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  1. Did you see him working on his technique during his promo? Did you hear the "smack" into the pad? That move is devastating!!!
  2. Was it "What's New #####cat?" 21 times in a row? Are you John Mulaney?
  3. I am fine with the Fourth of July city/village fireworks, you know when they are, it is part of a whole town picnic/carnival/whatever. The ones I really wish would go away are the jackhole neighbors who buy the big mortars and launch then at completely random times. Why do you need to shoot off fireworks at 10:30 on a random Tuesday in May? I don't have any pets, but do have 3 kids who wake up and come downstairs and I get to spend the next few hours getting them back to sleep (only to have another random firework start the process over), and then get to deal with overtired kids the next day. And the kicker is that the house that used to do this was a State Police Officer, so there was no use in calling the cops on them.
  4. So is this a scuba diver who will plop into 6" of muck? Didn't they do that already? History has aired nothing but Oak Island reruns, best ofs and other variations of the same stuff for the last week to get us pumped to watch them not find anytyhing again.
  5. I loved Jordan's comment to Cara that was along the lines of "OK, I will stop poking you with my fingers now."
  6. Lol, my $5 hard plastic pool and $30 Costco blowup pools are really status symbols. In fact, having that kind of money just laying around is why I got my wife.
  7. The week after we closed on our house my dad sent me a link to the local sex offender registry map. Turns out our neighbor was on it for kiddie porn on his computer (I guess his story was he "accidently" went to one website and then the cops raided his house. sure buddy). Once our kids were old enough for trick or treating I noticed that he does not partake in handing out candy. All his lights are off, no bowl on the front stoop, no halloween decorations. I just assumed it was part of his probation or whatever, although now he does not show up on the registry. In the 12 years we have lived here, I have maybe said Hi to him maybe once. Was very uneasy early on when the girls were in the backyard playing in the pool.
  8. Last time I flipped on Raw I had to turn it off, the stupid shaking/zooming in and out for punches was giving me a headache. AEW last night was fun to watch. Darby with his hands behind his back, using his face to help him climp the ropes. Does WWE have a trademark on the name of certain moves? During Jericho/Darby at one point it seemed like JR was going to call it "Walls of jericho" but stopped himself at just "walls".
  9. I didn't see it mentioned in here, but AEW posts their dark matches as a 1 hour show on youtube on Tuesdays. AEW Dark.
  10. Reading seems to be a lost skill. I have several clients where this is an issue, if my email is more than a few sentances it seems they just stop reading, or can't comprehend with all those words and letters in the way. For one project the client wanted to do something that wouldn't work, I explained during a conference call why it wouldn't work, I explained it in an email with an attached plan showing why. A week later I get an email back asking if they can do what I just explained couldn't be done. I ended up having to find a picture that showed the area in question, draw on it to show him that his idea would not work and email that to him. Keep in mind that this is in his plant, and he in 5 minutes he could have walked out looked up and seen what I was talking about. In house we have joked that we need to start randomly coloring words, using 40 point font, or only using the important words just to get people to read an entire email.
  11. At work I have a blue tooth mouse that was purchsed for me "so you don't need to worry about the mouse cord being too short or getting tangled". The internal batteries last about 3 or 4 days before it needs to be plugged in and charged, so I just keep mine plugged in all the time, therefore making it a very expensive wired mouse.
  12. As long as your super sized version of Battle Bots does not have a 2500lb BlackSmith, I will tune in. I don't think that flaming hammer ever did damage. Some of these guys need to go back to last season's designs. Minotaur was a piece of junk this year, last year it just tore stuff up. Yeti last year was much better. Sawblaze was better with last years "dustpan" front, when they went to the big hammer/saw thing it was too heavy and when they fired it their front would lift and throw them off aim. Last year Duck just took punishment and pushed people around, this year he added his flipper and seemed to spend half the fights just flipping himself around.
  13. 20 years ago I was. I have North Central College's radio station in Naperville as one of my presets and will randomly flip to it.