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  1. Brady vs Buffalo Stafford vs KC
  2. Looking like Edelman is very questionable for this weeks game.
  3. Hey Sig, Who would you start out of these four? Tom Brady @ Buffalo Matthew Stafford vs KC Case Keenum @ NYG Andy Dalton vs Pittsburgh Thanks so much for the help!
  4. Ok, normally this is a no brainer, but this week Brady is going to face a tough Buffalo defense in what will amount to the Bills Super Bowl. The Patriots O line is also a little banged up. Keenum on the other hand has been playing pretty well (fantasy wide) and is facing the horrible Giants defense. Who would you start? Thanks in advance
  5. Normally I’d roll with Gordon, but he has a tougher matchup and the Patriots spread the ball around a lot. My other option is MVS vs Philly at home on Thursday night...Who would you start? Thanks in advance
  6. They had a chance with Antonio Brown and a healthy offensive line. Now they are looking more like a 13-3 team. They won’t go undefeated
  7. Rex Burkhead or Kerryon Johnson 1/2 point ppr w/heavy emphasis on td’s...Thanks Sig!
  8. Johnson is going up against a tough D in Phily while Burkhead is facing the Jets with James White out of the lineup...1/2 point ppr with heavy emphasis on td’s
  9. Ebron getting very few looks but some targets around the end zone while Olsen has been surprisingly effective, but Cam Newton is out this week. Thanks in advance
  10. If the draft were held today the only QB I would take over Brady is Pat Mahomes and that’s only because New England’s defense is much better than KC’s...If Antonio Brown doesn’t get suspended the Patriots offense will simply be unstoppable and as Belichick displayed yesterday he loves to run up the score.
  11. Was not a fan fan of how Kerryon Johnson was used in week one and Burkhead saw a ton of touches for the Patriots. Who is the better flex play today considering that the Patriots could drop 100 points today vs the Dolphins if they choose to.
  12. Thanks for the help. I could use more as my trade deadline is 11:59pm tonight
  13. 1/2 point ppr my team is the following T.Brady,A.Dalton S.Michel, D.Freeman, K, Johnson, R.Jones, R.Burkhead, M.Evans, T.Lockett, J.Gordon, A.J. Green, M.Sanu, MVS E.Bron Thanks in advance! will answer yours