus the GIANTS @ NY , but lets be realistic........ there are limited options for the majority of us. Not to mention some shrewd owners are trying to play "keep away" by picking up other options as well. But, looking forward to *CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK 16* , the Titans are once again @ home vs. the REDSKINS. Its important to mention they may still be fighting for a playoff spot, and the Skins are certainly coming apart at the seams. This may well be a monstrous play in the finals. I'll have to watch how things go next week, and I likely will be looking for another play then too, and watch the Titans closely. TZM
  3. I blew my year long "wait" of waiver priority on Jaylen Samuels this week, (gonna fire him up at TE after losing GREG OLSEN~!) and tried to snag DENVER as my streamer defense on the turnaround, but didn't get them. Not really loving it, but I have TEN vs JAX . I feel like this could be another low scoring game, and a couple of patented CODY KESSLER INTs could be on the menu. Even if BLAKE BORTLES comes back in at some point, its not like he isn't a turnover machine at times too. Anyone else rolling with TEN tonight? Curious if there are any more good plays for a barely owned defense. I just noticed BUFFALO and SEATTLE on my wire as well, but I don't like either of those......or I could see games that aren't as low scoring as TEN vs JAX. Who all else are you guys streaming this week? This is must win for many of us. TZM
  4. To those who streamed INDY this week, it didn't necessarily work out. But, as Luck may have it , you might not want to cut them just yet. INDY now faces JACKSONVILLE this week, who are likely to be without Leonard Fournette , and even better....they are due to be led by CODY KESSLER. I'm not really sure I want to hold INDY for the playoffs (that's the reason I started this thread) but there may have been a few streamers that happened to fire up INDY this week and were debating on cutting them after that poor fantasy showing. Weeks 14-15-16, INDY plays HOU, DAL then NYG respectively. Any thoughts on a playoff hold/play for INDY? Any other possible streamer thoughts/choices for the playoffs are appreciated as well. TZM
  5. I started to post this in the streaming thread, but its generally a week-to-week question and recommendations in there. Usually there is one of these "playoff specials" threads, and I figured it was time to start one up, for those of us that can afford to stash one for a probable playoff run. I have CHICAGO in 2 spots, but in my other important league I am forced to stream, and I currently have ARIZONA in this week vs. the abomination known as OAKLAND. I'm posting this to see who the streamer crew is targeting ahead of time for week 14, week 15 and week 16. *CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK~!* I do note that DENVER is owned in less than 50% of Yahoo leagues. WEEK 14 @ SF.......... WEEK 15 VS. CLEVELAND .......... WEEK 16 @ OAKLAND. (Championship week) I know its a few weeks out yet, but especially for those of us that have already clinched, or are extremely likely to do so, who all are you guys targeting for a pick up and stash playoff play? We need to stay ahead of the masses, who ya got? TZM
  6. Rex Burkhead. Sony Michel isn't necessarily a bastion of health, and Burkhead has at times been fairly heavily involved. It will likely take an injury to White or Michel, but if either of those happens, you will definitely want Burkhead on your roster. In the one league I own Sony Michel, I snagged Burkhead for my IR spot last week. I dropped D'ONTA FOREMAN accordingly. (Who by all accounts isn't ready to return yet) TZM
  7. I own Wilson in 2/3 leagues, and I started Fitzpatrick in all 3 this week. But I benched Wilson all season thus far to see if he is more dependable late season as he has been traditionally. Its trending more and more in that direction, but I targeted him specifically for weeks 15-16, as I mentioned above. His schedule is decent rest-of-season, but those 15-16 weeks should be money. Obviously you have to actually MAKE the playoffs to get there. I *should* make the playoffs in 2/3 of my leagues, and if I do, I am looking forward to starting Wilson at that time. All this hope aside, I don't exactly have the best history with Wilson. Every time I have depended on him early season, he has been terrible. Then I trade him away or outright cut him, and he blows up. Maybe this year will be different. If he somehow manages to let me down again this year, I'm done with him for the rest of eternity. TZM
  8. Yep. McCaffrey still in the game. These dumb #### coaches will never learn. Its going to take a high profile to literally get crippled in a meaningless situation, for them to learn their lesson. I take that back, they still won't learn. TZM
  9. The above sporting news article sounds an awful lot like "Yeah, Jameis is a great QB, leader and locker room presence. He will be a good addition somewhere, now WTF will you trade us for him???" TZM
  10. Saw the news shortly ago on Rotoworld. Promptly slipped him into my IR spot over D'Onta Foreman in a league where I already own Sony Michel and am overloaded at RB. I am glad to have Rex on my IR, but as a Sony Michel owner, I'd just as soon Rex stay on the bench until week 17. Here's to hoping Hoodie Bill "saves" Rex on the bench for a deep playoff run~! TZM
  11. Whilst I never said I thought it was necessarily the "right thing to do, or did I say it was ethical", it is part of the game on Yahoo settings in many leagues, and I am sure it may be that way on other hosts as well. @EthnicFury - Hit it straight away, in many Yahoo settings it works only for Thursday night settings, and although it probably shouldn't be allowed, you can not say an owner is "wrong" (Or shouldn't do it??) just for following the rules and taking advantage of certain little nuances. @Davearm - What you are saying is correct, you could actually do that if you wanted I believe, and without repercussion. Even though i know you were laying out an extreme case to essentially say you didn't agree it should be allowed. (Maybe thats just the way I interpreted it) There are other responses, and I won't address them all specifically. I generally write about things that I think are advantageous to the casual FF player, or more often than not its something that interests me from a strategy standpoint. This "free play" is something I just happened to