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  1. You are right. Pitt is a great landing spot for fantasy. And also one I will avoid like the black plague. There is but one Steeler I will own this year, and thats JuJu. Hopefully my leaguemates don't see this and JuJu comes at a deep discount. Of course, everything depends on JuJu and Big Ben BOTH being healthy....... and thats a bit of a parlay I reckon. TZM
  2. Please let us know here after you register and see what you can find out. I don't quite have the time right now, but I may try and look into this later in the week. It starts the week after the Super Bowl, and a "smart business move" would be for the XFL to advertise this during the SB itself. (If the NFL would actually allow this to happen that is) TZM
  3. Is there any fantasy site or platform that is setting up to offer this? I prefer Yahoo, but since I can't find any word anywhere on them offering it, I'm going to assume they haven't planned on it whatsoever. Any input is appreciated. TZM
  4. Every year, there are guys that run slam into a buzzsaw in the playoffs. This year I ran into the biggest one I have ever seen. This year I had one playoff team. (3 leagues) This playoff team had , RUSSELL WILSON, TYLER LOCKETT, MIKE EVANS, DEVANTE PARKER, DERRICK HENRY, ALVIN KAMARA, DEVONTA FREEMAN, JAMES WHITE, LATAVIUS MURRAY, EVAN ENGRAM + TE SCRAPS, SF DEFENSE.............. Due to injuries, my opponent had the "unfortunate luck" to have to start a few luminaries (Sanders and Drake)...........This week in the semis I ran up into this hornets nest. LAMAR JACKSON 50+, JULIO JONES 28+, MILES SANDERS 35+ , KENYAN DRAKE 44+, ZACH ERTZ 13+, JAMES CONNER 13+ . My opponent put up over 205, where a solid score is in the 125 range. Easily the highest I've ever seen in any of our leagues. I know he had 4 players combine for at least 13 TDs. This year it was my turn to fall on the sword I reckon. TZM
  5. I think a BIG problem in this industry is lack of interest in the offseason. Or more specifically, we need an offseason product to cut our downtime. This is a big deal for the serious players, and its also a big deal for the analysts and forces behind the product we all like. (Who wouldn't want the ability to make EXTRA money during the usual offseason....? Think about that, seriously.) If addressed, some solid XFL FANTASY CONTENT could seriously ease a very long dry spell for us as players, and it obviously is a way to make more money in the offseason, by offering a slightly different product/content , but it is similar enough as to where many of us would slowly gravitate towards XFL leagues. It lasts roughly 2 months beginning right after the Super Bowl. I imagine the XFL (the average NFL fantasy player doesn't yet know how seriously this is being handled, it is certainly NOT the XFL of old) has plans in place for some type of fantasy product when the time comes. Even if it is just "very limited content", I can't help but think FBG needs to be on this train from the start. In 2-3 years it may fizzle out completely.....but if it doesn't FBG should be on board. If it takes off, FBG would be considered one of the leaders of the new fantasy movement. DO I THINK AN XFL FANTASY PRODUCT WOULD BE THE NEXT BIG THING AND TAKE OVER NFL FANTASY LEAGUES??? - Not at all, and I'm sure it never will. But there is no reason to ignore it completely. There is a big opportunity here, and there are plenty of fantasy players looking to get involved after the current NFL season ends. I have done a bit of a small "survey" and asked around in every single one of my leagues. Most of the guys in my leagues are a bit more knowledgeable than your average player, (more "hardcore" in that sense if you will) but roughly 20% of the guys I asked have at least SOME interest in XFL fantasy. When you think about it, thats a pretty big piece of the fantasy pie. TZM
  6. Looking like after Alshon was hurt again, and Arcega-Whiteside having a similar fate in OT tonight, if someone is truly desperate, then GREG WARD for Philly might be a true HAIL MARY play. On that note, if Agholor can can get healthy, he may be a "pinch your nose" play this coming week in the semis......... Some of us are really copping it at WR right about now. TZM
  7. Any word on fantasy leagues, and potential sites that will host leagues for us sickos? Supposedly starts a week after the Super Bowl, and it will cut down our off season dramatically. (roughly 2 months) Looking forward to a small league of this when the time comes. TZM
  8. Sorry for the late thread gang.............. but better late than never. I had a few things to attend to yesterday and didn't drop this early when I possibly could have. I do not see another thread, but if there is, this can be merged or deleted. In one league yesterday (I had a bye) I lost both MIKE EVANS and DEVANTE PARKER. Evans looked like it may well be multi week (but who really knows with hamstrings) and Parker looked woozy and that often leads to multi week absences before they can get cleared. Its not just me, but I am guessing several are going to be scrounging in the playoffs for WRs. But, even though he had a brutal game yesterday, MIKE GESICKI (at TE) should be due for an obvious uptick if Parker misses time. He is currently only 30% owned on Yahoo. For those of us scraping the bottom of the barrel at WR, and elsewhere, who all you guys got?????? TZM
  9. Getting down to the last week or two for this thread, but here it is again. Let's hear your early pickups trending towards next week and the playoffs. TZM
  10. my only game that really "matters" in my 4 leagues, I'm getting GODWIN'ED. Same guy is starting JEFF DRISKEL against me too. If I get knocked out of the playoffs by Jeff F'N Driskel, I might quit fantasy forever. Wait, when does XFL fantasy start....? TZM
  11. Going to start this a bit earlier than I usually do as I may not be around this afternoon later on to do so. There is about 10 minutes left before the games start, so we need to start preparing and thinking as we watch the games today as to who we want to target this week for pick-ups. Also, you have about 5 minutes left to snag some high profile handcuffs if you haven't done so already. (I have Gallman everywhere in the event of Barkley being shut down/hurt in the next game or two. His schedule is awesome for the fantasy playoffs) Who all ya got boys...............? TZM
  12. Gotta say I am very stoked for this, but purely from a fantasy aspect. Is there any word on a platform where we will be able to utilize, draft and play fantasy on this XFL league? I'm pretty certain it will not be offered (well, maybe not year one anyway) on yahoo or ESPN, but one would think MFL or some other smaller site would jump on board with this to help get some publicity for their product. I have a pretty massive post I have been waiting to drop about some basic league set-ups and possible roster restrictions and limits. Just a few kick around ideas anyway. Its a given we won't be able to have "big leagues" like 10 or 12 teamers, there just won't be enough starting players it seems...... but a 6 team league could be easily doable, as long as we cut starting requirements back a bit. (Think maybe 1 QB, 1 RB, 2-3 WRs etc etc) I have 2 other guys here locally that are willing to try a $50 or $100 per team type league, thats half of a 6 team league right there. I'd have to look back at the schedule, but I vaguely remember there being 10 weeks then 2 weeks playoffs/championship. So a "regular season" of 8 weeks then a 2 week playoff structure for fantasy could be done with ease. Any input on this is appreciated. TZM
  13. OK guys, the games have started. You know the routine. Who all ya got for early pick-ups after week 11??? I'll go first with the obvious MILES SANDERS. TZM
  14. Agreed 100%. Bright prospect in dynasty. Re-draft garbage this season. (If you are trying to get WR1numbers from him anyway, which is what you drafted. He is a low end WR3 at best) But it's looking like he has brought most redraft teams to their knees this year. He may or may not even play this coming week, and I am just flat cutting him in at least one league. You can likely stream WR3s with better success than what you get here. The whole offense is now a wasteland due to the fights/suspensions/concussions the other night, and it may be a couple weeks before we even see where we can get anything dependable. Possibly some meager RB numbers........ TZM