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  1. Unfortunately, it looks like Marlon Mack may have torn (fingers crossed this isn’t the case) his Achilles . If Mack is gone for the season, what round would you draft Jonathan Taylor if your draft were held today? I would say mid to late second round.
  2. Who is the better week one play?
  3. Who is the better week one play?
  4. Is it likely that the Jaguars will put him in Leonard Fournette’s role? Does this guy have RB 2/3 upside or is he just a guy?
  5. Who would you rather roster Chase Edmunds or James Robinson? I have Kenyon Drake on my team and nobody else to cut.
  6. Considering it’s a keeper league I would go with CEH
  7. 1/2 point ppr league that awards 8 points for a TD. Who would you go with here considering it’s a TD heavy league. My concerns are: Cook - Injury risk, contract dispute and the fact that he slowed down significantly in the second half last year. Henry - I think TD regression is likely, not involved in pass catching, but should have a solid floor. Maybe we’ve seen his best? CEH - Somewhat of a wildcard, but is in one of the most explosive offenses of all time. Not 100% sure of his role and may have rookie issues like pass blocking that could hurt his playing time..HEC Could challenge for the number one RB in the league or could (not likely) be a huge disappointment Who would you pick? Thanks in advance!
  8. Brady vs Buffalo Stafford vs KC
  9. Looking like Edelman is very questionable for this weeks game.
  10. Hey Sig, Who would you start out of these four? Tom Brady @ Buffalo Matthew Stafford vs KC Case Keenum @ NYG Andy Dalton vs Pittsburgh Thanks so much for the help!
  11. Ok, normally this is a no brainer, but this week Brady is going to face a tough Buffalo defense in what will amount to the Bills Super Bowl. The Patriots O line is also a little banged up. Keenum on the other hand has been playing pretty well (fantasy wide) and is facing the horrible Giants defense. Who would you start? Thanks in advance
  12. Normally I’d roll with Gordon, but he has a tougher matchup and the Patriots spread the ball around a lot. My other option is MVS vs Philly at home on Thursday night...Who would you start? Thanks in advance
  13. They had a chance with Antonio Brown and a healthy offensive line. Now they are looking more like a 13-3 team. They won’t go undefeated