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  1. I really missed MJF's commentary from the front row this week, "You are in good shape, for a potato" after Chuck Taylor flexed. At least last week there were some "fans", this week with the "locker room cam" or whatever that was, was just weird. And I love the "you aren't the first old timer who didn't believe in me" line from Brodie Lee in his promo last week. And the "live" view of Matt Hardy magically moving down the stands. What was their plan if they actually had fans?
  2. My sister and a cousin are sewing masks and sending them another cousin who works in a hospital. They found the directions/patterns online. My nurse cousin said the masks with a pocket to insert a kleenex, or other secondary filter fabric, were better. I also saw a facebook post about theaters pulling together their excess masks that they would normally use when creating new backdrops for new plays/musicals and sending them to hospitals in the area.
  3. The high speed collision of the hands causes all the virus particles to be killed. I was hoping the Perfect Strangers Dance of Joy would become the go to move.
  4. Pretty sure at this point all our wives are related. When it is time to eat I typically take whatever is on the kitchen table (homework, coloring pages, newspaper, mail, whatever my wife was doing and left there.....) and put it on a side counter so it is out of the way. After dinner the girls put their things away or at least start using them again (leaving just my wife's stuff on the counter). After the girls are in bed my wife will walk into the kitchen and start complaining that nothing is ever put away, and how hard she tries to keep it clean.... Her solution is to push everything into one big pile instead of smaller logically ordered ones. Within a day she will be complaining that she can't find something. I do a quick look through the wife made massive pile and find it for her. Pretty sure this was mentioned somewhere way up thread, but not cleaning a pizza cutter correctly so there is dried cheese on it. Monday we made quesadillas for the girls for dinner. I went to get the pizza cutter to cut them up and sure enough when I moved the cutter there was some dried on cheese that was hiding under the handle (wife had made a pizza over the weekend). So I put it in the sink with the intention of soaking it and getting the crap off. Yesterday I was working from home and my wife made a pizza for lunch. I heard her cusing and digging through every drawer looking for the pizza cutter. She finally asked me where it went and I told her "in the sink, it was dirty cause someone didn't get all the cheese off it last time it was used" And a related peeve, people (my wife) who can't cut a pizza in one slice and end up making like 30 trips going back and forth, only making a slightly different path each time (this only leads to more cheese stuck on the cutter).
  5. So you don't think Gentleman Jarvis pulling a pillow out from under the ring and putting OC down for a nap will work in AEW? Rewatched that match Friday night and loved when the crowd went from chanting Holy #### to Holy Poop
  6. Just found a new one for me. Some guy in the office just made a plate of bacon in the microwave and did not walk around offering it to anyone. The entire office smells like bacon now, and I have nothing to eat.
  7. Does she do wierd numbers also? I catch an occasional episode when the kids are doing homework. Yesterday I think the scores going into FJ were like, 20,000-5,000-4,000. She bet some low/wierd number like 1,205. Made no sense unless I mis heard one of the other scores.
  8. The second half was painful to watch. I think Illinois had like 5 shot clock violations almost consecutive, just doing their dribble weave then getting caught in a sideline trap. In the first half Gieorgi Bezhanisvilli must have missed 5 point blank layups, something is broke in him this year. Are all Fox Sports 1 games that stupid "Live All Access" crap? Seemed like during the plays they had the crowd mics turned up, both coaches mics were hot, and then the commentators, could barely undestand anything. And the actual screen for the game was like half size so they could show cameras on both coaches. All together stupid. You want to show/hear the coaches during timeouts and dead balls, fine, some of that was interesting, but not duing the plays.
