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  1. If I’m Pittsburgh I wouldn’t play this guy even if he came back + I would be doing my best to trade him ASAP.
  2. I’m pretty upbeat about Gordon in New England, but I wouldn’t play him this week. They may design some simple plays for him, but he won’t have enough time to understand the offense. He also has a lingering hamstring issue to deal with. It’s likely Gordon is a few weeks away from having an impact in New England.
  3. Gordon has never had a legit NFL QB throwing to him. He goes from that to having the greatest qb of all time throwing him the ball. I have to say I am a lot more optimistic about Gordon to the Patriots than most are assuming his off field issues don’t pop up again. I could see JG being a legit #1 fantasy wr after a few weeks of getting adjusted to New England’s playbook.
  4. Agreed. Unlike those guys Gordon is an elite physical talent. Gordon probably won’t work out and if he doesn’t the Patriots paid a small price to acquire him...If he does work out it’s a massive upgrade for New England. And on a personal level I couldn’t think of a better place for Gordon to land. If anyone can help turn around Gordon’s life (obviously far more important than any silly game) it’s Belichic/Kraft and the Patriots organization. It’s a win/win for NE and Gordon.
  5. I said it’s a big IF. I totally get that it’s a long shot, but this guy has Calvin Johnson level talent. A no brainer deal for the Patriots.
  6. This is a potential historic steal for the New England Patriots...How the hell did they pull this off? If (and it’s a big IF) Gordon stays healthy, he is a #1 wr for the fantasy stretch run. This is unreal.
  7. Seriously? Brady was the NFL’s MVP last year and threw for over 500 yds in the SB. He simply has zero talent (w/the exception of Gronk) around him...That would change in a hurry if New England landed Josh Gordon
  8. Josh Gordon in New England could be alter the balance of power in the AFC as well as the fantasy landscape...Or he could last a week and get cut. Low risk, high reward. If anyone can turn this guy around it’s BB
  9. Why would the Steelers ever pay Bell anything close to what he is asking when the have Conner? Yes, it may be an overreaction, but Conner is talented enough that the Steelers should deal Bell, play Conner and use Bell’s $ at other positions. This is a no brainer.
  10. The weather isn't that bad. He's only getting 20 snaps or so which concerns me more.
  11. 20 snaps makes me nervous. Going to have to sit him this week.
  12. Neither is a great choice, but I'd go with Gordon. Weather isn't that bad and he is an elite talent when on the field.
  13. Hey Sig! Mahomes, Luck or Jimmy G? + J.Gordon or Marquise Goodwin? Thanks in advance! Have a great football season!!!!
  14. Goodwin in tough matchup or Gordon on a limited snap count in bad weather?
  15. Mahomes vs S.D. in tough matchup Luck first game back Jimmy G vs Vikings