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  1. I don't think I have looked forward to the end of school year this much since I was in grade school. Can't wait for the daily battles to get their E-learning done is over and replaced with normal things like brushing their hair and fighting over barbies.
  2. I think we got like 6" of rain yesterday. Our backyard "river" had an actual current to it.
  3. Fun fact that came up on one of my projects. Fire rated wall assemblies have not been tested with the expanding foam from a can to fill small gaps, they have only been tested with the larger 2 part spray insulation products where every bay is filled. The architect got a call from the GC saying that the local inspector must have just been to a seminar, cause he was claiming that all the spray foam around the windows and doors was not fire rated, and therefore needed to be removed. Architect dug into it some and the inspector is correct, there is no UL rating for using normal can foam "Great Stuff" to fill the small gaps. I have not heard back on what the solution was to keep the inspector happy. Obviously not why you don't like the product, just an interesting bit of info. If you want to nail you can also notch out half the depth of the 4x4 at the angle of the rafter so the far sides end up flush, then you could nail/screw since you would only be going through 1-1/2" of material on each member.
  4. I think last Friday was the replay of Ken's last game on his streak and one question was asking about what a "wife beater" was. Ken's first answer was "shirt", Alex asked for more, "undershirt" need more "sleeveless undershirt" which then had to go to the judges who decided that it was close enough.
  5. When does AEW Dark become their Tuesday show?? I know TNT gave them a second show and it was assumed to be moving Dark to TV. Interesting to see how NXT does against the AEW second show
  6. So you started playing the game 2 minutes after this post?
  7. I participated in the "Fatguys challenge" 7 or 8 years ago and MFP really helped to get things in line, dropped like 30-40 pounds. Since then I went on the "get fat challenge" and kicked ### in that as well. In February I started IF with only eating from 10am - 6pm. On a typical day I don't eat breakfast at home, would just get the kids up and ready for school then go to work and would have a packet of oatmeal when I got to work so I just moved that to 10 instead of 8, and then cut out the bag of chips at 9pm while watching TV. In the first month I think I dropped 8 pounds without changing anything else. I may have subconsciously reduced taking seconds at dinner as well. Also stopped buying beer and went to captain and diet cokes only. Since I started IF I am down 15 pounds and about 1.5 holes in my belt. Just entered today's food into MFP and it yelled at me for eating too little. I am at 1150 calories compared to their 1720 goal. Will keep entering to see how I am doing. The first few weeks of "stay at home" may have been in the 800 calorie range since I would catch myself at 2pm having not eaten anything yet.
  8. Some of the changes to commercials due to Covid are starting to get to me. Amazon seems to think we should think more of them because "We are flying masks out to all our employees". WTF if you are forcing them to work, you damn well better offer them the proper PPE. 1-800-GOT-JUNK has a new radio commercial where they are going over their new procedures and the lady asks "If I text you a picture of my junk, will you tell me how much it will cost to get rid of it" and every time I start laughing wondering how many dic picks they get now.
  9. As a Cubs fan I give my Sox fan friends crap for Baines making it into the Hall, even they agree he isn't worthy of it. In high school we had to make a 10 minute video for one of our classes, in the middle of it we put a commercial for "Crystal Tennis Balls" that was at least a minute of us just tossing imaginary balls in the air and trying to hit them.
  10. The Rangers got a Hall of Famer, what is wrong with that? Luckily that trade allowed Sosa to then be traded across town for George Bell.
  11. And Jordan played a prisoner who was part of a group that the warden (played by Luke Duke) would sneak out of the prison to do contracted killings and stuff. Jordan's prison nickname was "Fingers" and when being questioned had a line about not knowing much about fingerprints, while they zoomed in on his hand.
  12. Looks like years of being an ### on TV is finally getting these guys some "normal" acting chances. Bananas is on the "Worst Cooks in America - Celebrity Edition" season that started tonight, and Jordan was on Friday's episode of "Blacklist". Last week late at night on the "ABC Sports" channel, which I didn't even know was a channel, they had "Champs vs Stars" reruns, unfortunately it was episodes from season 3, and not season 1 when CT made TO quit.
  13. I am a structural engineer, the calculation for deflection takes into account the "modulus of elasticity" which is basically takes into account how much "stuff" is as far from the center of the member as possible. This is why an "I beam" is so strong, the horizontal portion is further from the middle of the beam compared to the vertical portion. So when you just sister a 2x10 vertical next to a 2x10 you aren't really increasing that variable very much. When you add a 2x4 that is flat along the bottom of the 2x10 you are doing more to increase the modulus, however the connection between the vertical 2x10 and the flat 2x4 needs to be strong enough to transfer the stresses into the flat 2x4. Depending on your crawl space slab/height, it would be easier to add a vertical double 2x8 that runs below the midspan of the floor joists with some blocking and screw jacks to support it. This would reduce the span of the floor joists in half, and therefore do more than adding a flat 2x4 to the bottom of the floor joists. Adding the flat 2x4 would work better if you had a full basement where you don't want to add anymore posts, or adding some depth would interfere with headheight.
  14. I took our minivan out for a drive today, I think it has been like 5 or 6 weeks since it moved on the driveway. With all of us at home and no where to go, there is no reason to pile everyone into the same vehicle, and when she goes to the store my wife just takes my car. Was actually surprised it started up and had no issues.
  15. Still using the same Wahl clippers I bought in college 20+ years ago. Every few weeks give myself a trim. Only time in those years that I paid for a haircut was before my wedding. With all daughters I have threatened to use the clippers on their hair if they don't brush it.