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  1. OK guys, the games have started. You know the routine. Who all ya got for early pick-ups after week 11??? I'll go first with the obvious MILES SANDERS. TZM
  2. Agreed 100%. Bright prospect in dynasty. Re-draft garbage this season. (If you are trying to get WR1numbers from him anyway, which is what you drafted. He is a low end WR3 at best) But it's looking like he has brought most redraft teams to their knees this year. He may or may not even play this coming week, and I am just flat cutting him in at least one league. You can likely stream WR3s with better success than what you get here. The whole offense is now a wasteland due to the fights/suspensions/concussions the other night, and it may be a couple weeks before we even see where we can get anything dependable. Possibly some meager RB numbers........ TZM
  3. Some snip. Agree 100%. Look further up thread and I pointed it out that Kingsbury seems to be playing a shell game with "injury news" to the media. Perhaps this is his way of throwing up smokescreens. "Hey, look how smart I am, I'm like Belichick and can pull the wool over everyone's eyes~!!" This is purely a guess, but this rookie coach is likely using everything that he can to throw everyone off and succeed in any way possible. Why wouldn't he lie to the media to help cover up his true gameplan? Regardless of how you view this, it is very apparent that DJ is hurt. Like Shutout above, I have been on DJ from the beginning. In fact I went to great lengths to argue he would have a better career than Todd Gurley (though much of that was health related early on, not necessarily talent) AND - DJ is exactly the type of guy to try and gut it out. He is the type guy no one ever says anything bad about. Coaches, management, organization etc. etc. etc. Several times over his great early run, he showed he would play through injuries, and not just sit out. People are quick to say "is he cuttable?, he has just lost it...... etc". Well check out how good his numbers were through week 6. A quick glance reveals over 610+ combined yards and at least 5 TDs through week 6. Owners have a damn short memory. He was just fine through the first 6 weeks, and then he got injured. So in 6 weeks you get 600+ total yards, and 5 TDs, with a new coach, a new system and a rookie QB still gathering confidence and adjusting to the NFL. I don't think he has lost it at all, (or at least he hadn't up until that point) and I don't think any of us could have truly expected much more honestly. All this aside, he certainly hasn't looked the same since week 7. This is probably a combination of....... the coach not really knowing exactly how much to give him yet, him being actually injured and trying to play through it, AND the injuries to others and the bringing in of Drake and the coach trying to figure the best utilization of the both of them. He doesn't look like the same player from early this season, nor his past big years...but I don't think we will know exactly what he has left in the DJ tank, until he gets truly healthy and gets a sizeable workload. Sadly, it may be next year before we get to see all that work itself out. (and it may take some speculating in FF drafts too) I say give him time off until after their bye, then take the reins off if he is truly healthy. I'm certainly not giving up the ship, I just want him healthy so we can use him during the fantasy playoffs. TZM
  4. Thinking this guy is outright cuttable in re-draft. (and that's saying something, I generally play in mandatory start 3WRs leagues) I actually felt this way after week 9, but I hate dropping these 1st round-ish talent guys unless I'm absolutely certain they are truly a waste. The shark move would have been to try and trade him directly after week 1 - 2 with Ben's injury. In retrospect, had we gotten say 80 cents on the dollar it would have been a great maneuver. I figured his upside to be essentially capped with Ben gone, but he has essentially sunk teams. Once we determine some of the others in the next few weeks, JuJu is sure to be on any TOP 10 FANTASY BUST lists for 2019. TZM
  5. Then you should bench him for other options like I am. Jokes aside, I don't see how anyone can trust this entire scenario starting with Kingsbury's "news items" that may or may not even be true at times, all the way down through the hit-and-miss run game. Until some signs of life appear, he is perma-benched where I have him. TZM
  6. Just for context, I am in a 10 teamer, .5PPR , where we start 2 WRs, 2 RBs and a FLEX . 6 Bench spots. I am starting BRIAN HILL and TEVIN COLEMAN , and flexing JAMES WHITE , all these OVER David Johnson this week. (I also roster these other RBs..... Matt Breida , Devonta Freeman, Latavius Murray, and obviously , David Johnson on the bench) For various reasons I opted NOT to handcuff DJ recently, but I did have Chase Edmonds weeks ago. Reading the news bits, it "seems" as though DJ is healthy, well........ at least not on the injury report. Kingsbury said he is obviously slowed by injuries. One would hope DJ sits this week, he could stay out and get healthy through the bye week and come back fresh week 13. (and it actually seems like he will take the field and play this week) FWIW - In this post, further up thread ~~~~~~> I commented that I think Kliff Kingsbury may be using a bit of gamesmanship weekly concerning his RBs, and other starters. I don't know that is the case, but I am watching his comments and AZ news closely to see what he is saying each week. (One week DJ is "our bellcow", the next Edmonds goes slam off, and yet another week he says "Drake will be integrated slowly into our offense" and he has a monster game only a couple days after signing with the organization) It literally wouldn't surprise me if DJ comes out guns blazing this week, runs for 80-100 yards and has a TD. But it also wouldn't surprise me if DJ gets very little carries, and looks injured in the process. I personally am not trusting DJ until he has a solid showing. I know some are going to be forced to start him this week due to injuries, bye issues etc. etc., but I am benching him until he looks better or hes a desperation start due to other circumstances. TZM
