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  1. Absolutely dominant performance by the Patriots.
  2. The Patriots looked like the Patriots today for the first time in a long time. I still favor KC, but after seeing the Patriots dominant performance today, I would not be surprised at all if the Patriots win.
  3. J.Nelson vs Denver D.Hamilton @ Oakland Will answer yours
  4. I was thinking Cohen as well, but some of the well known fantasy sites have Michel ranked ahead of Cohen. Anyone know why?
  5. 1/2 pt ppr heavy emphasis on td’s Cohen or Michel?
  6. 1/2 pt ppr. Heavy emphasis on td’s Sony MIchel or Tarik Cohen Jordy Nelson or D.Hamilton Thank you!
  7. DeSean Hamilton or Jordy Nelson Thanks so much for your help
  8. Brees Henry New England
  9. I’m in a tough spot w/massive injuries/question marks this week. I need three of these guys in a 1/2 point ppr where TD’s count for a lot. 1/ T.Gurley @ ARZ 2/ T.Cohen @ SF 3/ D. Williams @ Seattle 4/ S.Michel vs Buffalo I also have John Kelly, C.J. Anderson and Justin Davis vs ARZ (covering all my bases) plus J.Conner who most likely won’t play this week.