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  1. I'd go Ross over lynch for sure even with AJ
  2. i still can't access my 3 leagues if that helps
  3. Yeah I definitely would want more for the 1.01
  4. Awesome, thanks guys, I was kind of leaning towards m Thomas Fitz and Lockett. I thought about ARob over Fitz (v Seattle) with Gus Bradley gone, but maybe that's too optimistic
  5. I'd probably sit Tate, diggs. The third is tough, I'd lean Jeffery just because Tom savage targeted Hopkins so much and petty love Robby anderson https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/753059-championship-game-what-wr-do-i-start/
  6. It's standard scoring, start 3 WR and a flex, I think I am a favorite to win. I already started ODB, I need to start another 3 of the following m Thomas lockett arob fitz tyrell crowder parker crowell thanks!! WHIR
  7. I agree you could use WR help; but talk to other owners if your shopping Miller, I bet you can get a better WR, even if it means tossing in a little extra
  8. I also think miller could have a better year next year, who knows though, osweiller is the worst, I bought low on Hopkins this year though. Have you thought abut packaging Miller and Charles or something like that, I would try for a younger WR or a couple of them, you're very thin at wr, AJ and Dez is nice though
  9. I don't think I'd do that that, I can see why you'd want to trade miller for another WR, but I'd get someone other than d Thomas, that passing offense isn't very good, and sander is a good option too, I could see sanders continuing to take production from Thomas the next couple years
  10. I'd pass on that, Id rather have Zeke than McCoy and Reed over Ertz and i don't know if tate are AR15 is a big enough upgrade at WR to compensate. they both have a lot of question marks still, if it wasn't for Tates (amazing) OT TD he'd have had a pretty mediocre game https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/751112-9-0-any-advice-for-consolidating-talent-for-the-playoffs/
  11. I think Thomas in full pt ppr, he's wr 13 in standard and he's more targeted than cooks. if you need a high ceiling id consider cooks more, but in a vacuum id go thomas. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/751112-9-0-any-advice-for-consolidating-talent-for-the-playoffs/
  12. I got offered Arob for Howard...
  13. I would drop Hogan too, there are a lot of mouths to feed in NE, and the other three are further away, or at least perceived to be further away, from their ceiling so you'd probably have more of a chance to trade them in the future.