  7. I had a discussion with a good buddy a few nights ago, and we discuss a bunch of FF players and value. He was "stoked" to have the PITT defense in several leagues, and I had dropped them in either 2 of the 3, or in all three leagues after week 6. (They had a week 7 bye) I'm not particularly fond of holding "less than true elite" defenses on bye weeks. I figured they would have a strong showing vs the Dolphins in week 8, but look at their numbers overall. Going in to this week, they were being talked about as a top 2-3 defense. They had a 19 point week in week 4, which was CINCY. (We could foresee that as being a good week) Then they got 14 points in week 6 vs. the CHARGERS. God knows which Philip Rivers shows up on any day. It could be great or crushing to the opposing defense. In week 9 they picked up 19 again vs. the BRIAN HOYER led COLTS. Week 10 they nailed the RAMS for 25 points. GOFF has been brutal this year....again no shocker Anyway, the point of this story, is I told my buddy early this week that "the defense is a bit of a mirage, they are not as good as you think". Sure they have played a bit above their head at times, but when you look back at 4 of their better weeks, then you see the "excuse" for them to have some of those big games when they did. I know they have Cincy again next week, but I don't think they are the "must start" from here on like others have said. Other than Cincy next week, I'd be looking elsewhere honestly.... with a possible spot start week 15 vs. BUFFALO. EDIT- To add that our league is either standard defensive scoring, or close to it, I can't remember offhand. TZM
  8. Had to start him in a must win game, as my WR3. (and I benched him in another start 3 WRs league) He has been brutal this season, and Ben going down in week 1 is likely 90% of it considering his volume has been down as well. Hopefully he is just fine..... but maybe now we can finally just cut him and let someone else have this weekly headache. TZM
  9. OK, games are under way boys. Fortunately, no serious injuries to "major" skill position players so far. Looking over the games, who all ya got so far as possible early pickups for next week? I'd have to say O.J. Howard to start in the vast pit of TE gloom and doom. What ya got?? TZM
  10. No, in my one "terrible TE league" I picked up and started Olsen, (traded for Hunter Henry late week) so we will see how that turns out. But in my other terrible TE league (yeah thats right, I am in 2 of these actually LOL) I started Herndon. I essentially diversified my terribleness. In that league Herndon currently has me a slick 2 targets, 1 reception for a blistering 7 yards. (.07) I was a hair from picking up OJ Howard, who of course has a TD. My guys don't do such things though. I wouldn't know how to feel. TZM
  11. I'm kind of in the same boat. Terrible options on the wire, or ones I have rolled out and gotten truly bad numbers with thus far. (scroll up and check out some of my TE streaming handiwork) The other choices I have in one spot are JIMMY GRAHAM, JACOB HOLLISTER, and even worse. I feel like the floor is about the same for all these, but Darnold/Herndon did have a bit of a connection, so I'm pinching my nose, rolling him out and hoping for a dump off 5 yard TD pass near the stripe. Not expecting but a few targets, and it should only get better after today. And trust me, I'm in a must win in this league too. Good luck to us LB Larry. TZM
  12. I'm basically the I STAY ON THE LEDGE. I make it my home. I just got a pillow to make it a bit more comfortable during FF season. You get used to it after a few years. TZM
  13. Standard, 12 teamer, but mandatory START 3WRs . Currently have Tyreek Hill, JuJu and AJ Brown slotted in. Edelman and Chark on byes on my bench. (not that it matters, with Deshaun Watson on a bye...... I am streaming Tannehill as well, so looking for that connection) AJ Brown is a tough one for me to gauge thus far. I like everything I've seen recently, and I have been watching a few Titans games lately to get a glimpse of this guy in action. He seems to have that "my ball mentality" which is always a plus. The only knock I can see watching him play, is he seems a touch slow. That might be deceiving though , since he is such a big imposing looking WR. I intend on watching a few more games of his. Corey Davis has been a bit of a disaster , so maybe the time is ripe for an AJ Brown coming out party. I guess I have about as much confidence as one can have, with a Titans WR. TZM
  14. The majority of my leagues are generally like this. People tend to want to "clearly win the trade" rather than actually just improve their team. (scroll earlier in this thread to see my rant on that, lol) But, its usually the same owners that would just rather "die on the vine stubbornly holding their players" and slowly lose season after season, while many of us make the playoffs and cash more often than not. I'm actually not a big trading kind of guy. But when I see I need to improve an area, I generally try and do it if possible. I don't get it. Some people would rather "hold a stud on their bench, that they can't start" , rather than turn that into a usable asset, albeit one that might not produce to the same level as said stud. Thats what makes our leagues good though. TZM