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  1. Because I wanted to make you angry and thought this was the best way to do it
  2. To give you a better perspective I included my roster. It’s a 1/2 ppr league. QB/ P.Mahones, R.Fitzpatrick, J.Winston RB/ T.Gurley, J.Conner, S.Michel, T.Cohen, P.Barber WR/ T.Y. Hilton, S.Diggs. J.Gordon, C.Sutton TE/ T.Burton D/ Chicago Who gets the better of this deal?
  3. Anyone think that S.Michel is a sell high at this point in the season considering that R.Burkhead will be back in week 13? I get that Michel and the Patriots had a rough week 10 vs the Titans, but I personally feel that is an outlier. I think he has significant value going forward as long as the touches are distributed between him and James White. It gets a lot trickier when the Patriots add R. Burkhead into the mix right in time for the fantasy playoffs. Does anyone have a feel for how the Patriots will use Michel when Burkhead is back? Any homers know who will get the goal line touches when all three are in the Patriots lineup for the fantasy playoffs? Is Michel a #1/high end #2rb in the fantasy playoffs or is he a guy to deal off while you can still get value for him?
  4. I think Bryant is at best a 3rd wr and more likely is fantasy irrelevant
  5. Saboo

    Le'Veon Bell

    If I were the Steelers there is no way I would allow him on the field this year. Between his attitude and the way Conner has performed there is no need for his services.
  6. Saboo

    Trade J. Gordon for Lindsay? WHIR

    I would not trade Gordon. He is just getting used to the Patriots playbook and is showing some very positive signs. Gronk is out and that should give Gordon some more looks.
  7. Saboo

    Duke Johnson or Dion Lewis

    Duke and it’s not close
  8. I think Doug Baldwin is a good but low
  9. Saboo

    Week 7 Questions For Bloom

    Hi Sig! 1/ Would you trade James Conner (to the Bell owner) for Doug Baldwin? 2/ Who would you rather have ROS Marquise Goodwin or Keke Coutee? 1/2 point ppr league. QB/ Mahomes RB/ Gurley, Conner, Michel, Barber, Cohen, D.Johnson WR/ T.Y. Hilton, S.Diggs, J.Gordon, M.Goodwin, K.Coutee TE/ T.Burton D/ Chicago Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Saboo

    Ty Hilton

    For the record Julio Jones has zero td’s thus far and is a top 5 wr in most formats. Luck is on a record place for pass attempts. If healthy Hilton has a chance to post Adam Thielen numbers going forward.
  11. I think Duke Johnson is a sneaky addition. For what it’s worth Evan Silva and Sigmund Bloom are retweeting from a well connected Browns blog that speculates that Duke Johnson “gets the majority of work Sunday”...Only speculation, but something to think about.
  12. Saboo

    Official Carlos Hyde - in the NFL

    If the time table about Fournette’s return is correct, I just don’t see how Hyde has any value.