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  1. Yes but on Dark they have had a double count out and a double DQ. Wonder how the next Cutler-Avalon fight will end.
  2. After wasting a day at work on reddit/imgur I like trying to figure out which link it will be based on the caption. Keep up the good work @Boston Fred and @Greg R
  3. Stupid question. Can you use a 2' long "sliding glove" and still be safe?? It seems like this year every base runner started using these gloves. From what I can see, their hand with the glove is longer than their actual fingers. I understand wanting to protect your fingers from being jammed when you slide into a base, why only one hand? Making your hand longer seems "against the unwritten rules of baseball".
  4. Our schools started all remote in August and are starting the option of hybrid tomorrow (M-TH and TU-F with W all remote). Sounds like each in class session will only have 4 or 5 kids in each class so they will be able to keep them spread out. The Junior High sent out maps as to which door to use based on your first class. Grade School is having the kids bring in a beach towel in case there is ever a good day and they can go outside for class (suburbs of Chicago, so doubt those get used this year). My wife is probably looking forward to this the most for her sanity. Of course, Monday the news went out that our county positive rate went above the threshold. Within an hour the school district was flooded with calls and sent out an email that they are aware, they are still going with the hybrid plan and that they will be using a two week rolling average or something. I really hope we aren't back to all remote in two weeks.
  5. I was hoping for the same. She keeps failing and at least another team passes them.
  6. I don't think they have had a contestant from outside California yet. Lately they have been introducing some as "Originally from _____" instead of having every person from a California city.
  7. Starting on the 22nd our schools are going from all remote to hybrid for those who want it. My wife jumped at the idea of kicking the kids out of the house for a few days a week (I think she was on the edge of completely snapping). It sounds like the school is hiring a new set of teachers so one teacher won't have to be teaching in the class and on Zoom at the same time. Lunch will be in the class, unless it is nice out then they will sit outisde. Over the summer the school got all new HVAC installed that can run on 80% ourside air, so hopefully they don't have any school related transmissions. My 7th grader said so far only like 4 kids in her math class said they are doing the hybrid. Will be really easy to keep them spread out if only 4 or 5 are in the class.
  8. I am guessing he was going into a knot in the stud. If the new screw was directly above the one that didn't work I don't see it being a junction box. If he was going into a screw it would be obvious right away, not after going in 1/2".
  9. I was going to make the opposite joke, something about putting an endzone in his backyard to help them out since we need it.
  10. Remove the jet engine and I can relate. Every few months my wife has a "dream" were I guess she is beating the #### out of someone (she did not have the best upbringing) or running from them and I take the brunt of it. Nothing like waking up at 3 am to your wife kicking and punching your back while talking nonsense to get you going. After a few times I quickly learned how to get on top of the covers and hold her down until it passes.
  11. Just set it to 11 and let your kids learn the hard way.
  12. You should get him an emotional support animal to calm him down. I would suggest a wallaby.
  13. To quote Chris Berman in an old school Sportscenter commercial "there is no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people who ask questions"
  14. The initial question from Leroy Jenkins was about going to what would just be the wedding/ceremony portion. He said the reception was canceled, and it would be a traditional catholic mass/wedding. Fish commented that he would find a way to skip that, and others agreed. Exactly what part of a traditional catholic medding is "tons of fun"??
  15. The beginning of today's episode was preempted for Breonna Taylor news. Did they mention any reason for Dana ditching her glasses? It seemed on her previous shows they were fogging up during the first round. Are the contestants kept in some super dry room and the studio is super humid? Can't see why glasses would be that foggy. Are they wearing masks until the producer counts down to start the show now? Is there an unwritten, or written, rule about being too vocal? Last week Kelley, to me, was just a little too over the top with her reactions, to the point she was "ah shucks" after a wrong answer when the next person was trying to answer. Seems like that could throw somebody off. Can't remember someone who was so demonstrative with their reaction.