  9. This whole project is a cluster #### going on 5 years now. Original GC was fired for incompetance, building was left partially exposed to weather. (Architect warned the owners not to pick these guys "but they are much cheaper and say they know what they are doing"). New GC comes in thinking all he needed to do was install drywall and paint. Wrong, we have spent 2 years finding more things that were installed wrong or missing from the original guy (missing posts and beams, missing connections, missing hangers, columns out of plumb by 2"...). Most of these fixes were done with emails and phonecalls between myself, the architect and the GC. "Hey, UofI, we found another missing header, what does it need to be?" and I would respond with an email and they would fix it. Then the local inspector got involved (who knows what he was doing 4 years ago with the initial GC was cutting out framing) and wanted everything in a stamped drawing that went across his desk first. Current issues are from right around the time of that "official" change in the relationships. Roof framing needed to be altered to fit some ducts that weren't installed, truss guy says he can't make the installed trusses work and a structural beam is needed, I reply with a potential size asking if it would fit and tell them what the headers need to be to make the opening, new GC just cuts trusses based on the "stamped" truss guy drawing on how to cut it, but does not install any of my headers. Last week I walk the site and mention there are no headers installed and we still need to design a beam. New GC flips claiming I said I was fine if the truss guy provided a stamped repair. Truss guy only provided a partial solution and that was all that was isntalled. I should have followed up more on this issue, but everyone got sidetracked by other issues that developed on the job in the last year, and the project manager from the GC who was my main contact had a stroke around this time as well so he has been MIA.
  10. We are all having a meeting on site tomorrow, so there is still time. GC is claiming I signed off on something even though I have sent him several emails were what he is claiming is proven false, then he says I was on site and talked about it, when I was never there. And now that I have thrown him under the bus in a group email he wants to talk it over on the phone. Funny, he didn't call me before trying to throw me under the bus.
  11. If anyone sees a news story in the next few days about a structural engineer in the Chicago suburbs who killed a general contractor and torched a building, it wasn't me. In my mind it has been me several times over the last few days, but so far I have not acted on those implulses.
  12. The Toyko Marathon was basically just cancelled. It will now only be 176 "elite" runners instead of the normal 30k. My cousin is crushed, he had qualified and was trying to run all 6 major marathons within a 12 month period or something crazy.
  13. "The calf was fathered by Otis, a male hippo from East Africa who arrived at the San Diego Zoo in 2009, specifically to breed with Funani." Damn, I knew @Otis was always trying to lose weight, never realized he is an actual hippo.
  14. Glad big hair is gone, couldn't stand her facial expressions when they were all in a group. Not sure if it was over coaching from the producers or just her being wierd (a duck themed amusement park?). Not sure how you can be considered a "lego master" and try to build a large object and have the bottom plates fall apart. If I am going to be building lego for 15 hours, no way I am wearing a suit and tie. Arnett's little comments and glares into the camera are the best
  15. When Colorado first leaglized weed some girls did this and the Girl Scouts came out and said that while it was good thinking by the girls they did not approve of them setting up shop outside the weed shop. I believe the girls then put the cookies on a wagon and just walked back and forth, so they weren't "set up outside the shop"
  16. The Toyko Marathon is at the end of the month. Will be interesting to see if that gets cancelled or something. So far looking online they are just offering face masks to everyone.
  17. They just need to be consistent. Early in the game Dachich was talking about how the "big musculer refs don't seem to call the little fouls, they understand that contact happens" then towards the end of the game they started calling everything a foul. Frazier was called for a foul running between a screener and his guy, with almost no contact. If you let guys beat each other up in the first half, let them bump into each other in the second.
  18. If only we took the lid off the basket in the first half. Hopefully Ayo can still play this year, they way his knee twisted looked bad, would have been nice to get a last second shot given his history of making them.
  19. Just watched the first episode, agree it had trainwreck potential, sad to hear it doesn't live up to that.
  20. Just follow the Iron Shiek Family Plan, only use each jar one time then buy a new one.
  21. I am using this as a social experiment that I am sure will back fire in my face. My wife is one to complain when I don't notice things that have changed with her. Slightly different glasses, she losses a few pounds, bought a new outfit..... Well she had been asking passive agressive questions about my drinking "So, how many of those do you have a night?" "How much rum do you put in there?" I use an old black 20oz plastic cup (fancy I know) and would always alternate beween rum and cokes and water but you couldn't tell what I was drinking. I did not mention to my wife that I was going to stop drinking in February. When I finished off the bottle of rum on the 1st I left it empty on top of the fridge, and still use the same plastic cup to drink water every night. So far she hasn't mentioned anything. I also started doing Intermittent fasting on the 3rd, and did not mention that to her either. I would always make popcorn, or eat trail mix, dry cereal, something while watching TV at night. Stopped doing that and she is yet to notice or comment.
  22. Bowling for Soup also did the Phineas and Ferb theme song.