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  1. Not knowing the team rosters, I have a hard time seeing Lamar Jackson being cut loose for those RBs, unless they were in RB needy situations. (but that is very common this year too, so I get it) But the last deal "JULIO/MATTISON" for "HUNT/KELLEY" ........ well done to the Julio/Mattison side. (I'm assuming he has Cook) Way to protect his Cook investment and Julio will get better as the season goes along. TZM
  2. I don't know any league specifics (see my first post), but I like the ARob side of #1, unless he was very RB needy. In the last one I love the WILSON/COOPER side. Evans could be gold, but it is looking like this year Wilson is going all scorched Earth ....and Cooper is in a good scenario. I snagged Wilson in 2/4 leagues, and regret not getting him in all 4. (In one of those I have Mahomes, and while I like Mahomes generally, I still see this as a massive Wilson year, just as I did all offseason) TZM
  3. Ok boys, every year we usually get this one going, and its helpful to gauge value in our redraft leagues, and try and see what other managers are giving up, to get something. As always, please try and give a very small bit of context, and also mention *NUMBER OF TEAMS* and any odd league scoring that may help clarify things. (Superflex, start 3WRs, PPR, TE premium etc. etc.) I will list a few here to get the ball rolling. 10 TEAMER, standard scoring but START 3 WRs no flex - TEAM A SENDS - JIMMY GAROPOLLO/MIKE EVANS/GEORGE KITTLE TEAM B SENDS - PATRICK MAHOMES (this happened after week 1, when Evans and Kittle were hurt. Still a bad trade, and he even told me "Yeah I know its an overpay, but I want Mahomes") LOL. Same league........ 10 TEAMER, standard scoring but START 3 WRs no flex - TEAM A (yours truly) sends - MARK INGRAM and N'KEAL HARRY (I have an RB surplus but Julio and Davante Adams hurt) TEAM B sends - KENNY GOLLADAY (this guy lost Barkley and is scrambling at RB) I have 1-2 more trades being worked on in my leagues, so I will add more soon. Who all ya got??? TZM
  4. So a buddy of mine, owns Brady and Minshew in a highly competitive "standard-ish/but start THREE WRs" league. We were talking earlier this week, about how he "was fooled" on Brady, and I pointed out I haven't been a big Brady believer (for fantasy obviously) for the last 3-4 years. He said he was likely going to start Minshew in his place this week because of opponent/defense etc. Tonight I had him on the phone, and he promptly reminded me of one of the more terrible feelings in all of fantasy football. Yes indeed he started Minshew on Thursday night and he essentially had a horrendous night as we all know. Now, he faces the "slow torturous death" of the entire Friday/Saturday/Sunday knowing he has almost no shot. (He is also missing one key starter whom I forget offhand, and he has to start DAVID JOHNSON in a brutal matchup in Pittsburgh). He has pretty much written this week off. That is one of the longest stretches in all of fantasy, having a terrible Thursday night performance by a starting player (or worse multiples) then going the next few days knowing you have almost no shot of overcoming it. Not so much a gripe or brag, just a shoutout to those that are going through this currently. To make matters worse, this is the ONLY LEAGUE this guy is ever in, so he can't help his sorrows by looking at his other leagues. Meanwhile, I started JAMES ROBINSON in one league where I need a win (and lost Barkley), and snagged MYLES GASKIN late last week in every league I could as an end of bench stash....... so there's that. TZM
  5. Thats gotta be one of the greatest feelings in all of fantasy football. Starting a guy in a kick return/punt return points league, and you see the guy you started throw his hand up for a fair catch. It's one of the warm fuzzy feelings I will probably never experience in this game of FF. TZM
  6. I said that kind of as a joke. I like Breida as well, and he has shined at times. My opinion of him dropped a little when he called himself a "sneetah". (apparently a cross between a snake and a cheetah) And no I'm not making that up. TZM
  7. Love these stories, and like rooting for those in them, seeing as I seem to find myself in these every year. Let's get a steady diet of James Robinson and one long bomb to Keelan Cole........ One time. I'm firing up Robinson in a league where I lost Barkley. (Interesting note - I won a CHAMPIONSHIP a few years ago rolling out the *BLAKE BORTLES/KEELAN COLE* combo in a 3WR league in that one late season run. Maybe this brings you some good luck) TZM
  8. I yanked him out early this afternoon, in fact I posted it here when he was listed as OUT. But thanks. @Tool Check your PMs. TZM
  9. I will wager you one assorted CASE of hot sauce this does NOT happen. I kinda like Parker, but I'm just saying. The breakout is coming, see the Myles Gaskin thread. TZM
  10. I hope to see that tbh. The injuries have been so vast this season, I have ended up with Gaskin on the end of my benches in 3/4 leagues. I really doubt they will ever give him a true bellcow role, after making the effort and getting Howard and Breida. (Doesn't management generally try and force these mediocre type guys into roles trying to "prove" their selections were right?) But, this *IS* the never know. In the back of my mind I think we would need to see one HELL of a showing/breakout tonight for him to get a big role going forward.....kinda hoping it happens actually. TZM
  11. I'd much rather watch this game than the KC/Baltimore matchup. I always like these ####fest games where owners are having to start all these "alternative players" after the injuries are rampant. On that note, I am starting JAMES ROBINSON in a league where I lost Barkley. I also have DJ CHARK IN 3/4 spots.......(as my WR3 in start 3 WR leagues) who knows wtf I will do in those. Hey @Hot Sauce Guy are you keeping track yet? The list of my bad "juju" injuries as you put it, is never ending. Oh wait, wrong thread. TZM
  12. Lifting weights and posting about Chark all the while slapping a keyboard like a caveman doesn't always mix well. TZM