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  1. That headline is somewhat misleading, but I do think there are some issues with the Patriots. Just check out Danny Amendola’s recent interview where he LITERALLY calls Bill Belichick “an as****e” combine that with the fact that planet players like Brady and Gronk are very publicly having issues with him and the way he runs the team. Where there is smoke there is usually fire.
  2. I don’t blame Brady. I wouldn’t want to play for a guy like Belichick.
  3. I love this deal in the real world for the Patriots. Fantasy wise I don’t think it does much for Matthews
  4. I would never pay this guy the type of $ he is asking. For nearly 20 years the Patriots have dominated the NFL and very rarely (The Randy Moss years, and they acquired him for nothing + traded him when he became a problem) have they had that type of a wr. No doubt Beckham is a very talented player, but he is a head case off the field and a drama queen in the locker room. He is going to cost a ton against the cap. I simply wouldn’t pay it as wr’s just aren’t worth it.
  5. Dion Lewis is a very good football player when he is healthy. The problem is that Lewis is rarely healthy. The Patriots were so scared of him getting hurt they kept him in bubble wrap half of the season last year. Lewis is an excellent player and by most accounts a good guy. I hope he gets paid somewhere, but I just can’t justify giving a player a ton of money when he physically can’t be counted on.
  6. I hope the Patriots bring Bennett back. He’s still fairly young and won’t cost a ton against the cap. With Gronk on the fence about coming back I think it’s likely to happen.
  7. I agree with everything you are saying. It's amazing they got as far as they did with that defense. As a fan I am still fuming about the use/non use of Malcolm Butler. There is no way the Patriots can justify sitting Butler for the entire game. Clearly his replacements were not getting the job done. There is no way anyone could tell me that Butler could have done worse and that this simply a "football decision" at the very least they could have given him a chance to see if he could make a play in a game where a single defensive stop could have won the SB for the Patriots. I think that Belichick didn't like the fact that Butler and his contract issues were a distraction the entire off season and it carried over into the regular season. Bill Belichick is a vindictive guy (look at Patriot players who have given the team issues over their contracts) with a difficult personality who thought he could win without Bulter and send a message at the same time...He was wrong. Belichick's charming personality may have cost the Patriots a 6th Super Bowl.
  8. Wishfull thinking. Brady will play until he is at least 45 years old. Gronk said what he said 15 minutes after losing the SB and is likely negotiating his contract in public as he isn’t happy with it’s incentive laden nature and Belichick has his two sons on the staff and will likely stay with them for a while...They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon
  9. Hahahahahahhahahahha! Couldn’t have happened to a better franchise. They deserve this after starting that farce known as Deflategate. I couldn’t be happier #KARMAISA#####
  10. Looks like I knew what I was talking about lol
  11. The Eagles have been the best team all season. If Foles plays like he did last week vs Minnesota this game could be a blowout. The Patriots could barely get off the field against Blake Bortles, I just can’t imagine what a legit offense will do to the Patriots horrible LB group.
  12. The XFL will be luck if it even gets off the ground
  13. I can’t argue with what you are saying, but I think this is the game where it finally catches up to the Patriots. I mean how are they getting it done with guys like Ricky Jean Francois and the ghost of David Harris? Parts of the New England defense are the definition of smoke and mirrors. Yes, intangibles play into New England’s favor, but can they continue to count on their opponents blatant stupidity? Just think how different a conversation Belichick’s and Brady’s legacy would be if their last two SB opponents coaches had simply made competent decisions when the games were on the line. If Seattle simply runs on the one yard line or if Atlanta doesn’t continue to throw when simply running down the clock + kicking a field goal gives them a SB victory. Can they continue to count on miracles the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Old Testament? I do think the Patriots will be able to score against Phily, but in order for New England to win they are going to have to hope that Nick Foles goes back to being Nick Foles and the Patriots can win the turnover battle as the only time the Eagles lost this year is when they gave the ball up. Maybe Belichick can come up with another all time game plan (I don’t put it past him) that can hide their slow/below avg linebackers and the Patriots can pull it out due to the “intangibles” you mentioned, but as a lifelong Patriots fan I think it’s going to be a tough task...I hope I’m wrong.
  14. I don’t see how the Patriots win this game. They nearly lost to Blake Bortles. Phily’s offense is superior to Jacksonville’s and despite what the numbers say New England’s defense just isn’t very good. They couldn’t stop Jacksonville on third down the majority of the game. I think it’s likely the Eagles take advantage of the Patriots very questionable linebackers. In the end I think the Patriots keep it fairly close because they are the ultimate professionals and will be able to counter some of what Phily is doing, but I like the Eagles to win by a td.
  15. Early line out of Vegas has the Patriots favored by six points over the Eagles