notice years ago in the yahoo leagues I play in. Just not ALL my leagues are set up this way. Several years ago, I noticed something (and I'm fairly sure I mentioned it elsewhere on the board here) about the waiver wire in our leagues as well. It just so happens someone else pointed it out here in the last few days in a new thread. Look here ~~~~~~> Essentially, about 45 minutes before waivers "run" on yahoo, there is a bit of a dark period. If someone is fast enough or lucky enough to catch it during that period, they can pick up and add players before waivers "run" or so it appears at first glance. During this small window, you can add and drop players, before the players that have been claimed are awarded to their owners that made their successful claims. (Note - you can not pick up someone who has been claimed, he is "locked in" and you can't acquire him, only unclaimed players) You literally have to be fortunate enough to be aware and notice it right as it is happening, as sometimes the waivers run at slightly different times of night on a week to week basis. When you look at the free agents list, you can acquire players before any players that have been claimed are doled out. I think this is another area which is technically within the rules, but I can see where a few players don't agree with this. But realistically, how is this any different than me being awake at 5:00 a.m. (earlier than most owners ) and making moves, before you wake up for work and are awarded your claimed player? Anyone who is up can notice and act accordingly. Just because some may not agree that it is "right" in their opinion, doesn't mean another owner should or shouldn't do it. Leagues have different criteria on IR spots, number of waiver wire maneuvers, different ways of vetoing trades, different settings, different rules like "you MUST play an active player in all positions" (essentially forcing owners to occasionally drop strong players to acquire a defense or kicker on a given week) different ways of "tanking" (Do you think throwing a game in the final week of the regular season to allow a much-worse team into the playoffs, all for your benefit of playing said team in round 1 of those playoffs should be allowed???). This last one is an issue I don't think people will EVER uniformly agree on. Just because it is often allowed or within the rules, doesn't necessarily mean its the right thing to do. That is probably the case in my "free play" example about CJ Anderson. Just because one can do it, should an owner be able to or should he?? I don't know personally, if I'm qualified or even smart enough to judge it on exactly how "right or wrong" this is...... but I won't condemn someone else if they made this play. Hell, I made it myself in 2 leagues. (technically I haven't dropped Anderson yet, and its not really a "bad play", unless I drop him before the weekend is it?) Oddly enough, I own McCaffrey in one of those leagues, and I probably will not drop Anderson there and keep CMC handcuffed for a playoff run. But in my other league I will consider dropping Anderson if CMC doesn't get injured tonight. The more points a couple of you guys bring up, the more it gets me to thinking on exactly how "right or wrong" this move may be. TZM
  12. Plenty of leagues you can........... provided like habsfan above said, they can't have been started. If they were started, then they must be held on to. (I do realize everyone's leagues are different though) TZM
  13. Liked* , because your thread re titling is pretty epic. (MCCOWN vs. ANDERSON) I'm a big Josh McCown fan. TZM
  14. A late season "free-roll type play" has dawned on me and there is several of them each year, the best ones are usually on a Thursday/involving the Thursday night games. If you guys want a free chance at a possible difference maker............... pick up C.J. ANDERSON today if you have a bench spot available. Its a rare situation where you get a "free gamble" at a potential difference maker late season on a Thursday night game. I usually notice a handful of them every season. The play here is, snag C.J. ANDERSON tonight before the game starts if he is available in your league. (and you have a bench spot to sacrifice) Anderson is 11% owned in Yahoo leagues. In the event of a CMC injury in tonight's game, you have landed a potential very strong RB play going forward. Realize this is essentially a free shot. If CMC doesn't get injured (and I never like for players to get hurt), then you simply drop Anderson Friday or Saturday, and snag someone else going into the weekend that may help your team, or you pick up yet another end-of-bench RB dart throw. Note the Carolina Panthers fantasy playoff schedule. WEEK 14 - @ CLE WEEK 15 - vs. N.O. SAINTS WEEK 16 - vs. ATL One would guess CJ Anderson would be heavily utilized in the event of something happening to McCaffrey. Its not like Anderson hasn't been a good player in the past, and he is a solid pass catcher too. Should nothing happen to McCaffrey tonight, then you can just drop Anderson, and pick up someone else for the weekend. I do want to add, I think if you are a McCaffrey owner, now is the time to acquire Anderson in case something happens down the stretch. But this is a good play for anyone (even non CMC owners) that has a bench roster spot to burn for the next 24-48 hours. These plays come up a handful of times a year, I like to think of it as "the ultimate fantasy play". It costs you essentially nothing and it rarely works out, but when it does, you might have possibly acquired yourself someone ahead of the weekend that can be a true difference maker late season for a possible playoff run. (or help you get to the playoffs) TZM
  15. I said this in other areas of the board, and possibly in this thread earlier. Try and acquire Russell Wilson for the playoffs. I'm rolling with Fitzpatrick until playoff time. Wilson's schedule looks something like this - WEEK 13 vs. SF WEEK 14 vs. MIN WEEK 15 @ SF WEEK 16 vs. KC Particularly weeks 15 -16. The week 16 vs. KC game might induce a bunch of guys to say something like "Wilson won me my championship this year" when its all over with. You can still get Wilson "reasonably cheap" from many owners. I detest carrying 2 QBs in my redraft leagues, as it just eats up precious bench real estate that my RB dart throws need to be inhabiting. But this is a case where I don't want to drop Wilson so someone else can have him for that playoff stretch. TZM